February Winners | 2014

Abdul Bashir Abdul Zahir

Hancock Place High School
Hancock Place School District

Abdul Bashir was at school with friends when he noticed serious injuries to a friend’s neck that were hidden. Abdul Bashir realized his friend was in danger if he returned home and notified the school’s Assistant Principal, Tom Dittrich, of what he observed. Abdul Bashir was determined to protect his friend from any further harm and spoke with the school’s SRO, Officer Stephen Rowland, about what he saw to ensure that the proper legal action occurred to help his friend. Because of Abdul Bashir’s action, his friend and his friend’s family members no longer endured the physical abuse, which had been occurring over many years.

So today we honor Abdul Bashir Abdul Zahir for doing the right thing! Thanks to his concern and bravery in a difficult situation, a friend and that friend’s family is safe. St. Louis County Police Officer Stephen Rowland who nominated him stated, “Abdul Bashir not only showed his amazing and intuitive heart in this situation, but has shown a desire to be helpful and honest in other situations that have arisen, and I have become VERY impressed with his strong character.” What a great friend you are, Abdul! We are so proud of you!


Jhion Rivers

Amelia Carriel Jr. High School
O’Fallon School District 90

Jhion was at school when it was time to change classes. While the classes were changing, Jhion visited the restroom and discovered another student who was having a severe asthma attack. Jhion quickly left the restroom and located Mrs. Heitkamp, his teacher, notifying her of the emergency. Mrs. Heitkamp was able to call for the school nurse to assist the other student with his medical emergency. Without Jhion notifying his teacher, no one would have known the other student was in distress!

So today we honor Jhion Rivers for doing the right thing. Thanks to Jhion’s quick and appropriate action of notifying an adult to get medical attention, the student was quickly treated for a serious asthmatic episode. Mrs. Mindy Heitkamp, who nominated him stated, “The other student was in the boys’ restroom where he was not visible to adults. Without Jhion notifying me immediately we wouldn’t have known he was having an asthma attack. Jhion did the right thing by notifying a teacher to help the other student get the medical attention needed.” That is awesome, Jhion—keep doing the right thing!

Betsy Papin

Alton Middle School
Alton School District

Betsy does her part to help out in her community. She has been a driving force of several service projects at school and in the community. Betsy was an instrumental part in organizing and carrying out Alton Middle School’s Illinois House last year, and she helped collect over $600 for the Alton Police Department’s Shop-With-A-Cop program during the holidays. She also helped run a food drive that collected over 1000 items to donate to Alton’s Crisis Food Pantry. And this year she started her own project to help peers at school with “Operation Dress.” Operation Dress allows fellow students, who are unable to afford the dressy apparel, the opportunity to attend a dance where dressing up is required. Knowing the difficulty of fitting-in at the Middle School level, Betsy made sure that every girl at school had the opportunity to be a part of the special occasions. She inspired a girls’ group in her community to have their own dress-drive, in which they gave the donated dresses to Operation Dress. Betsy has encouraged fellow students to think of those in need!

So today we honor Betsy Papin for doing the right thing. Thanks to her kindness and commitment to the community, she has positively impacted those in need, making Alton a better place. Mr. Brian Zurek and Ms. Meghan Haycraft, who nominated Betsy, stated “Betsy always puts others first and is always quick to help anyone in need. Betsy seems to do these things just because they are the right thing to do. For a middle-schooler, she has an amazing sense of empathy.” We agree, Betsy. Please keep up the great work!

Ben Kirchoff

Amelia Carriel Jr. High School
O’Fallon School District 90

Ben, who goes by Drew, was a great friend to his cousin Brandt, who passed away after a very long battle with cancer this past summer. Drew would visit with Brandt, keeping him company during treatments and developing friendships with other kids who were also being treated for various forms of cancer. Drew noticed that during these visits, many kids didn’t have much to do for the hours of treatment. Drew decided to do something about it! Drew organized a fund raiser at school and raised enough money to purchase Kindle Fire HD with software and a gift card for additional games. This was presented to the cancer ward at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and the patients were so happy to receive Drew’s generous and thoughtful donation. They were overwhelmed with Drew’s good deed!

So today we honor Drew Kirchoff for doing the right thing. Thanks to his kindness and determination, he has made the long and exhausting hours of treatment better for the cancer patients at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Dr. Douglas Wood, Drew’s principal, who nominated him stated “the important thing here is that Drew never sought any recognition or attention. Drew did this because he exemplifies what a model student, and above all, what a model person is all about. Drew is what “Do The Right Thing” is all about!” Drew, we agree! We are so proud of you.

Ian Intagliata, Celina Stoehner and Nigel Stoff

St. Roch Grade School
Archdiocese of St. Louis

Ian, Celina, and Nigel are great friends, and look out for the people they care about. A friend of theirs was going through a difficult time and decided to run away from home. On that day, the three provided information they obtained from their friend to her parents, school personnel and the police. With their assistance, the police were able to locate their troubled friend on her way to Minnesota. Their friend was located safely and reunited with her family to get the additional support she needed. Without their help their friend could have been seriously hurt or worse!

So today we honor Ian Intagliata, Celina Stoehner and Nigel Stoff for doing the right thing. Thanks to their concern, a friend who was in trouble was helped. Detective Tracy Hallquist who nominated them stated, “The three of them were instrumental in our police investigation having a successful outcome. Their friend had placed herself in a potentially dangerous situation, and with their assistance we were able to quickly locate her and ensure her safety. The Juvenile Detectives truly appreciate the valuable assistance of Ian, Celina and Nigel and the genuine care and concern they have for their friend’s safety and well being!” You three are great examples of a great friend! Keep up the good work.

Abel Claudio

Drummond Elementary School
Pattonville School District

Abel was walking to school when he came across a jackpot! He found a check worth over $200. Abel knew who the owner of the check was, but did not know him personally. Not wanting to meet with someone he didn’t know, Abel brought the check to school and turned it in to an adult, St. Ann DARE Officer Miller. Officer Miller was able to return the check to the rightful owner safely because of Abel. He demonstrated what positive citizenship is in our community by turning the check into a responsible adult for return.

So today we honor Abel Claudio for doing the right thing. Thanks to his responsible action, and being safe, he was able to assist another citizen in his community. Ms. Carla Robertson and DARE Officer Elliott Miller, who nominated Abel, stated “Abel learned about being a positive citizen through school and the DARE classes that Officer Miller teaches our Fifth Grade students. Drummond is proud to call Abel a “Drummond Dragon” for safely doing the right thing for the man.” Abel we are proud of you, too!

Stevie Shelton

Ste. Genevieve High School
Ste. Genevieve School District

Stevie is your regular high school student, involved in activities, and the captain of the cheerleading squad. As if academics, cheer leading and activities weren’t enough, Stevie stepped in to help two students she didn’t really know. They were missing school and having a hard time getting motivated to come every day, so Stevie took responsibility for them. She calls in the morning to make sure they are ready and picks them up from their house, taking them to school. Because of Stevie’s commitment to make sure they attend school daily, the two students have not missed any days.

So today we honor Stevie Shelton for doing the right thing! Thanks to her kindness and sense of responsibility, Stevie has admirably helped two students succeed. Mr. Joshua Banks, who nominated Stevie stated, “If Stevie hadn’t stepped in, the two students would have possibly failed classes or dropped out due to lack of attendance. Since Stevie has been “mothering” them, she has motivated them to get out of bed and come to school. Because of that, Ste. Genevieve High School feels that Stevie is doing the right thing!” We think so too, Stevie—great job!

Jacob Shields

Signal Hill Elementary School
Signal Hill School District 181

Jacob is a responsible seventh grader at Signal Hill School. One morning, as Jacob was coming into the school building, he was escorting a primary-aged student. He sought his principal, Mrs. Kelly West, and notified her of an incident. Jacob had just spent the last 10 minutes trying to help the young student find the older student who had hit her, but was unsuccessful. Jacob told Mrs. West “We went to look at the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in the hallway to see if she recognized the big student who hit her, but I’m not having any luck!” By assisting the other student, Jacob himself was going to be late for class, but he was more concerned about helping the younger child.

So today we honor Jacob Shields for doing the right thing! Thanks to his concern and kindness, another student had an advocate and a hero. Mrs. Kelly West, his principal, stated “Jacob is the true meaning of doing the right thing; he wasn’t worried about being late, only that he could help another younger child. Character is defined as doing the right thing when no one is looking; thank goodness we have students like Jacob Shields at Signal Hill School! Thank goodness indeed—we are very proud of you, Jacob!

Chelsea Sims

Parker Road Elementary
Ferguson Florissant School District

Chelsea is an awesome student and a super citizen. Chelsea is one who welcomes new students and is a friend to those who may be targeted by others for bullying, or if they are ostracized. This year she has done both. A new student joined her class and Chelsea became her friend. Her friend then became a target of bullying, and Chelsea stood up with kind words to assist her friend. Although it made Chelsea a target as well, as a stead-fast friend she was able to report the incident to the school’s counselor and principal, who took action!

So today we honor Chelsea Sims for doing the right thing. Thanks to her friendship and strength when faced with adversity, she has helped her friend have a safe place to learn. Ms. Ronda Sims, who nominated her stated, “Chelsea believes in being kind and showing care and concern towards others. By honoring such a student we are encouraging her to keep doing the right thing!” Chelsea, we know you WILL continue to do the right thing. We are proud of you!

Dailyn VanWinkle

Union Elementary School
Belleville District 118

Dailyn is a great student and is a great assistance to those at school, as well as to her math teacher and a fellow classmate. A student, who sits in her group, has a difficult time staying on task and following the lesson, so Dailyn assists along the way. When it’s time for the students to work, Dailyn takes it upon herself to work one-on-one with this student, who really struggles with math. Dailyn doesn’t just give her the answers either; oh no. She takes the time to explain the topic in a way the teacher maybe could not. Dailyn then helps her friend work through the problems!

So today we honor Dailyn VanWinkle for doing the right thing. Thanks to her kindness and patience, a fellow student is having a more successful time in math class. Kristan Sonnenberg, who nominated Dailyn, stated “No one asked Dailyn to do this; she saw a friend in need, and so she decided to help. There was no prompting from anyone. She knew her friend was struggling and she wanted to do everything she could to help.” We are proud of you, Dailyn! Great job on being a great friend!

Peytyn West

Whiteside Middle School
Whiteside School District 115

Peytyn loves animals! Peytyn has shown her love of animals in several ways; she has cared for hermit crabs and gold fish at home. For her fifth birthday, she asked for donations of shoe boxes and paper towels to donate to the pet store. She even “babysat” a huge iguana for a teacher who did not want to leave it in her classroom. Peytyn then found a lost puppy and went door-to-door with her big brother until they found the owners. Peytyn asked for donations again on her 10th birthday, this time for the Humane Society. Instead of presents, she brought a truck-load of canned food, kitty litter and toys for the pets at the animal shelter. Peytyn was even lucky enough to make a deal with her parents to get a dog if she earned straight A’s on her report card, and we are proud to say she worked very hard and received a puppy named Rosie!

So today we honor Peytyn West for doing the right thing. Thanks to her kindness and generosity, animals in her community have benefited from her big heart. Mrs. Connie Barre, who nominated her stated, “Peytyn is a very caring young lady who knows that doing the right thing means being responsible, even when it comes to animals!” What sweet things to do for animals, Peytyn. Please keep looking out for them!