May Winners | 2015

Rawaah AL-Busairi

Woerner Elementary School
St. Louis Public School District

Rawaah was in her classroom when the school nurse came in. The nurse explained that she had noticed a personal possession of hers was missing from her desk and it was not in her office. While the item had little monetary value it had immense sentimental value. The nurse had responded to each classroom and shared with the students about the missing item and why it was important to her to get the item back. Rawaah raised her hand and shared that she saw the missing item in the hands of a classmate and that the classmate put the item in her book bag. The classroom teacher was able to check the book bag and find the nurse’s missing item. So today we honor Rawaah AL-Busairi for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her bravery and compassion, Rawaah helped return a valuable item that was taken. Ms. Sherron Walker and Ms. Sue DiPiano who nominated her stated, “Rawaah did the right thing in telling what she knew and saw. Rawaah was so brave in speaking up and not worrying about what others would say. She knew she was doing the right thing to help the nurse and we are so proud!” Wow what a great citizen you are, Rawaah! We are so proud of you!

Lauren Garn

Delores Moye Elementary School
O’Fallon School District 90

Lauren had expressed an interest this school year to participate in the St. Baldrick’s shavee event at the Highland-Pierron Fire Department. This year she has been involved in an event at her school to raise money for a current student that is fighting cancer. Lauren really pressed the issue to become a shavee to her parents because of the student at her school, and her parents were very touched by her determination and allowed her to participate. Lauren shared with her peers at school what she was going to do and they fully supported her decision to shave her hair off. So today we honor Lauren Garn for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her compassion and generosity she has enriched the lives of those fighting cancer! Ms. Robin Bennett who nominated Lauren stated, “Lauren expressed to her peers the reason she wanted to shave her hair off was to raise money to support cancer research because cancer research for children is underfunded. Lauren not only shaved her hair off but she raised $520 for childhood cancer research. The students and staff at Delores Moye Elementary are extremely proud of Lauren and her decision to become a St. Baldricks shavee!” We are super proud of you too Lauren, congratulations!

Devontae Davis

West Junior High School
Belleville District 118

Devontae was having fun after school playing on school grounds. While he was playing with friends one of his friends fell and dislocated his elbow. Devontae’s friend was unable to move due to the pain. Devontae jumped or should I say biked into action. He got on his bike and quickly rode to get his friend’s mother at their home. Devontae was able to let her know what happened so his friend could get the help needed. So today we are honoring Devontae Davis for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his compassion and quick action a friend was able to get the help needed. Ms. Kelly Harter who nominated him stated,”Thanks to Devontae a friend who was having an emergency had someone in his corner. He really helped him when he needed someone most, I’m so glad he was there to race to their house and get his mother. He was so responsible and a great friend!” Congratulations Devontae, we are so proud of you!

Cameron Clark

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District 181

Cameron is a well rounded young man who is a positive role model at Signal Hill School. He is actively involved in many programs and extracurricular activities to include the BETA club, track and basketball. Cameron has also volunteered with the Kindergarten class helping students with learning activities. The young students look up to Cameron and were always very excited to see him. In the past he has also been a participant in the school’s Run’n Read program, but this year he wanted to volunteer to help on Race day! So today we are honoring Cameron Clark for Doing the Right Thing!

Thanks to his kindness and generosity, he has made Signal Hill School a better place for those around him. Ms. Sarah Goode who nominated Cameron stated, “Cameron is a leader and a great example for our young students to follow. I am impressed with his continued dedication to Signal Hill School. I wish Cameron luck as he begins his new adventures in high school. I am confident that this young man is going to do many great things in his life and I am honored to nominate him for the Do the Right Thing Award!” We agree Cameron; we are honored and know you are going to do great things!

Alivia Ball and Ahmad Jaber

Parkwood Elementary School
Pattonville School District

Alvia and Ahmad are first graders and in the same classroom. Ahmad enrolled in the first grade class later in the year and when he moved here from Jordan he did not speak any English. Alivia answered the call from the teacher to help their new friend out and went above and beyond. Alivia would help when the teacher couldn’t, she would read to him, and help him find things in the classroom and school, she was taking the time to teach him words in English and it has paid off. Ahmad has worked very hard throughout the year and his English has developed beautifully, he can ask and state complete sentences and his reading is taking off too. Ahmad has read and passed more Accelerated Reading quizzes than some of the students in the same class, who have been there all year and have spoke English all of their life. So today we are honoring friends, Alivia Ball and Ahmad Jaber for doing the right thing!

Thanks to their dedication and teamwork they have shown the power of friendship and hard work. Mr. Greg Stoltz, who nominated them stated, “Alivia did all of this without being asked. She did it because it was the right thing to do. Ahmad does the right thing in school on a daily basis. His hard work and determination is paying off every day! I am so proud of both of them!” We certainly agree Alivia and Ahmad, we are very proud of both of you too!

Claire Gibson

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District 181

Claire was outside on an extra recess as part of her school’s behavior reward system with other 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. While they were playing, the students created a relay race involving students of various grades racing each other. Everything was going well until a teacher noticed Claire, who is in 5th grade; walk off with a 4th grader. The 4th grader was noticeably upset and the teacher over heard the conversation. Claire was comforting the fourth grader who was upset that someone else was a bad sport; another student had rubbed in the fact that they had won the race. The other student also told the fourth grader that she couldn’t race anymore because she was a slow runner. Clair was encouraging the fourth grader, and reassured her that as long as she did her best, that was ok! So today we are honoring Claire Gibson for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her kindness and thoughtfulness Claire proved that caring for others goes a long way. Mr. Kyle Selliers, who nominated her stated, “I loved watching Claire calm the fourth grade girl down and was empathetic enough to take on the task herself instead of finding an adult to do it. It shows great responsibility, maturity, caring and respect for others to perform such a great task.” WOW! Claire you were a great friend and a mature young lady, we are so proud!

Aiden Meyer

Ste. Genevieve Elementary School
Ste. Genevieve School District R-II

Aiden was lucky enough to watch batting practice before a recent St. Louis Cardinals game with his dad. While they were watching, a foul ball hit a gentleman who was sitting near Aiden and the ball ricocheted to Aiden. Aiden was so nice; he took the ball to the man who was hurt by it. Then Aiden was super lucky, an usher from Busch Stadium brought Aiden a ball to replace that ball, and then Ryan Braun from the Brewers who had seen what happened brought a ball over and handed it to Aiden too! Now he had two baseballs and decided there were so many kids without any balls he would pick one to give his second ball to. Aiden’s dad happened to point out a little boy in a wheel chair nearby and Aiden was so excited, he said “YES! This is the one I’m going to give the ball to.” Aiden and his dad went up to the boy and his mom to share his extra ball. The boy was so excited that he dropped his mom’s cell phone over the edge as he was getting the ball from Aiden. So today we are honoring Aiden Meyer for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and thoughtfulness a fellow Cardinal fan has a new friend. Ms. Tina Heob and Mrs. Geri Diesel who nominated him stated, “Aiden and the boy were talking and Aiden found out the little boy was from Australia and had come to St. Louis to have surgery at Children’s Hospital the week before. He had always wanted to go to a Cardinals game so his mom brought him that night. During the rest of the game, Aiden would look back at his new friend and they would wave back and forth. Soon everyone in the stands was talking about the connection between these two young Cardinal fans. The generosity of Aiden inspired everyone around him. Aiden has shown that being kind to others can make not only yourself, but those around you feel really good.” That is awesome Aiden, we are so proud of you! Congratulations!

Rebecca Nance

Henry Raab Elementary School
Belleville District 118

Rebecca is a great friend in her classroom. She always displays outstanding character. Rebecca is seated near a friend who she willingly helps with tasks everyday to make her friend’s day better. Rebecca will assist her friend to prepare, organize or complete a daily task. Rebecca helps her friend from the daily routine to challenging academic assignments. So today we honor Rebecca Nance for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her kindness and compassion a classmate has an easier time in the classroom. Ms. Susan Altadonna who nominated Rebecca stated, “Never do I see her lose her patience or tire of assisting her friend. She sees that he is successful by helping him, not enabling him. Instead of doing tasks for him, which would be much quicker and easier, she has the patience and caring nature to talk him through his struggles. Because of Rebecca’s outstanding character another student has become more able to be successful! I applaud and respect her for her efforts!” Wow, Rebecca we are so proud of you. You are amazing! Congratulations!

Jane Ndungu

Parkwood Elementary School
Pattonville School District

Jane became a new student at Parkwood in February of 2014. She moved to St. Louis from Kenya and struggled while she was new to the school. At first it was difficult for her, she had to learn the language and the curriculum at her new school in her new Country, but wow has she worked hard. Because of her hard work, persistence and determination Jane is one of her teacher’s top students! So today we honor Jane Ndungu for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her determination and persistence she has flourished as a wonderful student. Mr. Greg Stoltz who nominated her stated, “Jane’s scores in reading, writing, and math are above grade level expectations. She just took eight accelerated reading tests on the second grade level, and passed them all! Jane has never given up. She keeps giving her best and doing the right thing!” Wow, Jane keep it up; we are so proud of you! Congratulations!

Asia Shepard

Monroe Elementary School
St. Louis Public School District

Asia is lucky enough to get to use I-Pads at school. One day however, one of her best friends made a mistake and took a school iPad home. Asia didn’t keep it a secret, and she didn’t have to tattle tale. Asia encouraged her best friend to do the right thing and tell the truth. So today we honor Asia Shepard for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her honesty and caring ways she helped her friend and shown her school how to make good choices. Ms. Kristen Hutchison who nominated her stated, “Asia is a great student and she set a wonderful example to her classmates. We think she has gone above and beyond for her school and we are so proud!” We agree Asia, you are a great leader, and a great example, keep it up! Congratulations!

Jacob Shields

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District 181

Jacob is a student who does the right thing every day, and he has gone the extra mile at school this year. Jacob is always helpful and a perfect gentleman. Jacob volunteers his time, instead of getting his homework done in study hall; he is always asking to help with the saxophone sectionals. The beginner band students love when Jacob comes to help them with a difficult part of the music or teach them a new note. He even makes sure they are organizing their band cubby and putting away their saxophone the right way. After Jacob broke a couple of ribs this year, he asked to be the track team manager since he couldn’t participate and on the days he cannot participate in gym he helps with music tasks as well. So today we honor Jacob Shields for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and generosity of his time and effort he has made his school a better place. Ms. Stacie Gutierrez who nominated him stated, “Jacob will help me with organizing music, cleaning the instruments for the younger students or anything else that needs to be done. The “Do the Right Thing” award means a lot to me. Students like Jacob really do deserve to be recognized for all of the countless acts of kindness he has done this year and every year. The teachers at Signal Hill School know Jacob is always there to do his best and is ready to help in any way he can. Jacob is the perfect student for the “Do the Right Thing” award!” We agree Jacob; keep up all of your hard work! Congratulations!