November Winners | 2013

Do The Right Thing | St. Louis

Travis Clifford

Westhaven School
Belleville District 118

Travis enjoys being a good friend at school. So when he realized a fellow student with a disability was having a hard time coping at school, he immediately befriended him. Every morning Travis greets his new friend as he arrives at school, and then plays with him at recess. Even though Travis realizes sometimes the student may reject his help, he continues to find ways to help him have a better day at school. Travis always finds a way to make things more positive for the student.

So today we honor Travis Clifford for doing the right thing. Thanks to his acts of kindness and caring ways, a disabled student who has great difficulties fitting in at school is much happier. Barbara Harnist who nominated him stated, “Travis is a shining example of doing the right thing that we should all strive to do on a daily basis.” Great job, Travis! We are so proud of you.

Kate Lester and Olivia Lester

Smithton School
Smithton School District

One day, when Kate and Olivia were having fun on the playground at Grizzly Stadium, they realized a child seemed to be needing help. The child was at the top of a slide where adults couldn’t fit. The little boy was very scared and wouldn’t come down. Without giving it a second though, Kate and Olivia climbed up to the top and told him not to be scared. In the matter of a few minutes, they helped him get down safely. They were an extreme help and didn’t think twice about coming to the rescue!

So today we honor Kate and Olivia Lester for doing the right thing. Thanks to their kindness and caring ways, a frightened child was kept from harm. And a group of adults were able to breathe a sigh of relief! The child’s mother, Jessica Wheatley who nominated them stated, “We could not fit up in the top to get him, so Olivia and Kate saved the day! They willingly climbed up to the top in order to help him get down safely.” You did a great job girls!

Ethan Parker and Tyler Lawrence

Westhaven Elementary School
Belleville District 118

Every day at school Ethan and Tyler help a severely disabled kindergarten student with some of his activities. The student is unable to speak and is in need of constant assistance. Ethan and Tyler think nothing of it and help him regularly. Daily they volunteer to greet him as he gets of the bus. They walk and play with him hand in hand. Ethan and Tyler are always there to help the young boy no matter what the case may be. They truly make a difference in his life!

So today we honor Ethan Parker and Tyler Lawrence for doing the right thing. Thanks to their acts of kindness and caring ways, a child with immense struggles has a more successful day at school. Theresa Haag who nominated Ethan and Tyler stated, “They are so nice and kind to this little boy. He loves his time with these boys, and it helps me out tremendously as well. I really appreciate them giving up their own time to play. They are two great boys!”

Orlando Harris and Lavelle Norfleet

Shaw VPA
St. Louis Public Schools

A normal ride on the school bus took a turn for Orlando and Lavelle one day. As they witnessed some students quarrelling and a fight breaking out, they didn’t just sit by and do nothing. Immediately they intervened and got things under control. Within a short time, Orlando and Lavelle stopped the fighting and things became calm. Their interventions stopped a potentially harmful situation.

So today we honor Orlando Harris and Lavelle Norfleet for doing the right thing. Thanks to their courage and brave actions, possible serious consequences from fighting on a school bus were averted. Debra Anthony who nominated them stated, “Orlando and Lavelle’s quick actions diminished a fight that could have escalated into a major situation.” You did a wonderful job. We are so proud of you.

Michael Epps

Union School
Belleville District 118

Michael enjoys being helpful at school. On a daily basis, he finds ways to lend a helping hand. Regularly he helps his fellow students who are struggling with their school work. If he sees a friend having trouble with any activities, Michael goes and helps the student without even being asked. Michael is also kind and never has anything bad to say about fellow students. In fact, he is the first to give a compliment. Michael knows how to make a difference in the lives of his fellow classmates on a daily basis.

So today we honor Michael Epps for doing the right thing. Thanks to his acts of kindness and caring ways, many of his friends at school have more positive experiences. His teacher Christine Todd who nominated him stated, “Michael is a kindhearted, caring young man. He has helped many of his peers and is always the first student to lend a helping hand. Even though they may be for small things, it has made a big impact.” You’re doing a wonderful job, Michael! Keep up the good work.

Jaseon Durham and Jeyda Durham

Pond School
Rockwood School District

Jaseon and Jeyda recently experienced an extremely difficult and potentially dangerous situation. As they were playing outside their home, they found a loaded handgun in their yard. Realizing the gravity of discovering something so dangerous, they left it alone and ran into their house and told their mother. Without hesitation, she contacted the police department and reported the discovery. Officers immediately responded and seized and secured the weapon. And we are happy to report, no one was injured!

So today we honor Jaeson and Jeyda Durham for doing the right thing. Thanks to their responsible and mature actions, a dangerous weapon was seized without anyone being harmed. St. Louis Police Captain Mary Edwards-Fears who nominated Jaeson and Jeyda stated, “The actions of these children undoubtedly prevented serious crimes in their neighborhood. These children were not injured or killed by a gun because they know how to do the right thing!” You did a wonderful job—we are so proud of you!

Katrina Pleasant

Grigsby Intermediate School
Granite City School District

One day at school Katrina was put into a very difficult situation when she witnessed that a fellow student had something illegal in his possession. Realizing it was going to be difficult reporting this, she found a teacher in the hallway and told him. Immediately the principal’s office was contacted as well as the school resource officer. Thanks to Katrina, the situation had a successful outcome and no one’s safety was compromised.

So today we honor Katrina Pleasant for doing the right thing. Thanks to her responsible and brave actions, a very serious situation at school was handled in an appropriate way. Granite City School Resource Officer Eric Stacy who nominated her stated, “Because of Katrina doing the right thing, something dangerous was removed from the educational environment and the school is a better place for it. As the police officer assigned to this school, I am very proud of Katrina for doing the right thing.” We’re very proud of you too, Katrina—great job!

Malik Taylor

Parkwood Elementary School
Pattonville School District

Malik realizes teasing is not a nice thing to do and doesn’t make someone feel good. So when a girl began teasing him at school one day, he reacted in a very mature manner. Instead of getting angry, Malik calmly and respectfully pointed out to her that she wasn’t being nice. Malik’s actions obviously made a difference because the girl immediately quit teasing him. Malik’s reaction obviously made the girl think about her actions. He was a great role model.

So today we honor Malik Taylor for doing the right thing. Thanks to his responsible and courteous actions, a fellow student was taught a lesson about not teasing someone. His teacher Debra Bonner who nominated him stated, “I stopped the class and shared what I had just witnessed. Malik did this on his own and did not ask for my help. I am very proud of him and his ability to be a role model.” And we’re proud of you too!

Giselle Wayne

Union School
Belleville District 118

Giselle enjoys being a good friend at school. So, when she was asked to help a student who has a form of autism during a math game, Giselle didn’t hesitate for a moment. As the game went on, Giselle constantly helped him so he could learn as well as have some fun and not get too frustrated. By the time the game came to the end, Giselle had made a major impact on helping the student participate. She was a true model of how to be when a fellow student is in need.

So today we Giselle Wayne for doing the right thing. Thanks to her caring ways and service to others, a student with a significant disability was able to properly perform and learn in class. Her teacher Rita Brinkman who nominated her stated, “Giselle did not give up on this friend she was helping. She stuck with him and helped him. Giselle showed great patience with her game partner.” Great job, Giselle. Keep up the good work!

Samantha Wilbert

Arrowpoint Elementary School
Hazelwood School District

A normal lunch period at school took a sudden turn for Samantha one day. As she entered the cafeteria, one of her peers suddenly began to choke. Immediately, Samantha ran to the student’s aid and began hitting her on the back to relieve the obstruction. Samantha also signaled for a teacher to come help. In a matter of moments, the child quit choking and began breathing freely. We’re happy to report all is well!

So today we honor Samantha Wilbert for doing the right thing. Thanks to her bravery and courageous actions, the life of a fellow student was saved. Her teacher Casie Lorimier who nominated Samantha stated, “Without hesitation Samantha ran to the student. I’m her first grade teacher and I couldn’t be more proud of her!” We’re proud of you too, Samantha! Great job!