May 2016 Top Ten Ceremony

Please join us in celebrating these great winners!

Ian Allen    

Bloomsdale Elementary School

Ste. Genevieve School District R-II

Ian showed what a great young man of character he is while at school.  Ms. Stacy Bell and Mrs. Diane Miller who nominated Ian stated, “Ian, who is in fourth grade, found $30 on the floor while in his classroom one day.  He immediately turned the money in to his teacher.  Later they found out that it belonged to a student from another class who had lost her allowance money.  Ian made a wise decision to turn the money in rather than keeping it.  This student had earned her allowance and was so upset that she had lost it.  It would have been easy for Ian to keep it, but he did the right thing and made sure it was returned to the rightful owner.  Ian also enjoys sports and is always there to help up a fellow player if they fall and get hurt.  He truly looks out for other people and for this we nominate Ian Allen for Doing the Right Thing”.

Thanks to his honesty and compassion, fellow students, classmates, team mates, and those in Bloomsdale Elementary have a great role model!  So today we are recognizing Ian Allen for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Ian keep it up!

Landon Barnes and Brian Diser

Westhaven Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

Landon and Brian are the definition of quality friends to those around them.  Ms. Cassie Wienhoff who nominated Landon and Brian stated, “Another student had a particularly difficult day and had been in the nurse’s office.  The other students in the class were enjoying some extra recess time in the afternoon, that’s when Brian and Landon noticed the other student coming outside to join the class.  The two boys immediately stopped what they were playing to meet the child mid-playground to invite him to play.  The student did not want to play at the time, so Brian and Landon sat down with him and just talked until he was ready to play.  Brian and Landon showed exemplary character, refraining from making fun of the student and befriending him.  These two young men always show great character each day at school and this is just one example of them going above and beyond.”

       Thanks to their kindness and compassion, another student had two friends when he really needed one!  So today we are recognizing Landon Barnes and Brian Diser for Doing the right thing!  Awesome job Brian and Landon, keep it up!

Madeline Domian and Elijah Stevens

Stanton Elementary School

Rockwood School District

Maddie and Elijah are part of their school  leaders know as the Stanton Leaders and both conducted their own service learning project which morphed into a joint service project for the two.  Dr. Christy Starnes who nominated the two stated, “Elijah started his project and wanted to help people with cancer.  He wanted to find a way to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  For his final project proposal, he decided to host a can drive at Stanton Elementary called “Kick CAN-cer”.

Maddie to wanted to help patients with cancer in honor of her Aunt “Katie-Do”, when her aunt was diagnosed with cancer, she first began selling cookies at garage sales and then donating the funds to the American Cancer Society.  After her Aunt Katie passed away, Maddie thought she should do something bigger and thought about cancer and how it impacts kids like her.  This is when the Chemo Care Kits for kids or “Katie-Do Care Kits for Cancer” came to life.

Elijah began working on his project and with the help of fellow Stanton Leaders, in the end collecting more than 500 pounds of aluminum cans worth more than $250.

Maddie began her project asking those in the school to help her make care kits, and the love from the school began with donations pouring in.     Elijah, who had originally planned on donating his money to the American Cancer Society knew he could help make a difference in starting Maddie’s project come to life.  Elijah generously donated his money to start Maddie’s project.  The kid cancer care kits have three main components; a comfort item, such as soft socks, blankets, or a stuffed animal.  The second item helps with side effects, like mints, pocket tissues, candy or gum.  The third item has to do with an activity such as colored pencils, coloring books or games.  Maddie has put together 50 care kits so far and together with Elijah made a special delivery of the kits to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  There’s even a “you caring” site where people can go on and donate money to keep the project going.

Thanks to their selflessness and caring ways, children fighting cancer have the comfort of a “Katie-Do Care Kit for Cancer” to make them feel better!”  So today we are recognizing Madeline Domian and Elijah Stevens for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Madeline and Elijah, keep it up!


Christopher Hobson

Signal Hill School

Signal Hill District 181

Christopher really impressed his teacher which is why he was nominated.  Kyle Selliers who nominated Christopher stated “Recently our school did our state standardized testing, the PARCC test. When our school is testing, every grade level can be affected and necessary changes are made. One 5th grade student Mr. Selliers normally does not teach math to needed to come into his class for two weeks because her teacher was testing another group of students. In the class, they were starting a math project that would take several days to complete. As the students were being put into pairs, it was realized someone would need to be paired with the girl who was new to the class. Christopher noticed that this girl needed a partner and knew many other students weren’t going to be willing to work with her. It was never said out loud, but he noticed. He quietly came to Mr. Seillers to let him know he would be okay being her partner. As they worked on the project for three days, Mr. Seillers watched as Christopher was very patient through the entire process. Any idea his partner threw out, he helped refine and use so that she felt included. While she learns a different level of math, Christopher never let her feel that way. Mr. Selliers was so impressed by Christopher’s kindness, empathy, and compassion towards others. Mr. Selliers is glad he knows such a caring young man and is honored to be the teacher of a kid who does the right thing.”

Thanks to his kindness and positive choices, a fellow student had a great learning experience!  So today we are recognizing Christopher Hobson for doing the right thing!  That was great Christopher, keep it up!

Aidan Idrees

Union Elementary School  

Belleville School District 118

Aidan is a student who makes it his mission and purpose in life to help others.  Compassion, kindness, and empathy come naturally to him.  Ms. Wendy Brewer, who nominated Aidan said that, she also stated, “Aidan has an old soul.  His ability and willingness to make life better for those in his classroom is well beyond his years.  Of his many acts of graciousness, the times he has reached out to help struggling students has made the biggest impact in our classroom. Aidan sits next to a young lady who struggles keeping up in school.  She is frequently pulled from the classroom in order to receive support in math and reading.  When she returns, she gets frustrated trying to catch up.  Without a word or without direction from the teacher, Aidan immediately identifies what she has missed and helps her get the books she needs and turns to the correct page.  Most recently, the class was working on a writing assignment when the young lady had to leave the classroom.  When she returned, Aidan, who had finished the assignment, told the girl that if she told him the story, he would write it down for her.  Countless times, Aidan offers emotional and practical support for students who face challenges or who are simply having a difficult day.   He is boy with the heart and soul of a champion, because he is the champion of all of us.”

Thanks to his acts of kindness and compassion he has helped fellow students with the support and guidance that makes them very successful.  So today we are recognizing Aidan Idrees for doing the right thing!  That is a really cool thing you do Aidan, keep it up!


Hailie Morber

Roosevelt Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

Hailie is a great friend and a great example to those around her.  She even serves as a book buddy to a first grader.  Mr. Craig Hayes, who nominated Hailie stated, “While Hailie was working with her 1st grade book buddy, he mentioned how much he liked her shoes.  Hailie being as awesome as she is saved her own money and bought him a pair, just like hers.”

Thanks to her kindness and generosity, a first grader not only has someone to help him read, but someone who has graciously shown him how to have style!  So today we are recognizing Hailie Morber for doing the right thing!  That is amazing Hailie, keep it up!

Lacey Roberts

Carondelet Leadership Academy

Sponsored by the University of Missouri

Lacey became a hero the other day, where did she hide her cape?  Sgt. Kevin Androff, who nominated Lacey, stated “seven year old Lacey was at home playing with her friend.  Lacey and her friend went into the kitchen, where they discovered Lacey’s father unconscious and unresponsive.  Lacey used her dad’s cell phone to call 911.  Both the St. Louis Police Department and the Fire Department’s EMS were dispatched.  Lacey stayed on the phone with the 911 dispatcher and she stood outside waiting for the arrival of help.  When Sgt. Androff arrived, Lacey led him to her father, who was still unresponsive.  Sgt. Androff instructed Lacey to return outside and wait for the next first responder to arrive, and to bring them to her father when they got there.  Due to Lacey’s bravery and courage, and her knowledge on how to use 911, her dad received CPR in a timely manner, which saved his life.   Lacey was a true hero this day, and, it’s Sgt. Androff’s honor to nominate Lacey for Doing the Right Thing!”

Thanks to her bravery and courage, Lacey’s father received the help he needed when he was having a medical emergency!  So today we are recognizing Lacey Roberts for doing the right thing!  That was a really brave thing to do Lacey, we are really proud of you!

Dalton Schaaf

Smithton School

Smithton School District

Dalton is not afraid to speak up, even when he isn’t the one suffering the unfortunate end of the behavior.  Mrs. Erica Brueggemann who nominated Dalton stated, “Recently, Dalton took the courage to speak up about some disturbing and inappropriate behavior on the playground.  Some students were using foul language towards one of Dalton’s classmates and he knew it was wrong.  He took it upon himself to make his mother aware first.  She could tell he was really shaken up by the comments and language the other students were saying.  His mother then notified his teacher.  Although the comments were not directed towards Dalton, he knew he couldn’t be a bystander and had to let someone know.  Dalton was commended for having the courage to stand up to his classmates for making the wrong choices.  It was obvious Dalton was hurting for his classmate and couldn’t bare the hateful language anymore.  It takes a lot of strength and courage for a fifth grade boy to stand up to his classmates and we are so proud of Dalton for doing this.  He risked his “reputation” to do what was right!”

Thanks to his incredible bravery and compassion in his classmate’s time of need, by standing up, and stopping what was happening he made his school a better place! So today we are recognizing  Dalton Schaaf for doing the right thing!  You were amazing Dalton, we are proud of you!

Samuel Schmitz

Signal Hill School

Signal Hill School District 181

Samuel is in his last year at Signal Hill and he has made quite the impression on his way to high school.  Kyle Selliers, who nominated Samuel, stated, “Samuel has been a member of the student council for four years.  Each year, student council members are asked for suggestions of event ideas.  Samuel has suggested the school do an 8th grade volleyball night that included a boy vs. girls game, a student vs. parents game, and a student vs. teachers game for the past two years.  Last year, the school was unable to make it happen.  This year, Samuel took charge and led the way to plan the event.  He enlisted the help of four friends while planning the event.  Knowing how much he wanted this event to happen, Mr. Selliers guided him through the process and made sure that everything needed to be done was completed on time.  Mr. Selliers was highly impressed with the night.  Samuel convinced 20 students, 11 parents, and 10 teachers to participate in the games.  He stayed after school to set up, coached the student team, and stayed after to clean up.  Samuel was mostly nominated because of his leadership qualities during the volleyball matches.  Samuel opened the sign up to any 8th grade student, not just students who  were on the volleyball teams during the school year.  This opened up the night to kids who were not necessarily the most athletic, but wanted to participate.  Some students were unhappy about the open sign up, but Samuel stuck to it with a positive attitude and allowed anyone to sign up.  During the game, Samuel did his best to give everyone equal playing time, no matter how skilled they were.  Although some of his peers disagreed, Samuel did the right thing, including everyone equally.  Mr. Selliers was so impressed by Samuel’s perseverance in organizing a big event and integrity during the event.  This event created and opportunity to build community and produced a memory for half of the 8th grade class as they get ready to take the journey to high school.  Mr. Selliers has no doubt that with his likable personality, determination, and kindness towards others, Samuel is going to do great things in the future and Mr. Selliers considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.”

Thanks to his compassion and dedication he has helped make this eighth grade year memorable for his entire class, their families, and the school staff.  So today we are recognizing Samuel Schmitz for doing the right thing!  You are an amazing young man Samuel, keep it up!

Wyatt Shellabarger

Signal Hill School

Signal Hill School District 181

  Wyatt knows how to make an impact, not just in his school but in the community around him.  Kyle Selliers, who nominated Wyatt too, stated, “Nine years ago, students and teachers of Signal Hill School started participating in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  Every year, between four and ten teachers and students have raised money and shaved their heads bald for this childhood cancer research charity.  Wyatt first shaved his head bald in 2013 when he was in 5th grade.  He is now in 8th grade and has shaved his head every year for the past four years in support of this great cause and has raised thousands of dollars.  Every time he shaved, he would immediately double check that we could do it again next year.  Wyatt has been a part of inspiring four teachers, including two female teachers and fifteen other students to brave the shave at least once.  Wyatt keeps the Signal Hill School community involved and interested in St. Baldrick’s and reminds everyone to help others when they can.  Being his last year at Signal Hill, Wyatt wanted to add to this year’s St. Baldrick’s assembly and contacted a doctor who specializes in childhood cancer to come speak to the student body.  His goal was to have students understand we are helping ill children the same ages as them, by raising money and having our heads bald.  While the doctor he contacted agreed to come speak with the students, unfortunately had a scheduling conflict with the date of the assembly and could not make it.  Wyatt’s empathy, compassion and huge heart will definitely be missed when he leaves for high school!”

Thanks to Wyatt’s dedication and generosity to those with cancer, he is making a difference, not just to his school community but to the community of those effected by cancer!  So today we are recognizing Wyatt Shellabarger for doing the right thing!  That was a awesome Wyatt, keep it up!


Dakota Shelton

Robert Drummond Elementary School

Pattonville School District 

Dakota showed that he knows what to do when there is an emergency and did a great job when needed.  Carla Robertson, the counselor at Dakota’s school, Officer Rob Scott, Officer Jackie Evans and Sergeant Dave Campos, with St. Ann Police Department, who all nominated Dakota, stated “On March 28, Dakota and his little brother arrived home after school to find that his Uncle was not answering the door like he usually does for the boys. Dakota knew something was wrong because his dog was outside in the backyard and he would only be out if someone was home. Dakota made sure to keep his brother by the front door and hopped the fence to see what was going on. He found his Uncle unconscious with his dog beside him licking him. He ran back to the front of the house and screamed for his neighbor to call 911. His brother wanted to go to the backyard but Dakota kept him by the front door until two St. Ann Police officers and other emergency responders arrived to help. Dakota knew how to “Do The Right Thing” by learning about 911 at his school, Drummond Elementary, as well as touring the police station as a boy scout. We respectfully nominate Dakota Shelton for this award because he was able to “Do The Right Thing” in the midst of unimaginable fear.”

Thanks to Dakota’s bravery and composure when faced with an emergency he is responsible for his uncle getting help when needed!  So today we are recognizing Dakota Shelton for doing the right thing!  That was awesome Dakota, keep it up!

Ana Weber

Parkview Elementary School

Columbia Unit School District #4 

Ana jumped into action when help was needed at school and she is being honored for her heroic deeds.  Mr. Brad Landgraf, who nominated Ana, stated, “Ana was playing at recess with the rest of the fourth grade students.  One of her classmates then began to have a seizure and fell to the ground.  Ana immediately ran to get a teacher.  Her quick thinking and action allowed the school and medical staff to immediately help the other child and provide the necessary treatment to keep the other child safe.”

     Thanks to Ana’s quick action and bravery when an emergency happened at school to a classmate, the medical attention needed was able to be provided immediately!  So today we are recognizing Ana Weber for doing the right thing!  That was super amazing Ana, we are so proud of you!


DeRiyah Whitfield

Signal Hill School

Signal Hill School District 181 

DeRiyah has shown what a great friend she can be and what she is truly made of.  Kim Prior, who nominated DeRiyah, stated, “DeRiyah came into our school this year as a new eighth grade student.  Knowing this age, it is very hard for teens to fit in, as well as be accepted by her peers, but DeRiyah has adapted well.  Several strong character traits have been witnessed in DeRiyah, not one time but many times during classes and as a member of the 8th grade girls’ basketball team. DeRiyah has shown courage and integrity by making good choices around her peers.  There has been several incidents where certain classmates were giving another student a hard time and DeRiyah chose not to take part of the crowd but to stand up to her peers and remove herself from the situation.  She also reported these unkind acts which takes courage and respect for others.  This young lady’s desire for peace and respect for others is commended.  These are true qualities of why DeRiyah stands out for recognition of the Do The Right Thing Award!”

Thanks to DeRiyah’s compassion and integrity when faced with adversity, show what great character she has within!  So today we are recognizing DeRiyah Whitfield for doing the right thing!  That was great DeRiyah, keep up the great work!