May Winners | 2014

Koi Birch-Barnard

Henry Raab Elementary School
Belleville School District 118

Koi Birch-Barnard is a very special young man. His teachers very easily “catch him” doing the right thing. On one particular occasion, his teacher found him helping a student in need, without any prompting or encouragement. One of his classmate’s has a broken ankle, the third broken ankle in the class this year. This classmate was unable to move around the classroom when they were doing partner work. Koi recognized this student was struggling with his class work, and this was a problem. The student was also seated in a spot where he could keep his foot propped up for some pain relief. This was away from all the other students, and it was inconvenient to work with the injured student. Koi didn’t mind, he moved all of his work and rearranged his learning environment just to make sure this other student had help with his work so he felt successful. So today we honor Koi Birch-Barnard for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his concern and compassion, a fellow classmate has benefitted. Ms. Susan Altadonna who nominated him stated, “Koi is a wonderful example of good character and he displays this on a daily basis. Koi put this other student’s needs ahead of his own, all on his own! This was definitely a proud moment for a teacher to see.” What a great friend you are, Koi! We are so proud of you!

Mira Deeke

Union Elementary School
Belleville School District 118

Mira personifies the four core values representing the way Union Eagles fly with her kindness, responsibility, respect, and honesty. Mira sits next to a student in her class who has some challenges with classroom routines. Mira supports and helps the young lady with regular classroom tasks, reading directions, and explaining rules of a game. Mira understands when her classmate struggles and does not get upset or take it personally when the other student responds with yelling or arguing. Mira remains calm, consistent and gentle. Mira was also observed fixing a disheveled display in the library after another classmate knocked it over. Mira never mentioned a word, and the teacher only knew about it because of another teacher who witnessed the intervention. So today, we honor Mira Deeke for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her patience and compassion, another student and a school benefit from her actions. Ms. Wendy Brewer who nominated Mira stated, “Mira’s expression of social responsibility extend to other classmates as well, during our Red Ribbon campaign, students were given a package of Smarties candies. When a student lost their baggie, Mira offered hers to the student. Mira is a constant. She does not waiver in her inner compass to be kind, responsible, respectful and honest to all people on all occasions.” You are a great example of a Union Eagle! Keep up the good work.

Parker Budde

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District 181

Parker is a bright kindergartener with endless energy and enthusiasm who always keeps his teacher on her toes. He works hard to stay on task and follow classroom expectations. Parker is also sweet and thoughtful, and is genuinely concerned for his friends. An example of his thoughtfulness involves a girl in his class who has some limitations to her daily activities due to physical conditions. His classmates are always willing to help her, but Parker does it in a way that makes him stand out. Most of the class wants to help by just doing it for her, but Parker helps her just enough, allowing her to do the things she can on her own. He is always conscious of how someone might feel in an awkward situation. In those instances, he helps in a way that allows his friends to feel less embarrassed and treats them with such kindness it lessens the awkwardness. Parker may struggle with his choices for the day, but he still puts others first when needed. So today we are honoring Parker Budde for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and empathy he helps his classmates on a daily basis. Ms. Chistina Carpenter who nominated him stated “Parker has grown tremendously over this last year. I am completely in awe of how he transforms when a classmate is in need. He turns into a soft-spoken boy who genuinely is concerned for his friends. I hope this award gives him the motivation to keep doing kind and considerate things for others.” We hope so, too, Parker; keep doing the right thing!

Cameron Drury

Delores Moye Elementary School
O’Fallon School District 90

Cameron is a great addition to Delores Moye Elementary School. This quarter, when the classroom seats were changed, Cameron was seated next to a friend who has some learning, behavior and sensory difficulties. Cameron assists her friend during many tasks without teacher direction or guidance. She is very observant of her friend’s reactions. When he becomes frustrated or distracted, she immediately stops her work to get him back on track. She truly helps her friend stay on task and has assisted him with lowering his frustration level. So today we are honoring Cameron Drury for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her thoughtful and kind actions, a friend is more successful in school. Ms. Lynae Vahle who nominated her stated, “Cameron exhibited amazing patience, compassion and caring. She is very quiet and is truly a kid of character, as she is always doing the right thing!” We are so proud of you Cameron; what an awesome job!

Lucas Hogland

Seckman High School
Fox C-6 School District

Lucas is a wonderful student, who is always honest and is a very hard worker. Lucas works at school after hours, assisting the custodial staff. One Friday while he was working, he found a very valuable gold ring with precious stones in it. Lucas admired how detailed it was, and he knew exactly what to do with it. He took the ring right to the office and turned it in. It turns out the ring belonged to one of the teachers, and not only was it valuable, it had a very special meaning to the teacher as well. She thought the ring was gone for good. When the ring was returned to the teacher, she had tears in her eyes, all thanks to Lucas! So today we are honoring Lucas Hogland for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his honesty and courage, a teacher’s special ring is safe. Ms. Andrea Patterson who nominated Lucas stated, “This may seem like a simple thing, turning in something so precious, but in the day and age we live in, high schoolers do not often do such thing. Had the ring been picked up by someone else, it may not have made it back to its rightful owner. The ring could have provided Lucas with extra money, but he never even considered it. Lucas is a courageous and honest young man who has and will overcome many things in life, and I believe whole-heartedly that he deserves the Do the Right Thing award!” We agree Lucas; you certainly do! Congratulations!

Makayla Jones, Yahneshya McGee and Sherell Porter

Gateway Math, Science, and Technology Middle School
St. Louis Public School District

Makayla, Yahneshya and Sherell all attend school together and found themselves in one of the girl’s restrooms together with another student. That student however was going through some things and was ready to take drastic measures. The other young lady in the restroom attempted to hang herself in one of the restroom stalls. That’s when Makayla, Yahneshya, and Sherell jumped into action. Makayla and Yahneshya were able to stop the student from harming herself, and kept the young lady with them so she could not injure herself. While they stayed with the girl, Sherell put her feet in motion as she ran and alerted school staff about the young lady needing immediate help. Sherell was able to get the staff to the young lady with Makayla and Yahneshya to prevent any harm from coming to her or them. So today we honor Makayla Jones, Yahneshya McGee, and Sherell Porter for doing the right thing!

Thanks to their quick and appropriate action of notifying an adult to get immediate attention, the student was quickly helped. Mrs. Lorna Turner-James, who nominated them stated, “The three of these girls really saved the day! They helped another student when she was at her lowest and made sure she was safe! We are so lucky to have them be part of Gateway Middle!” We are so lucky to have you here too! Congratulations!

Ryan LeGrand

Roosevelt Elementary School
Belleville School District 118

Ryan is a positive presence in his fourth grade classroom at Roosevelt School. He is a peer role model for students who struggle. He has helped classmates with organizational issues, keeps them on task, and encourages them to make good choices. He has made an amazing impact on three students in particular. These classmates struggle with their behavior, organization, and meeting homework deadlines. Ryan has never complained or showed frustration while helping. He always takes the high road and does the right thing. Ryan has truly helped his classmates be more successful in the classroom. So today we honor Ryan LeGrand for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his patience and empathy, classmates of his are provided extra guidance. Ms. Ramona Effinger who nominated him stated, “Ryan helps his classmates with a sweet and sincere smile and a kind word. Ryan makes our classroom a better place by his consistent and relentless compassion. Ryan is a modest boy who doesn’t expect praise or special recognition, but he truly deserves to be honored for his exemplary character and kind spirit!” We agree Ryan; keep it up! Congratulations!

Tyler Nguyen

Bayless Elementary School
Bayless School District

Tyler is a person who exhibits selflessness, compassion and empathy on a daily basis. He is a role model for both students and teachers. Tyler is quick to offer help to those in need at all times and is the first to offer a complement when a student is feeling down. Tyler is in a small group of kids working on different social skills. One of these skills is self-confidence. Tyler can be counted on to bring a smile to each student’s face, as he finds the positive attributes of every group member. An example of the wonderful character that Tyler has can be found in what he chooses to do every day with his time after lunch. While the other children are rushing to recess, Tyler helps Mr. Bob, the school’s maintenance man, clean off the tables, pick up trash, and organize the cafeteria after the lunch chaos. Tyler’s character really makes him a shining star at his school. So today we are honoring Tyler Nguyen for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his selflessness and compassion, Bayless Elementary benefits. Jamee Heidmann who nominated Tyler stated, “All who meet Tyler, both adults and children, are amazed by his sincerity and positive attitude that he brings to every situation. Tyler does not earn recognition, he does not win awards, he does not brag about his actions to other people to get a compliment. He does this because he is a good person; because he always does the right thing!” It sounds like you do, Tyler, and we are so proud! Congratulations!

Isaiah Nunn-Faron and Dylan Weir

Fort Zumwalt West High School
Fort Zumwalt R-II School District

Isaiah and Dylan had a day where they got out of school early and had plans to meet with some friends for lunch. While they were headed to the restaurant, they passed a disabled man in the street on an electric scooter and noticed it was moving very slowly. They thought something looked odd, and decided they needed to go back and make sure everything was ok. When they came back, they noticed the man had come to a complete stop and they asked if he needed help. The scooter’s battery had run out, and wasn’t going any further. Isaiah and Dylan carried the man to the truck and put the very heavy scooter in the bed of the truck. Isaiah had to ride in the back of the truck to hold onto the scooter, as they had nothing to tie it in place with. The two drove the man home and lifted the scooter out of the truck. They then pushed the man in the scooter around to the back of his house to help him plug it in. They further assisted the man into his home safely. This is why today we are honoring Isaiah Nunn-Faron and Dylan Weir for doing the right thing.

Thanks to their kindness and compassion, they assisted a man who desperately needed it! Nicole Nunn-Faron who nominated the two stated, “The man was completely disabled. This may not have been a very heroic act to most, but to the disabled man these two boys were sure heroes for the moment. They eventually caught up with their friends but were so late they missed lunch, and they did not mind one bit. They both saw the value and importance in being great young men!” We agree; you are wonderful young men. Keep it up! Congratulations!

Leyla Scannell

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District 181

If her teacher were to describe Leyla in one word, it would be compassionate. Her teacher sees examples of this on a regular basis, one of those being during science-center time in class. Leyla was working with two other students on an activity to determine which animals lay eggs. They were sorting animal pictures, checking their answers within plastic eggs, and completing a labeling worksheet. Leyla noticed one of her center buddies was struggling. She talked him through the steps carefully, and then said “It’s okay; we can do it together. We’re a team!” They did the entire activity together. She even quizzed him on the animals asking “Does this one lay eggs? Okay, let’s check.” Leyla’s buddy was able to complete the activity with understanding thanks to her patience and compassion. So today we are honoring Leyla Scannell for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her kindness and patience, her classroom is a better place. Ms. Ann Spencer, who nominated Leyla stated, “Leyla has a great attitude throughout the day. When sitting as a group and another classmate is praised, Leyla beams with pride. She is always quick to compliment others on their accomplishments, and if a student makes a bad choice she will brainstorm why that happened and what that student can do to improve. I am so impressed with her thoughtful words and compassion at such a young age. For this reason, I believe Leyla Scannell is deserving of theDo The Right Thing award!” We agree, Leyla; you are a great friend, and we are very proud of you!