April Winners | 2015

Connor Davis

Smithton Community School
Smithton Community Consolidated School District 130

Connor who is a fourth grader showed his support for another student in his school. A second grader was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. Connor, with his family, bought everyone in Ms. Courtney’s class a “Team Bryce Bracelet” in support of Bryce. Connor then won money at a trivia night and purchased a Team Bryce t-shirt and donated his remaining winnings to Bryce’s family as well. So today we honor Connor Davis for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and generosity, Connor made a difference in the lives of Bryce and his family. Mrs. Kathy Belding and Ms. Sasha Courtney who nominated him stated, “Connor has shown empathy and compassion for a family that is going through such a hard time right now. Connor is really paying it forward! We are so proud of his thoughtfulness!” We are very proud of you too, Connor!

MaKayla Kelsey

Marie Schaefer Elementary School
O’Fallon School District 90

MaKayla is a fifth grader, but she is also an upstander. When a friend was being picked on by other students at school she stood up told the other students to stop, and when that didn’t stop the inappropriate behavior, she told a teacher what was going on. Because of MaKayla her friend didn’t have to put up with the behavior any longer. So today we are honoring MaKayla Kelsey for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her concern and compassion she helped her classmate. Ms. Allison Lauer who nominated her stated “MaKayla reminded the group that ‘We are all human with feelings, treat others how you would like to be treated.'” This is not an unusual occurrence for MaKayla. She is kind to everyone and tries to treat people with respect.” Wow MaKayla we are impressed too! Congratulations!

Reagan Marin

Delores Moye Elementary School
O’Fallon School District 90

Reagan is a former student of Ms. Vahle, who happened to notice that Reagan had a new haircut when she was delivering a note to her one day. Ms. Vahle asked why she decided to cut her hair and Reagan told he she donated her hair to locks of love. So today we are honoring Reagan Martin for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her compassion and caring generosity, she has made the world a better place for children who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer. Ms. Lynae Vahle who nominated Reagan stated, “Reagan told me her decision to cut off 14 inches of her hair, was to donate it in honor of one of our school’s kindergartners that is suffering with terminal cancer and has lost all of her hair through treatments. I asked if she was fiends with the little girl and she said, no, I just know about her struggle. I was so touched by her selfless act to give something with such meaning for a cause so close to her. I am so proud to have been her teacher!” We are so proud of you too Reagan! Congratulations!

Ashley Mendonsa

Bloomsdale Elementary School
Ste. Genevieve School District R-II

Ashley is in the fifth grade, and she always helps in class. But Ashley had a secret and her mom shared it with her teacher one day. Ashley volunteers at a senior citizens home every week. She helps serve food, takes out trash and plays games with the senior citizens. So today we are honoring Ashley Mendonsa for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her kindness and caring spirit she is a great help at the senior citizen home. Ms. Jennifer Kirchner who nominated her stated, “Ashley does this all on her own free time and does it without telling anyone about the amazing job she does with the seniors. Her actions are very admirable, and this is why I’m nominating Ashley for Doing the Right Thing!” You really are just an amazing young lady. We are so proud of you!

Colton Oelze

Nashville Primary School
Nashville Community School District 49

Colton wanted to find a way to honor a good friend that he recently lost in a plane crash. He wanted to make sure everyone remembered Piper Gutzler everyday. Colton organized a ball drive at his school and along with his classmates they write Piper’s name on every ball that he collects. So today we are honoring Colton Oelze for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his thoughtfulness and caring ways he helps the memory of a friend live on throughout the school. Dennis and Pam Haake who nominated Colton stated, “Colton’s ball drive is still in progress. It is so fitting to recognize Colton for doing something positive to honor his classmate so everyone can remember Piper and her parents everyday!” We agree, we are so proud to recognize you Colton! Congratulations!

Annaleisa Phung and Alison Vaughan

Woerner Elementary School
St. Louis Public School District

Annaleisa and Alison were out playing at recess when they noticed a student from another class being bullied. Without even knowing the other student’s name, they stood up for her and used their words to encourage the bully to leave the student alone. So today we honor Annaleisa Phung and Alison Vaughan for doing the right thing!

Thanks to their kindness and thoughtfulness they have shown how to care for others. Ms. Ashley Merritt and Sue DiPiano, who nominated them stated, “Afterward the girls said, it was very scary at first to stand up to the bully, but I’m glad we did! Alison and Annaleisa displayed true courage and compassion when standing up for a student they didn’t even know, simply because they knew it was the right thing to do!” You both did a great job, we are so proud! Congratulations!

Jack Robinson

Delores Moye Elementary School
O’Fallon School District 90

Jack who is in fifth grade has become a bus buddy for a kindergarten student with special needs. Jack goes above and beyond by making sure this younger student makes it to the classroom and aftercare. The mornings they are running late, Jack even waits in the room to make sure he has a chance to say the pledge in front of the flag. Before he leaves the class he makes sure that the teacher or one of the aides has seen his buddy enter the class. So today we honor Jack Robinson for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and caring ways he helps a younger student and the teachers everyday. Ms. Sara Scheldt who nominated him stated, “Jack always has a high five, hug or “have a good day buddy” for my student. They even have nicknames for each other. It is so nice to see an older student take a younger one with special needs under his wing!” We are super proud of you too, Jack! Congratulations!

Wyatt Springkamper

Bloomsdale Elementary School
Ste. Genevieve School District R-II

Wyatt is a third grader and doesn’t stand for bullying going on around him. Wyatt witnessed the continual unfair treatment of a classmate. Knowing this wasn’t right, he stepped up to assure that this student was treated fairly and made sure the right people knew what was going on who could help with the situation. So today we are honoring Wyatt Springkamper for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and compassion he made sure a classmate was treated appropriate. Ms. Kristen Huffman who nominated Wyatt stated, “Wyatt could have looked the other way, but he did not. Wyatt has a big heart and did exactly what I ask my student to do when they are witnesses to any unfair treatment of others, and for that I congratulate Wyatt for Doing the Right Thing!” It sounds like you are amazing Wyatt, and we are so proud! Congratulations!

Xander Van Horn

Abraham Lincoln School
Belleville District 118

Xander is a member of a church that offers the Upwards Basketball program for students. One of the students that attends the church has special needs and wanted to play basketball. The ministry at the church was looking for an adult volunteer to assist the student so he could participate in the program. Xander heard this and asked if he could do it. The ministry considered a peer buddy and allowed Xander to give it a try. Whenever his buddy is on the court, so is Xander, guiding him, navigating him and protecting him on the court. Xander has selflessly volunteered his time, continuing to be a peer buddy, and has also become a peer mentor and tutor to other students at his school. So today we are honoring Xander Van Horn for doing the right thing.

Thanks to his caring ways and compassion he has helped another child fulfill his wish to play basketball. Ms. Kim Enriquez who nominated him stated, “Xander’s selfless act has had a profound impact on this child’s family as well as the special needs ministry, he has inspired new volunteers and other families to join the ministry. Watching Xander, and the way he supported, mentored and showed unconditional love to this special needs student brought tears to my eye and a great respect for Xander and what he volunteered to do to help another.” Wow Xander, we are incredibly proud of you! Keep it up! Congratulations!

Alex Warren & Kyle Warren

Hillsboro Junior High School
Hillsboro R-3 School District

During the various times we have had snow this winter Alex and Kyle didn’t lounge around in their pajamas and hit the hills to sled. They showed what great neighbors they are by shoveling their elderly neighbor’s driveway several times. No one asked them, or their older sibling to do it, and when the neighbor tried to pay them, they simply refused to take it. So today we are honoring Alex and Kyle Warren for doing the right thing.

Thanks to their kindness and caring ways they have helped a neighbor in need. Ms. Jennifer Laiben who nominated them stated, “Alex and Kyle were so nice to help out with the snow removal. We were snowed in our subdivision and couldn’t get to my father’s home to shovel the snow, Alex and Kyle saved the day for us.” We are so proud of you Alex and Kyle, keep up the good work! Congratulations!