After more than 20 months, we are back at St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters!
Our top winners were chosen from nominations over the last 20 months! Congratulations!

Jackson Bequette

Fox Elementary School

Jackson was nominated by Kim Smith, who shared this with us, “On April 18, 2020 Jackson was out riding four wheelers with his dad, brother, and uncle at the family farm when a tree fell on his dad. Jackson, who was 7 years old at the time, got into his 4 wheeler and rode by himself through the woods and back to their campsite to get help for his Dad. Without his courage and bravery in such a scary time, they would not have been able to send others to help his dad or call 911. His dad was airlifted to the hospital and is recovering with lots of broken bones. I am so proud of Jackson for being so brave in such a traumatic situation and doing what he did to help his Dad.”

Lexi Grither

Ste. Genevieve Elementary School

Lori Vaeth, who nominated Lexi stated, “Lexie noticed a classmate choking in the cafeteria. She realized that the student was red in the face and unable to ask for help themselves. Lexie quickly called for a teacher on duty. Lexie was able to make a quick decision in an emergency situation. Way to be proactive Lexie!”

Jeniyah Hunter-Stewart

Ferguson Middle School

Tresha Watson who nominated her stated, “Jeniyah deserves to win the Do The Right Thing award because her actions today helped to save a life. Jeniyah received alarming texts from a friend that alluded to self-harm. Jeniyah immediately reported this information to school personnel who were able to take prompt action. Jeniyah’s quick thinking and action to seek help, articulately verbalize her concern, helped to ensure the safety and well-being of her friend! Jeniyah’s actions are not only commendable but brave, selfless, and heroic.”

Jarell Ishmon

Woerner Elementary School

This young man was nominated by Angie Sample, who stated, “Jarrell is a self-motivated helper in our classroom. I am especially proud of how he, without being asked, has from the very first day of school stepped up and sought to help a classmate who has benefitted from Jarell’s peer support with transitioning, finding the page in their textbooks, or helping them pack everything in their backpack when getting ready for dismissal. Jarrell is incredibly sensitive to his classmates, has amazing patience, and displays genuine kindness when helping others. He is the first to volunteer to do any task needed to be done in the classroom and perseveres until the tasks are complete. Jarrell truly does the right thing for some very appreciative people in our classroom each and every day.”

Kate Kempf

Uthoff Valley School

Kate was nominated by Shaina Martin, who stated, “On the evening of January 23, 2020 Kate and her brother were being strapped into their seats in the back of their grandfather’s vehicle in the driveway of their mother’s home when their father, who was court ordered to stay 500 feet away from their mother and was not allowed on the premises of the home, seized the opportunity to enter the residence. He proceeded to attack their mother with a firearm. Upon hearing screams and gunshots, their grandfather ran from the vehicle into the home to intervene. In the meantime, Kate and her brother could hear the events taking place. Kate remained calm and instructed her brother to get down and close his eyes. She proceeded to protect herself and her brother by staying hidden in the back of the vehicle until they could be rescued from the vehicle by police. She showed incredible bravery, courage, and kept a very level head throughout an unbelievably frightening event.”

Tynia McKinney

Gateway High School

Tynia’s story came to us from Detective Brandon Webb.  Tynia’s nomination stated, “Ms. McKinney is currently a lifeguard at the O’Fallon Park Recreational Center. While on duty she was administering swim tests to members of the facility. One teenage member wanted to take the swim test, which she allowed him to. He began to swim from the shallow end to the deep end. When he reached the deep end he began to struggle to stay afloat. Ms. McKinney observed what was occurring and without hesitation she jumped into the pool and help him to the edge of the pool. Ms. McKinney prevented what could have been a terrible accident.”

Danyahle Mosely

Douglas Elementary School

Danyahle’s story was shared with us by Cheryl Buescher, who nominated her, stated, “ Danyahle is a young lady who showed responsibility and integrity by reporting a recent incident. Although she is fairly new to our school, and is still making friends and gaining the confidence of others, she recognized a potentially dangerous situation, and without concern for what her new classmates would think, she went straight to an adult. Her goal was not to get someone in trouble or break someone’s trust, it was simply to report something that she knew was inappropriate. She was confident and doing what she knew to be right. Because of her honesty and integrity, a situation that could have been detrimental was diverted and handled without incident. Equally as important as reporting, she kept the situation in confidence and let the adults handle it and didn’t share any information with others. Her quick thinking and disregard for peer pressure brought out the kind of character we hope to see in all students.”

Cooper Wallweber

Zion-Lutheran-Harvester School

Cooper was nominated by Macie Schwartze, who stated, “In June of 2020, Arlydia Bufford a Kinloch firefighter was among three shot while eating dinner at an Applebee’s restaurant located on St. Charles Rock Rd. Arlydia sustained serious injuries as a result from the shooting and Cooper stepped up to try to make things better for her. Cooper set up his own lemonade stand with no goal in mind or marketing. At the end of the event Cooper raised more then $3,000 dollars and donated it all to Arlydia to help with medical expenses. Cooper didn’t stop after the lemonade stand. Cooper then organized a dine out for Arlydia at Los 3 Compadres, where 30% of the profits were donated to Arlydia. Cooper is 5 years old and he has an amazing heart.”