October Winners | 2013

Do The Right Thing | St. Louis

Noah Benedict

Plattin Primary School
Jefferson County School District

Noah enjoys being a big brother and is very helpful. One day as he was with his family in the backseat of their car, he noticed his baby brother who was next to him was choking. Without hesitation or being told, Noah took action. He immediately stuck his finger in his brother’s mouth and pulled out a piece of a plastic wrapper that was impairing his breathing. Noah’s brother quit choking and began breathing freely and was just fine after quite a scare.

So, today we honor Noah Benedict for doing the right thing. Thanks to his mature and brave actions, his baby brother was properly taken care of and saved from harm. His principal Tina Basler who nominated him stated, “Noah thought very quickly and probably saved his baby brother’s life. His parents were very thankful and proud of their son.” We’re proud of you too, Noah.

Bria Burns

Arrowpoint Elementary School
Hazelwood School District

An enjoyable time visiting her grandmother took a sudden turn for Bria. As her grandmother was getting ready for work, Bria heard a loud thud. Bria ran to check on her grandmother and found her unconscious on the floor. Bria ran and got her dad, who was also there, and he began trying to revive her. Bria’s dad told her to call for help and she dialed 911 and led emergency medical personnel to her grandmother when they arrived. After receiving appropriate and immediate medical attention, we are happy to report Bria’s grandmother survived and is doing well.

So, today we honor Bria Burns for doing the right thing. Thanks to her brave and courageous actions, her grandmother’s life was saved. Her Aunt, Hurnietha Shahid who nominated Bria stated, “She never panicked and handled the situation so bravely. My sister is doing well and we owe it all to Bria for being brave.” You did a great job, Bria. We’re so proud of you.

Zach Claxton

Amelia V. Carriel Junior High School
O’Fallon School District

Zach enjoys being a good friend at school. So, when he realized a classmate in his PE/Health class with autism was struggling, Zach immediately came to his assistance. Each day in class he gives his friend guidance. Whenever the boy struggles, Zach is the first to step in. Time after time, Zach helps the student, especially if he gets frustrated or distracted. Zach gets him on task with kind words and gestures, so the student has a positive experience.

So, today we honor Zach Clayton for doing the right thing. Thanks to his acts of kindness and caring ways, a fellow student is better able to cope with many challenges at school. His teacher Lori Meier who nominated him stated, “I can’t say enough about how proud I am of Zach. If it were not for Zach, the other young man may have struggled in class this year. Zach is a tremendous example of what a “Do The Right Thing” role model should be like.” We agree Zach. You’re doing a great job.

Timothy Burton

Coolidge Junior High School
Granite City School District

A casual Sunday bike ride took a sudden turn for Tim. As he came upon an elderly couple standing outside their car in the 90 degree weather, he asked them if they were okay. It ended up they had a flat tire and needed help. With their okay, Tim rode his bike home over a mile and called AAA to seek assistance. He then rode all the way back and stayed with the couple until help arrived about 45 minutes later. The couple was so grateful for Tim’s help, they offered him a monetary gift. But Tim said no and was just happy to see them safely on their way home.

So, today we honor Tim Burton for doing the right thing. Thanks to his kind actions and service to others, an elderly couple in peril was spared from harm. Nancy LeVault who nominated him stated, “Anything could have happened…they called Tim their Guardian Angel.He was their angel that day.” We’re very proud of you, Tim—great job!

Daylen Clemons

Kennard Classical Junior Academy
St. Louis Public Schools

Daylen enjoys spending time with his great-grandmother. One day as they were entering the house and carrying groceries, he witnessed his great-grandmother fall. Without hesitation, Daylen went to her aid and helped her get up and then tended to her wounds. After she was taken to the hospital, Daylen stayed with her and pushed her around in a wheelchair as doctors tended to her needs. He then went back home with his Grannie and helped her get adjusted. And we’re happy to report she is doing well.

So, today we honor Daylen Clemons for doing the right thing. Thanks to his acts of kindness and caring ways, his great-grandmother was properly taken care of after experiencing a serious accident. St. Louis County Colonel Ken Gregory who nominated Daylen stated, “She said she could not have done it all on her own. Daylen is a fine young man who is the drummer in his church choir.” You are quite a role model Daylen, and we’re very proud of you!

Austin Fields

Jana Elementary School
Hazelwood School District

One seemingly normal day, Austin noticed that his grandmother became ill and suddenly passed out. Without hesitation, Austin called 911 and provided the dispatcher with all the information necessary to come to her aid. In a short period of time, emergency help arrived. Austin was able to explain many of her medical issues and medications. Thanks to Austin, she received the proper care she needed, and she is now doing fine.

So, today we honor Austin Fields for doing the right thing. Thanks to his brave and courageous actions, his grandmother’s life was saved. St. Louis County Dispatcher Diana Johnson who nominated Austin stated, “His composure and knowledge of the situation was extremely helpful and resulted in the quick response for the ambulance and police to arrive on the scene.” We are so proud of you Austin. You did a great job.

Sydney Love

Saeger Middle School
Francis Howell School District

Sydney not only loves animals, but gives a lot of herself volunteering with the St. Louis Senior Dog Project. On a regular basis, she not only gives of her time but finds resources to help with necessities for dogs needing care. Sydney raised money on a regular basis by asking local businesses to contribute to the cause. And, she helped raise the money that made it possible for a dog to have successful heart valve surgery. And we’re happy to report that the dog, Pepper, now lives on Washington Street downtown and is often seen at jazz festivals and charming neighbors. Sydney also helps her family foster dogs, and they now have their 35th foster dog, Freddie!

So, today we honor Sydney Love for doing the right thing. Thanks to her kindness and caring ways, many at-risk animals have quality lives. Joann Kuehl who volunteers for the St. Louis Senior Dog Project and nominated her stated, “Sydney is a great example of volunteering, giving and compassion, but she has really gone above and beyond.” We are so proud of all you do, Sydney!

Aly Roberts

Forder Elementary School
Mehlville School District

One day, as Aly was delivering invitations for her little sister’s birthday party on her bike, she suddenly heard what sounded like cries for help. Immediately, Aly looked around and found one of her neighbors who had fallen outside on the concrete. Aly immediately got back on her bike and got her mother so they could help. Within a short period of time, emergency personnel arrived and her neighbor received attention. And we’re happy to report that thanks to Aly, she recovered from her fall and is doing quite well.

So today we honor Aly Roberts for doing the right thing. Thanks to her courageous and brave actions, her neighbor’s life was saved. Her mother Gina Roberts stated, “Aly told our neighbor to hold on and she’d be right back. She was very worried about her and happy to hear she was home from the hospital. I am proud of Aly.” We are proud of you too!

Haylee Rauckman

Jefferson Elementary School
Belleville District #118

Haylee enjoys being a good friend at school. As she and some of her friends began reaching out to a classmate with autism, Haylee decided to do something special. So one day she made a crown and gave it to him naming him ‘king for the day.’ Her friend was extremely delighted, and it helped him feel special and have a good feeling about being in class. He was so excited he couldn’t wait to tell his family what Haylee had done to make him feel special.

So, today we honor Haylee Rauckman for doing the right thing. Thanks to her acts of kindness and caring ways, a fellow classmate with special needs is having positive experiences at school. Her teacher Elissa Garland who nominated Haylee shared the student’s reaction as stated by his parent, “He was so pleased with the king hat today. I have never seen him so happy…it touched many people’s hearts today.” Ms. Garland stated, “As you can see, Haylee made a big difference in this boy’s life!” We are so proud of you, Haylee!


Jane Ryan

Rockwood South Middle School
Rockwood School District

Jane feels total compassion and empathy for children suffering from cancer. In order to help in some way, Jane wanted to participate in a fundraising and head shaving event that benefits the St. Baldrick’s foundation, who helps with research for children with cancer. Jane’s goal was to raise $1000 in six hours. Jane however blew that goal away. She raised over $8,000 as she had her head shaved at the annual St. Baldrick’s event at Helen Fitzgerald’s. Yes, a 12-year old girl was willing to have a shaved head to help children with cancer.

So, today we honor Jane Ryan for doing the right thing. Thanks to her kindness and caring ways, many children with cancer will benefit from funding that will go towards research. Her teacher Suzanne Derenski who nominated Jane stated, “She embraced her look, knowing that every time someone asked about it she got to tell them about the great work of St. Baldrick’s and their cancer research. As her teacher, I couldn’t possibly be prouder of her and her positive attitude and bravery.” We’re proud of you too, Jane!