April Winners | 2014

Lucianna Burke

Shaw Visual and Performing Arts Elementary
St. Louis Public School District

Lucianna did something a little different to celebrate her 11th birthday. Instead of making a list of all the awesome new things she would like, she thought of others. Lucy had a simple request for her birthday, help Crisis Nursery. Lucy asked her friends to bring toys and donations that she could give to Crisis Nursery to help the children who are utilizing their services. On the day of her birthday party, her friends helped her out, donating toys and more to give to the Crisis Nursery. Lucy, with her mother, brought the donated gifts to Crisis Nursery and generously enriched the lives of the children that will stay there. So today we honor Lucianna Burke for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her generosity and thoughtfulness, other children are benefiting. Mrs. Carolyn Kramkowski, Lucy’s teacher, who nominated her, stated “Lucy was so kind! When Lucy and her mother visited the Crisis Nursery with the donation, she was told when she turns 16 she can volunteer there, which made her very excited!” We are excited for you too Lucy; congratulations!

Cloe Haas

Mascoutah Elementary School
Mascoutah CU School District 19

Cloe is a great student and a remarkable young person. Cloe goes out of her way to help others every chance she gets. She comes to school early 4 of the 5 days of the week to do her school work. At 8:15 when her classmates are just coming in to class to unpack and get ready for the day, Cloe is going down to a 1st grade class to volunteer her time to help students in need with their spelling words and reading. Cloe also helps with the Adapted Physical Education Program, which is a time when students with special needs are exercising and having fun with physical education. Cloe gives part of her recess time and class time, which she is required to make up on her own time, to assist during this time with a particular student that is really special to her. Cloe is a great volunteer for this wonderful program for special kiddos, and assisting the younger students in our school. This is why today we are honoring Cloe Haase, for doing the right thing.

Thanks to her kindness and generous donation of her time she has been a wonderful addition to her school and the lives of her schoolmates. Joshua Veath who nominated her stated, “She enjoys helping others so much she wrote a Young Author’s book all about what she does, and how much her special buddy means to her, her book is just one of the reasons I nominated her, and it won first place at our school’s Young Author’s contest. I am very proud of Cloe for what she does for so many people, but I could not be any more proud of her for the time she takes out of her day to help other students put a smile on their face!” We are so proud of you to Cloe; you truly are awesome!

Jason Dickhaus

Bayless Intermediate School
Bayless School District

Jason was visiting with his great grandmother, when they went for a ride. When they returned Grandma went inside and Jason noticed something unusual about Grandma’s next door neighbor, whom they call Grandpa Fanger. Grandpa Fanger was sitting on his front porch enjoying the beautiful day. Jason ran in the house and told his grandmother that Grandpa Fanger was sitting in his chair sideways and was drooling. Grandma ran next door and checked on Grandpa Fanger, and dialed 911. Grandpa Fanger had apparently suffered a stroke, and if it wasn’t for Jason’s attentiveness it would not have been noticed for some time. Jason saved Grandpa Fanger from further medical harm. So today we honor Jason Dickhaus for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his astuteness and concern, a family friend who was in medical trouble was helped. Nancy Viggers who nominated him stated, “With the cold weather coming the next day it could have been a real risk to Grandpa Fanger if it weren’t for Jason’s attentiveness. Hooray Jason, for doing the right thing!” You did a wonderful thing Jason! Congratulations!

Ryan Cousins

Gotch Intermediate School
Affton School District

Ryan was waiting for his grandmother to make him a delicious breakfast. While he was waiting, he went outside in the yard, and noticed something wasn’t right. Ryan came back in and asked “Granny, why is there a lot of smoke coming from that house?” Ryan’s grandmother went outside to see smoke billowing from a neighbor’s home. His grandmother had Ryan get his grandfather for help. Ryan and his grandfather went to the neighbor’s home and started beating on the door and screaming for the neighbors to come out, while his grandmother called the fire department. No one had answered the doors by the time the fire department was at the house. Ryan really thought someone was inside and told the fire fighters that when they arrived. Ryan was right; the fire fighters were able to get a family that was in the basement, out of the home to safety. Ryan’s persistence helped save the mother, father, and four children that were still in the home. So today we honor Ryan Cousins for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his quick actions, and recognizing a dangerous situation, a family is safe. Ms. Pamela Boyd, who nominated Ryan, stated “Ryan was very upset and continued to ask me and the fireman if the family was ok? At that point he went to the mother, father and children and asked if they were ok. I told Ryan he really saved that family because he reacted so fast. He is my Hero!” You are our hero too Ryan! That was awesome!

Helen Libby

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District

Signal Hill School was having a fundraiser for the Leukemia Society. There was a donation box in Helen’s classroom to collect change or dollar bills. Most students in the class have put in extra change here and there, but Helen took it a step further one day. Helen put twenty-two dollars in the box and said it was half of her allowance that she had been able to save. Helen told her teacher she was donating this money because the Leukemia Society needs it a lot more than she does. So today we are honoring Helen Libby for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her kindness and generosity a donation was made to help the lives of others. Luke Wessel, who nominated Helen stated, “I thought her donation was very thoughtful, and I was so impressed. Not many kids will do something like this.” We agree Helen; you are very thoughtful!

Faith Lincoln

Ste. Genevieve Elementary School
Ste. Genevieve R-II School District

Faith is a fourth grader at her school and she helped in an emergency situation. While Faith and her mother were checking on an elderly neighbor they discovered this neighbor needed medical attention. Faith’s mother tried calling 911, but she needed Faith to help her figure out how to use her new phone. Once the ambulance arrived, it passed the driveway of the home and Faith ran down the gravel drive to the blacktop to help identify where the patient was so EMS, the Fire Department, and First Responders could help transport the patient to the hospital. Faith stood at the end of the driveway waving the responders into the correct driveway so her neighbor could get the needed help. This is why we are honoring Faith Lincoln for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her calmness and bravery a neighbor was able to get the medical treatment needed. Ms. Sarah Carlson, who nominated Faith stated, “Faith helped the Ste. Genevieve County EMS, Ozora Fire Fighters and Ozora First Responders in an emergency situation by waving those responding into the correct driveway even though I am sure she was scared and nervous herself. This neighbor is now in the hospital recovering from a stroke. We are proud of Faith for Doing the Right Thing!” We are proud of you, too, Faith!

Robert Luster

Union Elementary School
Belleville School District 118

Robert is an example his teacher can now use within her classroom to prove we can all learn from our mistakes and make better choices. Robert is always respectful to adults, but at times he had made negative choices towards other classmates. His teacher, mother, and principal brought it to Robert’s attention and spoke to him about it, even in football term, since he loves football! They compared Robert’s positive attitude on the field at football to his behavior at school. After they spoke with Robert, they noticed Robert starting to show positive changes. The negative attitude stopped, but the teacher wasn’t expecting what happened next. Robert began to really take on a new role for the classmate he had treated unkindly. Robert would watch and see if the other student ever needed help, and would pair up with him on his own to be partners. So today we are honoring Robert Luster for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and positive choices, Robert has made a true difference in his classroom and himself. Ms. Kristen Turner who nominated him stated, “I watched Robert with amazement and always thought to myself that I am NOT making him do these things, he is doing it himself. I know that stories usually do not start out with a nominee that is treating people unkindly, but Robert is truly an advocate for learning from a mistake and making right by it! I am so proud of him!” We are so proud of you too Robert; keep up the positive work!

Jada Maggard

Jefferson Elementary School
Belleville District 118

Jada is a fifth grade student who is passionate about helping the first graders in her school. Since the beginning of the school year, Jada has sacrificed her morning and lunch recess to be in Mrs. Barre’s classroom. Jada is willing to help the first graders “be successful” in reading and math. She doesn’t stop there, she will teach them how to tie shoes, find a site on the computer, listen to them read, do flash cards and practice spelling words. She will also help the teacher correct papers or file. Jada comes into the class everyday with a smile to encourage and mentor these youngsters. This is why today we are honoring Jada Maggard for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her kindness and encouragement a class of first graders is benefiting. Mrs. Connie Barre, who nominated Jada stated, “My first graders look forward to Jada’s visits every day. I don’t think there are many fifth graders who would prefer to be a helper in first grade rather than be with their friends, and that’s why I would like to nominate Jada for doing the right thing!” Wow, Jada that is wonderful; keep up the great job!

Garrett Shanks

Westhaven Elementary School
Belleville District 118

Garrett is a young man who comes to school each and every day with a positive attitude and a drive to help others. Garrett asks teachers, students, and school staff members what he can do to help, and is an active member in his community! He is constantly thinking of new service learning projects and presenting them to the school’s principal to spread the word. He has helped the school collect pull tabs, assisted with food drives, and clothing drives. Most recently he pulled a team of students together to come up with a fundraiser to help wounded or abused horses in the community. Garrett also recognized that the school cafeteria workers were in need of some help during lunch hours. Garrett took it upon himself to create a sign-up sheet in an effort to get students to give up their recess time, once a week, to help clean the cafeteria. So today we are honoring Garrett Shanks for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his service and caring ways, he has helped his school and community. His teacher Ms. Shelbe Farmer, who nominated him stated, “Garrett is one of those special kids who just simply loves the act of giving. He is inspiring to those around him and I am so lucky to have this young man in my classroom. He is more than deserving of this wonderful award!” We agree Garrett; you are deserving and inspiring!

Jordan Smith

Dewey International Studies Elementary
St. Louis Public School District

Jordan truly was a hero one morning at his school when he saved someone’s life. Jordan was at school preparing for his day to begin when he noticed a preschool student running directly towards moving busses and was already in the bus lane. Jordan ran after the student, carefully grabbed him, and returned him to safely to the adults on the playground. Jordan was a quick-thinking, selfless hero that morning when he saved the preschooler’s life. So today we honor Jordan Smith for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his quick action and kindness a preschool student is safe. Ms. Chelsea Klunick, who nominated Jordan, stated “Jordan ran after the student, carefully grabbed him, and returned him to safety. Jordan has a kind heart and cares for others, and his character showed through in his heroic actions on this morning!” We are so proud of you Jordan; please keep it up!

Fieruz Yemane

Dewey International Studies Elementary
St. Louis Public School District

Fieruz witnessed a first grader utilizing inappropriate behavior towards a teacher at her school. Fieruz addressed the first grader after hearing his rude and disrespectful tone and corrected him regarding his inappropriate behavior. She admonished him to behave with respect and to apologize for his actions. The student responded to her words and apologized to the teacher for his behavior. Fieruz really displayed maturity beyond that of a fifth grader. So today we honor Fieruz Yemane for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her concern and leadership she is a role model showing younger students how to act. Ms. Raisa Belotserkovsky who nominated Fieruz stated, “Fieruz exhibited a mature and caring attitude which was far beyond her years. Her willingness to step forward and take the initiative to help correct a problem is an example of a young woman with a stable and grounded sense of right and wrong.” Keep up the awesome work Fieruz; we are very proud of you!