Celebrating October 2015 Winners

Ines Abdennadher

Crestview Middle School

Rockwood School District

While Ines was walking on her way to lunch she noticed something that was unusual.  Another student was acting different and Ines thought something was wrong him.  She took him by the arm and led him to the nurse’s office to get him help.  Thankfully she noticed the behavior was unusual and was able to get the student assistance.  So today we are recognizing Ines Abdennadher for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her quick action and self-confidence to help other, a fellow student was in the right place when it mattered most.  Police Officer Jacob Diener, who nominated Ines stated, “the student was in the nurse’s office when he lost consciousness and began to have seizures.  The student was under the care of the nurse during the seizure, while the School Resource Officer was able to contact the paramedics.  The student ended up being transported to the hospital for a concussion, but thanks to Ines’ help the student was able to receive the necessary care and attention right away.   Thank you Ines!!!!” We are very proud of you Ines, keep up the great job!

Breona Banks

Westhaven Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

       Breona is a fifth grader with an important job at school.  Breona has stepped up to be a “morning buddy” to a student with special needs.  Breona has been there every morning to help her “buddy” get a great start to her day.  So today we are honoring Breona Banks!

Thanks to her kindness and caring ways she has helped her school mate.  Ms. Lana Kincaid who nominated her stated, “Breona has breakfast with my student and takes her outside after breakfast to “walk and talk”.  Breona stays with my student until it is time to start our day.  Breona accepted this responsibility without hesitation.  Thank you for being such a great kid with so much character!”   Wow, Breona we are so impressed too! Congratulations!

Brooke Beeler and
Lucas Beeler

Smithton School

Smithton CC School District 130

Principals love when they get letters, well letters about great kids, and Brooke and Lucas’ principal received one about them! Another parent wanted Principal Norton to know that while his daughter was riding the bus home two boys took her backpack and were tossing it back and forth keeping it away from her.  Brooke took the opportunity to be a great friend, hugging her and comforting her.  Lucas stood up to the boys, taking the backpack and returning it to the owner.  So today we honor Brooke and Lucas Beeler for doing the right thing!

Thanks to their kindness and compassion, they helped a friend when she was scared and her feelings were hurt.  Ms. Vicki Norton who nominated Brooke and Lucas shared the letter that stated, “Lucas didn’t hit the boys, he merely took the backpack back from them.  Lucas was friends with one of the boys, when the incident happened, and Lucas told the boy that he could no longer be his friend if he was going to treat people that way.  Brooke really comforted her when she was scared to be on the bus.  I hope you are able to recognize Brooke and Lucas for being such good friends.” Brooke and Lucas we are so proud of you and the great friend that you are! Congratulations!

Dominick Eads

Signal Hill Elementary School

Signal Hill District 181

Dominick was on the playground playing basketball when he noticed Ms. Murphy and another student looking for something.  Dominick stopped playing and asked if something was wrong.  The other student had lost her glasses and needed them as she always wears them.  He helped search for the glasses even continuing to look after the teacher and student went back into the school building.  So today we are honoring Dominick Eads for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and compassion he helped a school mate when it was truly needed.   Ms. Liz Murphy who nominated him stated, “Dominick helped us look and continued to search in the grass after we went back inside.  And the best part was he found them!  He immediately reported it to the playground supervisor and was allowed to come in and find me.  My student was so grateful that the glasses were found and she could see for the rest of the school day.  I am so proud of Dominick for helping my student.  Not only did he give up his basketball game at recess to help us solve our problem, but he continued to search after we had given up.  I appreciate his concern and thoughtfulness for others and giving up his own recess time!” That was wonderful Dominick, we are super proud of you!

Davontae Monroe and
Carlos Raiford

Westhaven Elementary School

Belleville District 118

Davontae and Carlos were in the office on a hectic Friday afternoon when they noticed a teacher with two of her kindergarteners, who were each getting a backpack to take home for the weekend that was filled with food.  Davontae and Carlos saw how crazy it was and offered to help the younger students.  The next week the two helped again with the kindergartners.  So today we honor Davontae Monroe and Carlos Raiford for doing the right thing!

Thanks to their kindness and thoughtfulness they have helped a teacher and her students.  Ms. Theresa Haag, who nominated them stated, “Davontae and Carlos have kept helping, when my students’ names are called over the announcements they come get my students.  It is a big help to me as I do not have to leave my class and my students and I really appreciate it!  They are caring young men and are showing others what it means to be a good citizen!  I love that they saw a younger child and teacher in need and stepped up without being asked!  They help make Westhaven School a great place to learn!  I’m so thankful they are part of our Westhaven Family!”  You really are great citizens and you both show those around you, how to lead, we are so proud! Congratulations!

Kaylee Purvis

Home Schooled

        Kaylee, who just turned 4 years old, was only three years old when she went apple picking at Eckert’s in Belleville with her family.  Kaylee and her Nana went on their own to pick apples, while they were looking for the very best apple her Nana was having a hard time breathing and collapsed on the ground.  Kaylee used her grandma’s phone to call for help for her Nana! So today we are honoring Kaylee Purvis for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her bravery and quickly calling for help she got her Nana the help she needed right away!  Ms. Lisa Rickard, Kaylee’s aunt, who nominated her stated, “When Nana collapsed on the ground Kaylee immediately took Nana’s phone and called her Mom for help!  We all have been working with for a short time to get her accustomed to calling one of us if an emergency pops up and that’s exactly what she did!  Family closest ran to help Nana and Kaylee with the assistance of an employee and Nana is now doing okay.  I am so proud of my niece!” It sounds like you did amazing Kaylee, and we are so proud of you too!  Congratulations!

Jacob Vahle

Delores Moye Elementary School

O’Fallon School District 90

Whenever Jacob is with extended family attending baseball games, parties, or play dates at the park, Jacob takes the responsibility of entertaining and watching the younger children.  This summer, while family was over for a pool party, after a great day, all the floatation devices were put away, dry clothes were on, and everyone was packing up, Jacob’s little cousin fell into the deep end.  The five year old, who can’t swim on his own, was in need of help.  Jacob however was watching the little ones and got all of the adults’ attention the moment he yelled his name, and grabbed his arms to pull him out.  So today we are honoring Jacob Vahle for doing the right thing.

Thanks to his quick action and responsible ways he helped his cousin and his whole family!  Mrs. Lynae Vahle who nominated him stated, “All the adults were out of the pool cleaning up, with no attention towards the pool.  Jacob was on his guard of the little ones.  Our nephew was too heavy for him, so Jacob instinctively jumped in behind him and pushed our nephew’s head to the surface.  It all happened so quickly, that Jacob had his head above the water before we were able to get to the pool.  I was able to pull him out with Jacob’s Assistance.  He truly saved our nephew’s life.  Jacob is truly a kid with outstanding character, and on this day he let it shine by Doing the Right Thing!” Wow Jacob, we are incredibly proud of you!  Keep it up, congratulations!

Payton Wittenbrink

Smithton School

Smithton CC School District 130

Payton is new to Smithton this school year and has stepped right in to be a good friend.  When another student recently broke their arm and she could not write or do many other tasks throughout the school day, Payton stepped up to help her out.   So today we are honoring Payton Wittenbrink for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her kindness and compassion she has stepped in and done what great Smithton students do, help. Mrs. Holly Sliment and Mrs. Kathy Belding who nominated Payton stated, “Payton went out of her way every day to help this student write all of her classwork, type things on her Chrome book and help her any way that she could.  We feel that Payton is a true example of doing the right thing.  She sacrifices her own free time to help others.  She continues to step up and help others whenever they need help.  We are very proud to have such a caring student in our classroom.”  We are so proud of you too, Payton, keep it up!  Congratulations!

Landon Wood

Orchard Farm Elementary School

Orchard Farm R-V School District

Landon noticed his brother was acting “weird”, even weirder than brothers normally act.  Landon told his mother and thankfully he did, as his brother was having a seizure as a result of a sinus infection.  His mother was able to get Landon to the medical attention he needed.  So today we are honoring Landon Wood for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his attentiveness and quick action his brother was able to get the help he needed right away!  Ms. Donna Bell, who nominated Landon stated, “The sinus infection had gotten into his brother’s brain cavity.  Luckily it did not penetrate the brain but was between the skull and lining of the brain.  We were told that had we waited one more day it would have been much worse.  His brother had brain surgery to remove the infection the very next day and is recovering nicely.  Without Landon’s quick action alerting their mother about the situation the outcome could have been very different possibly even costing his brother his life.  We are very proud of Landon for his swift action and being so alert to what was happening.”  Wow Landon it sounds like you were amazing, we are so proud of you!  Congratulations!