March Winners | 2015

Andrew Allen and
Jalen Griffin

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District 181

At dismissal time as students were beginning to leave school and walk home Andrew and Jalen overheard two students arguing. The two students arguing then began to become physical with one another in their disagreement. Andrew and Jalen immediately intervened in the argument of the two younger students. Andrew and Jalen separated the students and directed them to stop being physical. Andrew and Jalen then directed the two students go home. So today we are honoring Andrew Allen and Jalen Griffin for Doing the Right Thing!

Thanks to their responsible ways and bravery, Andrew and Jalen made a difference at Signal Hill School. Mrs. Kelly West who nominated them stated, “Not only did Andrew and Jalen do the right thing, they set the right example that physical altercations are not a productive or positive way to solve issues. I am thankful for Andrew and Jalen’s quick and mature actions and greatly appreciate their responsibility. This is why I am nominating them for Doing the Right Thing.” Wow what great citizens you are, Andrew and Jalen! We are so proud of you both!

Lamadj Milton

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District 181

Lamadj was in the locker room after a basketball game when she located another student’s cell phone, an I-Phone 6 to be exact. Not knowing who the phone belonged to; Lamadj turned it in to her coach so it could be returned to the rightful owner. So today we honor Lamadj Milton for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her honesty and kindness she made another student’s day. Ms. Kim Pryor who nominated her stated, “The student, who the phone belonged to, was very upset because she thought her phone was gone. It is very nice to know that Lamadj has what everyone expects, honesty to do the right thing when finding someone else’s belongings.” It sounds like you have really impressed your coach Lamadj, you impressed us too! Congratulations!

Jaylan McCray and Kevin Simmons

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District 181

Jaylan and Kevin had just finished playing volleyball for their school when they stayed after to cheer on the girls’ basketball team. While the game was going on, a high school student made a poor choice and stole a basketball player’s phone, while the game was going on. Jaylan and Kevin were able to inform staff of who took the phone and thankfully it was returned to the player. So today we are honoring Jaylan McCray and Kevin Simmons for doing the right thing!

Thanks to their honesty and courage they helped a schoolmate and made the coaches proud. Kim Pryor and Susan Parker who nominated them stated, “Jaylan and Kevin showed courage, honesty and respect for others for being able to turn in a peer for this act. Without the boys’ integrity and quick thinking, the phone never would have been found. I am glad to be the coach of two honest and courageous young men. It is not always easy being honest when put in this type of situation. I am proud of my players!” We are so proud of both of you too! Keep it up! Congratulations!

Christian Hicks

Woerner Elementary School
St. Louis Public School District

Christian was in gym class and was preparing to move to the next class when another student who was having a bad day exploded. The other student had been fighting and was walking angrily out of the gym when he bumped into another student in line. The student he bumped into has special needs and didn’t like being bumped and responded by hitting the angry student. The angry student turned in a rage and leaped at the other student. This is when Christian jumped into action, forcefully putting himself between the angry student and his special classmate telling the angry student “No! Don’t do that!” stopping the angry student in his tracks. So today we are honoring Christian Hicks for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his quick action and caring he stopped a situation from escalating further. Mr. Freddie Johnson, who nominated him stated, “I couldn’t believe my eyes. Without thinking about being hurt or the angry student turning on him, Christian just said “No!” I believe that it gave the angry student time enough to realize that he didn’t want to hurt the other student.” You really did a great job, Christian! Congratulations!

Will Hankammer

Union School
Belleville School District 118

Union School had orchestrated a service learning project for their school. They were collecting packs of gum for Children’s Hospital to give to children who are receiving chemotherapy to reduce the taste of chemo in their mouth. The school had set out with a goal of 1,000 packs of gum. Will however, set a personal goal of 500 packs to collect himself. Sounds like a few packs of gum right? Well, Will not only attained his personal goal, he blew past the school’s goal himself, bringing in 1,669 packs of gum for the kids at Children’s Hospital! So today we are honoring Will Hankammer for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his commitment and generosity he is making the lives of cancer patients at Children’s Hospital better. Ms. Tanya Herkenhoff who nominated Will stated, “I am so honored to have Will as a student. He has shown such selflessness and generosity in his efforts to help others. The children at Children’s Hospital are fortunate to have peers like Will who do anything they can to help others! Way to go Will, we are so proud of you!” We are proud of you too Will, that is awesome!

Daniel Hamilton

Townsend Elementary School
Hazelwood School District

Daniel was at school, learning stuff first graders learn when he did something that really made his teacher, principal, and parent proud! Another student had brought a weapon to school that was loaded, and the student wanted to show it to Daniel. Daniel realized the situation was dangerous and did the right thing by telling his teacher right away. So today we are honoring Daniel Hamilton for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his bravery and quick action everyone at his school including his classmate is safe. Ms. Danielle Hamilton, his mother, who nominated him stated, “Daniel recognized the danger and took the right procedure to tell his teacher, who told the principal. The other student was dealt with by the school and law enforcement intervened as well. Daniel potentially saved so many lives!” Wow, Daniel you really saved the day! We are so proud of you!

Kelsey Dismukes

Delores Moye Elementary School
O’Fallon School District 90

Kelsey is in fifth grade and has a second grader that she is a mentor to. The second grader is a new student at Moye and has had some changes at her home which has made her emotional. Kelsey’s little friend was struggling academically and socially until Kelsey came along. Kelsey has brought the light back into her eyes and has boosted her self esteem. Kelsey gives up social time in the mornings with her friends to take the student to their school’s tutoring program. Kelsey also seeks her out for hugs and hellos in the gym and cafeteria. So today we are honoring Kelsey Dismukes for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her compassion and kindness, she has made the world a better place for a young friend who really needed someone to look up to. Mrs. Lynae Vahle who nominated Kelsey stated, “My student’s eyes light up when she sees Kelsey around school or during their time together. Kelsey is giving, caring and such a wonderful role model for our young students at Moye!” Awesome job Kelsey! Keep up the good work.

Kaylee Darnell and Alexia Skaggs

Delores Moye Elementary School
O’Fallon School District 90

Kaylee and Alexia stopped the assistant principal outside at dismissal time. They let the assistant principal know they needed to talk about a student being bullied. The two were asked to come first thing in the morning to talk about it the next day. When they came to school the following day they explained another student was being called names and being disrespected by other students during lunch. So today we are honoring Kaylee Darnell and Alexia Skaggs for doing the right thing!

Thanks to their concern and compassion they helped a classmate. Mr. Daniel Rudy who nominated them stated “Kaylee and Alexia said this has been going on since the beginning of the year and that something needs to be done. Because of the two girls, the issue has been addressed. The student that was being bullied did not report being bullied and if it was not for Kaylee and Alexia this issue would not have been resolved.” Wow, that is awesome Kaylee and Alexia, we are very proud of you!

Taylor Pollock

Edward Fulton Junior High School
O’Fallon School District 90

Taylor is a student who has taken it upon herself to help a family of schoolmate who has a very sick father that had a brain stem operation. Taylor has made bracelets and has then sold them and donated the proceeds to the family to help out. So today we are honoring Taylor Pollock for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her caring ways and generosity she has shown her classmate’s family support during this trying time. Mr. Jason Satterfield who nominated her stated, “Taylor delivered $100 to the classmate just hoping that would help. Taylor is a wonderful student in our school and a member of the cross country team, basketball team and is currently playing volleyball.” We are so proud of you Taylor! Congratulations!

Mia Schook

Smithton School
Smithton CC School District 130

Mia is a great friend and classmate at school. She was willing to give up her partner to be with a student from another class to make it even, and volunteers to give up snacks if the class is one short. Mia is also so sweet with a young man who comes every Tuesday from the high school to visit them. Mia takes his hand, helping him look for the perfect book in the library. Mia helps with his milk at snack time and talks so sweetly with him, engaging him in conversation trying to get him to talk. She does not do this to be bossy, she knows this student is special and is wanting to help him out anyway she can to make him feel comfortable and safe in our classroom. So today we are honoring Mia Schook for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her kindness and caring ways she helps her classmates and special friend immeasurably. Mrs. Kathy Belding and Mrs. Kelly Beggs who nominated her stated, “Mia doesn’t have to do all of these things, but she does because she has a kind heart and is always willing to help out and give a hand when she sees a need to. Not many kindergarten children would be so giving of themselves and give up the things like Mia does just to benefit someone else. She is so sweet to all of her friends, has a good attitude towards school, and always uses kind words to everyone. I wish all of my students were like Mia who always seems to be “Doing the Right Thing!” It seems like you are amazing Mia! Congratulations!