Celebrating November 2015 Winners

Terrance Bolden

Dewey International Studies Elementary School

St. Louis Public School District

Terrance is a thoughtful and caring young man.  Terrance is always thinking of others, and shows true concern for his classmates.  His concern is what prompted his nomination from his teacher.  Terrance’s teacher has always been impressed by him.  Ms. Christel Thurmond who nominated Terrance stated, “On this particular occasion, we had a classmate that was clearly upset about some things she had been experiencing.  Without hesitation or direction from me, Terrance pulled up a chair and simply started to talk with his classmate.  He tried to clam her down and show her that he was there for her.  It was a great example of citizenship and brought tears to my eyes.  I am so proud of him! Way to go Terrance!”

Thanks to his kindness and compassion, a fellow student received the care and concern when it mattered most!  So today we are recognizing Terrance Bolden for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Terrance, keep it up!

Chrystian Cotton and Shanya Johnson

Academy of Environmental Science and Math Middle

St. Louis Public Schools

Chrystian and Shanya are caring friends that took a stand when it was really hard to do.  A friend of theirs experienced something upsetting that she refused to share with an adult.  She didn’t want them to tell anyone either.  Detective Janika Humphrey who nominated Chrystian and Shanya stated, “The two learned that their friend was assaulted over the weekend.  Chrystian and Shanya knew that something had to be done and even against their friend’s request went to the counselor and told him about the incident.  Due to their awesomeness Detectives were able to step in to investigate.”

Thanks to their concern and bravery, a fellow student received the support and concern when she really needed it!  So today we are recognizing Chrystian Cotton and Shanya Johnson for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Chrystian and Shanya, keep it up!

Justice Dickey

Smithton School

Smithton CC School District 130

Smithton School is known for its students with quality character.  Justice obviously fits in and shines brightly at Smithton School.  The junior high students were asked to think of ways that Smithton could celebrate National Character Day as a school.  Justice stepped right up according to Mrs. Lori Rainbolt, the school’s social worker, and Mrs. Kathy Belding who together nominated Justice.  They stated, “Justice went above and beyond coming up with ideas.  She spent time researching the Pillars of Character and with the help of her mom, they created a banner to be signed by the entire student body.  She thought that classes could be assigned colors to wear and we could do a whole school picture.  Justice was very excited to share her ideas and is always willing to help in any way that she can.”

Thanks to her perseverance and commitment to her school, Smithton can show everyone what a quality character school they really are!   So today we are recognizing Justice Dickey for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Justice, keep it up!

Darrion Green

Jefferson School

Belleville District 118

Darrion was on his bus after school when he had to make a choice about friendship.  The awesome part is, he made a choice that made us proud of him, but we weren’t alone, his principal thought so too, which is why he was nominated.  Mr. Jamerson McCloskey, his principal, stated “Darrion was with his friend on the bus, when his friend showed him a book he had taken from the book fair earlier that day without paying for it.  Darrion quickly informed the bus supervisor of the situation.  Because of his actions, the book was recovered and Darrion’s friend learned a valuable lesson about honesty.  Because of his great character, Darrion should be recognized for doing the right thing.”

Thanks to his honesty and positive choice, a fellow student learned an important lesson, and the school learned what a great kid they had in Darrion!  So today we are recognizing Darrion Green for doing the right thing!  That was great Darrion, keep it up!

James Gansmann

Westhaven School  

Belleville District 118

James is in third grade and impressed his teacher with a choice he made in class.   On this particular day it was a classmate’s birthday and they were celebrating with cupcakes.  Ms. Whitney Glidewell, who nominated James, stated “Unfortunately we were one cupcake short.  The student who did not receive a cupcake was upset. So James heroically offered to give his cupcake up to the student, asking for nothing in returning and making it seem as though it was not a big deal at all.  However, I thought the selflessness that James showed was a very big deal.  James was kind and generous and showed wonderful character! I am proud to have James as a student in my class!”

Thanks to his act of kindness and graciously giving up his cupcake, a fellow student received the cupcake that was causing distress.  So today we are recognizing James Gansmann for doing the right thing!  That was a really cool thing to do James, keep it up!

Brooke Hasty

Ste. Genevieve High School

Ste. Genevieve R-II School District

Brooke is a great student and participates in a variety of school and community activities.  She is the president of the FBLA, the Vice President of the FCCLA and is a member of the National Honor Society.  Brooke also participates in many community service projects through these organizations.  All of that is great, but it’s not the main reason she is being honored today, it’s just a part of it all.  Ms. Christia Gugel and Diane Miller, who nominated Brooke stated, “Brooke hangs out in Ms. Gugel’s classroom every morning, and she writes a kind note of encouragement to students who need it every single week.   She watches for struggles her fellow students may be experiencing and writes Anonymous notes of encouragement to have sent out later in the day.  She also will let the students know if she sees them doing something good that others may not have noticed.  Again, she does this without the students knowing where the notes are coming from.  She thinks that all students need to know that people are seeing the good in them and they truly care about them.  Obviously, she does not do this for recognition, and it is apparent she experiences a great deal of joy by doing this.  She is a student who exemplifies “Doing the Right Thing”.

Thanks to her kindness and compassion, fellow students around her are receiving positive responses to lift their spirits and a pat on the back for those kind acts others may miss! So today we are recognizing Brooke Hasty for doing the right thing!  That is amazing Brooke, keep it up!

James McCloskey

Signal Hill Elementary School

Signal Hill District 181

James is in third grade and impressed his teacher with a choice he made in class.   James is an “exceptional role model, a leader and an overall genuinely kind and caring student.”  Those traits have really shined this school year.  Ms. Katie Jarvis, James’ teacher who nominated him stated, “At the beginning of the school year James noticed a particular student really having a hard time and struggling in class.  This students even lashed out at James and wasn’t always nice.  Even after these events, James took it upon himself to help this fellow student.  In later weeks I learned that James told this student, “I can help you.  I will help you make good choices and do the right thing”.  Since that day James has given a lot of time and energy to help this student and guide him along the way. The student has started having better days in class and I truly believe this is due to James’ help and support.  James will always be there to make sure the student is on task, and he always uses encouraging words and high fives.  James is really making a difference in our classroom and in this student’s life in particular.  Every classroom needs a student like James.  He goes above and beyond on a daily basis.  Thank you James for always making smart choices and being a super star student in 3rd grade!  It is greatly appreciated!”

Thanks to his patience and courage, a fellow student is being guided to great success!  So today we are recognizing James McCloskey for doing the right thing!  That was a really nice thing to do James, keep it up!

Blayne Moody

Ste. Genevieve Middle School

Ste. Genevieve R-II School District

Blayne is the kind of student who will see someone struggling and he steps up to help, he doesn’t walk away from an opportunity that can make someone else’s life better.  Ms. Ellie Bond and Ms. Diane Miller nominated Blayne stated, “Blayne is a person who puts others ahead of his own wants.  There is a wheel chair bound student who Blayne comes and assists every day in the cafeteria at lunch.  He will open packets for him, get his milk and straw ready, and take his tray back to the drop off area.  There are days when he may be sitting at another table, but when he sees this student arrive for lunch, he will get up and move to help him.  You can see that this means a lot to the other student because if he does not see Blayne right away, he is asking about him.  I have never heard him complain or say that he “has to help”.   He gives up his time with other students at different table so that he can help this student including helping him with doors after lunch rather than going outside with others.  Blayne is on the football team and in a bowling league on Saturdays where he helps one of his team mates at the lanes.  He shows him how to hold the ball and roll it to do the best he can.  Blayne always steps up to help others when he sees them struggle.  He sets a great example to the other students around him by treating people with care and compassion.”

Thanks to his caring ways and generosity of his time he helps a fellow student, team mate and is a great example to those around him. So today we are recognizing Blayne Moody for doing the right thing!  That is a great Blayne, keep it up!

Riley Robertson

Delores Moye Elementary School

O’Fallon School District 90

Riley is in pre-school and seems to have this whole school thing down, no problem.  Riley also seems to have this whole being a good friend part down as well.  Her teacher Ms. Anna Skaer, who nominated Riley stated, “Riley is always willing to work with anyone.  She gets along well with others and can complete any task with any friend in our class.  When a new student started in our class, Riley always made sure to help him in class.  She even held his hand in the hallway so he wouldn’t feel scared.  Riley shows care and concern for others and she is always willing to help friends with any task.”

Thanks to her friendship and concern she has helped a classmate ease his way into the classroom and school rules.  So today we are recognizing Riley Robertson for doing the right thing!  You are such a great friend Riley, keep it up!

Drew Toombs

Ste. Genevieve High School

Ste. Genevieve R-II School District

Drew is a great supporter of his school and his community, he participates in everything! Ok, maybe not everything, but he plays football, basketball, and baseball.  He was a middle school buddy and is a member of the Dragon Lair Productions who do the school’s video boards.  He is a student sports announcer, one of just three inaugural ones for games this year and a member of both the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Future Business Leaders of America.  While all of that is impressive and exhausting sounding, Ms. Diane Miller nominated Drew for something that he did when he was just cheering on other students with his family.  Ms. Miller stated, “Drew was attending a cross country meet, and Drew was standing on the crest of a hill with his family watching for the runners to arrive.  Suddenly, Drew’s dad heard Drew call out and saw him take off running down the hill in the opposite direction of where they were watching the runners.  Somehow Drew noticed at the bottom of the hill a lady walking with her chair, cooler and bags when she suddenly fell at the curb and was laying there with everything all around her.  Drew did not hesitate, but ran immediately to her to see if she was ok and help her with all of her things.  Her husband was ahead of her so he was not aware that she needed help, but luckily for her, Drew saw it happen and jumped in to assist her.  Drew is always willing to help when asked, or as in this case, he just jumps in to help when he sees the need arise.  We call the Ste. Genevieve School District a big family and Drew made not only his family who were there with him but his school family very proud that day by doing the right thing!”

Thanks to his quick action and attention to what was going on around him, he helped a woman in need!  So today we are recognizing Drew Toombs for doing the right thing!  That was a really cool thing to do Drew, keep it up!