Donation Packages

Even a small donation could change the life of a child.

Our police department partners and corporate sponsors provide incredible support, but individual donations allow us to recognize a growing number of children for the good things they do. Every little bit helps and every penny donated goes right back to the kids. Help make a difference in the lives of St. Louis Area children by selecting one of the following donation packages today:

Ruby Level ($25)

Provides individual recognition packages for three (3) nominated children. Each recognition package includes a Do the Right Thing t-shirt, certificate, pens/pencils, and McDonald’s coupons.

Sapphire Level ($50)

Provides premium recognition packages for five (5) Top 10 winners who are chosen monthly. Winners receive a deluxe edition Do the Right Thing shirt and ceremony recognition by KMOV Channel 4.

Diamond Level ($100)

Provides $100 toward a Grand Prize (e.g., bicycle, computer) awarded annually to one very special Student of the Year. Grand prizes vary each year and are chosen based on the child’s unique interests/needs.