March Winners | 2014

Bella Fischer

Jefferson Middle School
City of St. Charles School District

Bella Fischer was at the end of her school day and arrived at her bus stop to find a tiny puppy. Bella scooped up the little puppy, and brought it home out of the cold. Once home, she told her dad what happened as she warmed the little puppy and gave it some food to eat. Bella, with the help of her dad, went to the pet store to see if the puppy was micro-chipped to find the owner, but it wasn’t. While at the store, Bella used her own allowance to buy puppy food and a toy for the cutie pie. Bella then went out and tried to find the puppy’s owner in her neighborhood. Success! The neighbors, who lost the puppy, had been very upset that the puppy was missing. They were so happy and thankful that Bella found their puppy.

So today we honor Bella Fischer for doing the right thing! Thanks to her kindness and caring heart, a lost puppy is safe. Michelle Basile, Bella’s aunt who nominated her, stated, “The neighbor was so upset! The puppy was for her handicapped son, and they were so happy when Bella brought their puppy home to them that they even gave Bella a small award. Bella is amazing!” You really are amazing Bella! We are so proud of you!

Shelby Marcee

Lucy Wortham James Elementary
St. James R-1 School District

Shelby is a model student with a heart of gold. During the holiday season, Shelby learned of a stray cat that had been hit on the road and left to die. The cat, once taken to the veterinarian, was given a slim-to-none chance of survival. Shelby begged her mother to let her take the animal home and nurse it back to health and even made a deal that this would be the best Christmas gift.Frankie, the cat, got to come home with Shelby. She stayed up day and night during Christmas break taking care of Frankie, helping him walk, eat, and even use the restroom. Frankie has had multiple operations and now only has three legs. Shelby has been there every step of the way, even helping him learn to walk on three legs! Frankie is not all the way out of the woods yet, but Shelby has been as much of a fighter as he has been. Shelby has impressed her principal with her dedication, strength and leap of faith that Frankie would survive!

So today we honor Shelby Marcee for doing the right thing! Thanks to her compassion and commitment to Frankie, she has fought to save a helpless animal that may not have lived. Ms. Christy Lonning, who nominated her stated, “Shelby has shown her compassion for helping an animal. I fully believe that Shelby will take this experience and turn her passion into something really great in the future. Someday Miss Shelby will change lives and maybe even the world!” We agree, you have changed Frankie’s life and we are so proud of you!

Catherine Libby

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District 181

Catherine is in fifth grade at Signal Hill, where they promote a program called F.R.A.C.K.S., which stands for Fifth-Grade Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. In December, Catherine’s class chose to donate children’s books to a local food pantry. By having the books available, the children can grab a book while their parents are getting food for the family. Each student was asked to bring in one book they were ready to part with. Catherine, however, had a different plan; she went through her entire library at home and donated a huge tub full of books. Catherine really did a great random act of Christmas kindness!

So today we honor Catherine Libby for doing the right thing! Thanks to her act of caring and sharing, she has enabled others to enjoy reading the treasure of special books. Ms. April Becherer, who nominated Catherine, stated, “Her generosity and kindness are the reason I am nominating her for the Do The Right Thing award. Thanks for being such a great kid!!” Thank you, Catherine, indeed! You are so kind; keep it up!

Ryan Ledee

Smithton School
Smithton School District

This past summer, Ryan became a hero! Can’t you see his cape blowing in the wind? Ryan was with his family on an outing at the end of the summer at Lake Carlyle. While there, he noticed a 3 year old girl who was struggling to keep her head above the water. Ryan jumped into action! The little girl wandered into the deep end of the pool and went under. She struggled to keep afloat and was showing signs of distress. After he saw her head slip under the water a second time, Ryan swam over, grabbed the little girls, and swimming to the side of the pool, pulled her to safety. Ryan was her hero that day!

So today we honor Ryan Ledee for doing the right thing. Thanks to his bravery and fast response, the little girl was safe! Mrs. Sue Juncker, Ryan’s teacher who nominated him stated, “I didn’t know I had a true hero in my classroom! Ryan’s quick action and concern for this little girl most likely saved her life.” That is wonderful Ryan; keep up the good work!

Aariah Lynn Harper

Washington Montessori
St. Louis Public School District

Aariah was at home with her mother on a Sunday when she noticed something wasn’t right. There were flames of fire coming out from behind the dryer! Aariah quickly told her mom, and thankfully they were able to get everyone in the home to a safe place out of harm’s way until the fire department arrived. Because of Aariah, the fire department was able to arrive in the nick of time before the flames could cause any major damage. Everyone was safe, all because of Aariah!

So today we honor Aariah Lynn Harper for doing the right thing. Thanks to her responsible and quick action, her family was safe! Ms. Velta Smith, who nominated Aariah stated, “Due to Aariah’s quick thinking, she was able to communicate to her mom the danger that the family was about to face.” Aariah’s parents were so very proud of her; they both told Ms. Smith, “Aariah saved the day!” This is why Ms. Smith thinks Aariah deserves the Do The Right Thing award. We agree! You have done a great job, Aariah!

Zoey Missey-Wodarczyk

Roosevelt Elementary School
Belleville School District 118

Zoey is a great student who has been there for her classmates in all of her years at Roosevelt Elementary school. She is a student with great character, and this February she showed her school just what empathy was all about. Roosevelt School was having a cancer-support drive to support their school secretary, Ms. Donna, who had recently gone through cancer surgery. They were selling wristbands for $1.00, but Zoey wanted to do more than that for Ms. Donna. Zoey donated her birthday money to truly show how much she cares.

So today we honor Zoey Missey-Wodarczyk for doing the right thing. Thanks to Zoey’s kindness and generosity, the support shown to her school community is immeasurable. Ms. Debbie Kern and Ms. Gretchen Phillips, who nominated Zoey, stated, “Zoey is a special young lady that has a heart of gold; she took her innate empathy just one-step further and showed us all what an incredibly kind and caring individual she is!” We are so proud of you Zoey! Please, keep that heart of gold shining!

Ella Pfeiffer

Smithton School
Smithton School District

In her kindergarten classroom, Ella is a role model who everyone just loves. She is kind to all, never has a bad word to say about her peers, and always follows the classroom rules. And that’s not even why she was nominated! When it is time to work with a partner or play a game at school, Ella always chooses a student that the other students pass on, or the student who does not have many friends. Ella is the most well-liked child in the class, and the other students’ faces light up when she chooses them. Ella has never been told to do this, nor has she been given any sort of recognition for this. She does this all on her own. She has a great heart and ability to recognize those students who truly need a friend!

So today we honor Ella Pfeiffer for doing the right thing! Thanks to her caring ways and friendship, she has made a positive impact on her classmates and their day! Ms. Kathy Belding, who nominated Ella on her teacher’s behalf, stated, “You should see the child’s face light up with the biggest smile on it; you can almost feel their sense of feeling accepted and overall look of confidence when Ella has chosen them. Ella’s smile is infectious, and her spirit is one that I feel is deserving of this award as someone who is truly doing the right thing.” We think so too, Ella—thanks for being a great friend!

Monika Reynolds

Amelia Carriel Jr. High School
O’Fallon CC School District 90

Moni is an amazing student. Each quarter her teacher asks the students to donate their time and talents to a non-profit organization if they would like to receive bonus points. Most of the time her teacher suggests organizations, but Moni went above and beyond to find out that the animal shelter, O’Fallon’s Spencer Kennels, was struggling financially. Moni contacted the kennel and created a list of needed items that would help ease their problems. Moni then came up with the idea of “Pennies for Puppies” to aid the kennels, as they are relocating due to a lost lease. Moni has been responsible for the entire student body of Amelia Carriel Junior High School donating animal-related items to help Spencer’s Kennel. Moni truly inspired her student body to step up and respond.

So today we honor Monika Reynolds for doing the right thing! Thanks to her determination and perseverance, she has helped make the lives of animals at the shelter better. Ms. Cheryl Stutzman, who nominated Moni, stated, “Moni helped satisfy Spencer Kennel’s needs as the student body has responded with pounds and pounds of dog and cat food, leashes, blankets, collars, and tons of other items. I am very proud of this young lady and her unrelenting concern for the future of our animal shelter.” We are so proud of you too, Moni! Keep up the great work!

Reginald Slay

Dewey International Studies Elementary
St. Louis Public School District

Reggie is a great friend at school, but he is an even better citizen. Dewey school was participating in a fundraiser, Pennies for Patients, to help raise money for kids with cancer. Reggie witnessed something he knew was wrong; he saw his friend taking money from the Pennies box. He was really distressed about the situation; he didn’t want his friend to get in trouble. He tried talking to his friend, telling him it was wrong and asking him to put the money back. But when his friend didn’t do the right thing, Reggie did what he had to do, and told the school authorities. Reggie couldn’t let someone steal from the kids who needed help, even a friend.

So today we honor Reginald Slay for doing the right thing! Thanks to his conviction and bravery when faced with a difficult situation, he has made his school a wonderful place. Ms. Julie Harwell, who nominated him, stated, “Reggie was really distressed as he did not want to get his friend in trouble, but he knew that what was happening was wrong. We are so proud of him for trying to assist his friend to make the right choice, and even more proud for knowing he had to say something to make things right!” We are proud of you, too, Reggie! Keep up the good work.