Congratulations to our top winners for September, including our Candy Green Student of the Year!

Kenndy Allen

Smithton School  

Smithton School District 130

As we start off this year with the first ceremony we are excited to celebrate the variety of kids who have stepped up or stood out for their actions making a ripple or a wave of positivity coming from them.  Kenndy was nominated by Kelly Beggs, who shared this with us, “We had a family from Smithton, Illinois adopt a girl from an orphanage in China this year. They named her Nicki, who was 11 years old when her family adopted her. Nicki had never been to school while she was in China, didn’t know how to speak English when she arrived in Smithton and had never been exposed to anything other than what was inside the walls of her orphanage. The life this little girl had was unimaginable to most people living here in the US.
      The family that adopted Nicki owns a ranch that gives horse back riding lessons where Kennedy started taking riding lessons.  She made friends with Nicki even though there was a communication barrier.

Three weeks into the school year, Nicki’s parents asked our administration if they could put Nicki in my classroom since Kennedy was in my class so that she would feel comfortable with someone she knew. Nicki did not know any other child, could not speak English and had never been to school one day of her life. I put a desk right next to Kennedy for Nicki to sit and Kennedy took Nicki under her wing. 
      At first Nicki had a hard time getting along with the other students because when she was in the orphanage, she had to fight for everything she got.
       Now Kennedy is a perfect role model for Nicki to be paired up with. Kennedy communicated for her; she showed her objects and taught her the words to those objects. She taught her how to interact with the other students and taught her social skills. She showed her what was acceptable and what was not. She read to her and exposed her to books that kids their age are interested in. Nicki started picking up words. Nicki had a tough time adjusting to all of these new situations but Kennedy was always right there at her side teaching her, guiding her and being her friend.
         Eventually, Kennedy and Nicki started spending time after school together and became inseparable.  Now Nicki is just like any other student! She can speak and say anything and everyone understands her. She is reading some and even doing math. Nicki is funny, gets along great with the other students and is always smiling and cheerful. I owe this all to Kennedy Allen!” Wow that is so sweet!

Thanks to her kindness and compassion, her school and her friend has someone they can count on! So today we are recognizing Kenndy Allen for doing the right thing!  Awesome job we are so proud of you!

  Is Ms. Kelly Beggs here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Kenndy! 

Kenndy, what would you like to do when you get older? 

Mahek Bhakta

Central Junior High School

Belleville School District 118

Making a difference comes in so many ways, some big some little, but they all make an impact, recognizing the effort is part of who we are as an organization and we couldn’t be prouder to recognize this young man here.  Dawn Mueller, who nominated Mahek stated, “There was an intruder on the outside of the school and the Dean of Students got on the intercom and said, “This is not a drill, we are on lockdown. Please remain in your classroom.” Several students were not taking the lockdown seriously and were not following the correct procedures since there was a substitute in the room. Mahek’s instincts took over and she took charge of the classroom by telling the substitute what to help her with while she shut the blinds, secured the door, and encouraged all of her classmates to remain calm and quiet. Afterwards, she requested a class meeting with the students and principal to discuss what could be improved if this situation ever occurred again in the future. Many students thanked her for becoming a leader when everyone needed someone the most. 
In addition to this, she gave her track coach chocolate, a face mask, and a heart felt letter to comfort her on the loss of her mother. Her words and kindness could have easily come from an adult but this is a 13 year old young lady. She is wise and kind beyond her years. 
Mahek absolutely deserves the Do The Right Thing award because she exemplifies this in all aspects of her life.”  Our judges’ agreed as well!  

Thanks to her bravery and take charge attitude, not only does her classmates have someone ready to help, her teachers have someone in the class to count on!  So today we are recognizing Mahek Bhakta for doing the right thing!  Great job Mahek! You are amazing!

  Is Ms. Dawn Mueller here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her! 

Mahek what would you like to do when you get older? 

Xavier Brockes

Margaret Buerkle Middle School

Mehlville School District

Making an impact, recognizing the effort, yep that’s what we do. Christina Brockes Pazur, who nominated Xavier stated, “This past Father’s Day, in 2018, my son, Xavier, saved  his three year old little Sister, Aryia from drowning in a lake.”

Thanks to his astute observations and responsible actions, his sister is safe and she can count on him when needed to Do the Right Thing!  So today we are recognizing Xavier Brockes for doing the right thing!  Great job Xavier! That was awesome!

  Is Ms. Christina Brockes Pazur here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating him! 

Xavier what would you like to do when you get older? 

Sutton Freimuth

Smithton School

Smithton School District 130

  So Sutton is another one of our hero’s from last school year.  Stacey Rank, who nominated Sutton stated, “She displays kindness and compassion everyday with her classmates, teachers, and staff members. Sutton is very helpful in the classroom and is always willing to help others. I have a student who needs extra assistance and Sutton goes out of her way daily to help this student. Some examples are getting out their supplies, books, papers, etc for this student. During group activities, Sutton will let this student begin first or have this student join in her group to complete a project. One time in particular Sutton volunteered to have this student join her group when another student refused to work with this particular student. Since then, Sutton always looks out for this student to make sure that they have a partner or is in a group. At times, this student isn’t always respectful towards Sutton or their peers, but Sutton continues to show compassion by helping them whenever needed. Sutton models great behavior and shows the “seeds of kindness” for her classmates to follow.”  That is awesome! 

       Thanks to her patience and compassion a fellow student has the help they need!  So today we are recognizing Sutton Freimuth for Doing the right thing!  WOW, you are amazing! We are so proud of you!

  Is Ms. Stacey Rank here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her! 

Sutton what would you like to do when you get older? 

Kenwyn Home

Westhaven School

Belleville School District 118

Standing out from others, going above and going farther is a great way to capture this nomination.  Kenwyn was nominated by Kelly Harter, who stated, “ Kenwyn was on the bus when he saw a Kindergarten student who was very upset, crying, screaming and kicking while getting onto the bus with staff. Kenwyn offered for the Kindergarten student to sit with him on the bus and talked to him. He also asked the boy if he would want to look at his phone with him to help him calm down.” Awe that’s so sweet!

Thanks to his kindness and helpful ways he has shown other students how he cares! So today we are recognizing Kenwyn Home for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Kenwyn, congratulations!

  Is Ms. Kelly Harter here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Kenwyn! 

Kenwyn, what would you like to do when you get older? 

Mackinzie Knight

Ste. Genevieve Elementary School

Ste. Genevieve School District

Jumping in with bravery, oh yeah, that’s what we are looking at right here!  Mackinzie was nominated for this award by Lori Vaeth who stated, “When a classmate was choking in the cafeteria, Mackinzie acted quickly and ran to get the teacher’s attention. Mackinzie acted fast. Because of her quick action, the other student was safe.”  That is amazing Mackinzie!

Thanks to her concern and quick action, she was able to help save a fellow classmate and show staff members she can be counted on in an emergency!  So today we are recognizing Mackinzie Knight for doing the right thing!  That is really nice Kellen, keep it up!

  Is Ms.Lori Vaeth here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Mackinzie! 

Mackinzie, what would you like to do when you get older?

Jocko Rodgers

Signal Hill School

Signal Hill District 181

The only way this nomination could have been submitted any earlier was if Jocko was a rock star on the first day of School.  Jocko was nominated by Kyle Selliers, who stated, “On the second day of school, I was walking to my classroom when I heard Jocko calling my name. I thought it was odd because usually 7th graders aren’t in the 1st grade hallway. Behind Jocko was a 1st grader who you could tell had been crying. The young boy was upset because he didn’t know where his lunch box was. Jocko noticed this in the cafeteria and took the 1st grader to look for his lunch box, giving up his own time to eat. I walked the boys into the 1st grade classroom and Jocko helped the 1st grader double check his backpack and closet area. Luckily, we found the 1st grade teacher who knew exactly where to look and solve the problem. It was awesome to not only see how helpful Jocko was, but to watch Jocko calm this 1st grader down was amazing. While most 7th graders ignore upset 1st graders, Jocko comes to the rescue. This is only an example of Jocko’s positive personality. When I was his teacher last year, he was constantly showing his amazing character to make the classroom a positive environment. Teachers are always talking about what an outstanding young man Jocko is. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be his teacher and I can’t wait to see what positive things he will do in the world in the future.” We can’t wait to see too!

Thanks to his compassion and patience he has shown others an example they can look up to! So today we are recognizing Jocko Rodgers for doing the right thing!  That was a kind thing you did, we are incredibly proud of you!

  Is Mr. Kyle Selliers here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Jocko!

Jocko, what would you like to do when you get older?

Ariyona Scott

Ashland Elementary School

St. Louis Public School

So how many people could use a life preserver in the pool?  I’m pretty sure this young lady here will do great without one!  Ms. Velma Bailey, who nominated Ariyona stated, “Ariyona Scott is a fantastic young lady. She is energetic, smart, and very respectful. Ariyona participated in Camp Sun Splash in Fairgrounds Park for the second summer. Among the gamut of fun learning activities she loves participating in on a daily basis, Ariyona has enjoyed preparing to be a lifeguard swimming laps in the deep water so that when she turns 15 yeas of age, she can work for the City of St. Louis as a lifeguard at the pool in her neighborhood park, Fairgrounds.

Ariyona is now 12 years old and her number was called. This year she had been learning life saving procedures from the staff at the Fairgrounds Park pool. One of the seven year old campers became distressed in the water and called for help.
Ariyona rose to the occasion. Ariyona swam to the camper, used one of the life saving techniques she had been taught by the lifeguards and rescued the distressed camper. Ariyona swam the kid to safety. Everyone cheered her on and she is our HERO. It was truly amazing.” 

Thanks to her bravery and dedication, she has shown that she is determined to reach her goal as a lifeguard!  So today we are recognizing Ariyona Scott for doing the right thing!  That is amazing Ariyona keep it up! 

  Is Ms. Velma Bailey here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Ariyona! 

Ariyona, what would you like to do when you get older?  

Ambrial Willis

Humboldt Academy of Higher Learning

St. Louis Public School

       When we get nominations from someone who isn’t the kiddo’s current teacher, it’s so cool, you all do know ANYONE can nominate a Do The Right Thing Winner right?  Ronda Goolsby, who nominated Ambrial stated, “ This student saw another student hit one of our very quiet special education students. She did the right thing by reporting what happened to an adult. We were VERY proud of her for speaking up for a student who could not speak up for themselves. I am so proud of Ambrial for her kind and brave actions!!”     

Thanks to her bravery and compassion, she stood up and stood for another student, who needed a little help with their voice! So today we are recognizing Ambrial Willis for doing the right thing!  That is a really kind thing you did, keep it up!

 Is Ms. Ronda Goolsby here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Ambrial!

Ambrial, what would you like to do when you get older? 

Missouri School of the Year Valle Catholic School Principal Mrs. Elaine Blair and staff members of Valle Catholic School

It is now my honor to announce the 2017-2018 Missouri School of the Year – Valle Catholic School of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  

       Valle Catholic was chosen as the Missouri School of the Year after nominating their wonderful students.  Several Valle Catholic students that were nominated were so amazing they were Top Ten Winners, too!  The hard work and compassion that is displayed by the students at Valle Catholic School as well as the continued support of their staff to recognize these great kids really shined throughout the school year.  Do The Right Thing is incredibly proud of their students that we recognized last school year, today we would like to recognize the staff for their dedication to those students. 

   Congratulations Valle Catholic School!

Illinois School of the Year Douglas School Principal Mr. Geoff Schwalenberg with staff members of  Douglas School

I’m thrilled to now announce the 2017-2018 School of the Year for Illinois –Douglas School of Belleville School District #118.   

       Douglas School is being honored for their dedication to nominate wonderful students for the Do The Right Thing Award.  Teachers, staff, and administrators have consistently nominated students throughout the school year.  Those students have been recognized not only at the school level, they have also had students chosen as top winners during our monthly “Top Ten” ceremonies.  Douglas School students display the character education traits we are proud to recognize. The staff members have continuously encouraged great character with the nominations that have made the Board and our judges proud.  The Board of Directors for Do The Right Thing are proud to honor the staff and students of Westhaven School! 

      Congratulations Douglas School!

Candy Green Student of the Year Jerald Withers, Festus Intermediate Principal Mr. Spencer Kearns, Jerald’s family, and the staff of  Festus Intermediate School

We are super thrilled to now announce the “Candy Green Student of the Year” for 2017-2018 – Jerald Withers of Festus Intermediate School from Festus R-VI School District!      

       Jerald was nominated by two people and you will see why!  On the way home from school on Thursday November 9, 2017. Jerald who is 12 saw a man in a ditch. He told the bus driver but she said it was a deer. When he got home he was persistent in telling he was sure of what he saw. His mother Brandy took him to go look. It was in fact a man who had crashed his motorcycle and broke his back. He couldn’t call for help or move towards the road way. 911 was called and the man taken to the hospital. He said he had been there for a while and the temperature that night was 25, there is a very good chance that man would have died. Like those that nominated him we are so very proud of this young man!  He really truly is special. 

       Thanks to his incredible bravery, persistence,  and perseverance he was able to be there in a time of need! So today we are proudly recognizing Jerald Withers and we are honored to have you be the 2017-2018 Candy Green Student of the Year! 

      Congratulations Jerald!

Congratulations to all of the winners, families, nominators and schools!

Please join us in celebrating all of these amazing young people and take a part in the ceremony by watching KMOV’s Do The Right Thing Channel and the video below! If you know an amazing kid, nominate them using the links above!

This month, the winners, Student of the Year, and one family member were treated to a meet and greet on the field followed by a Cardinals game, thanks to Cardinals Care! The winners got to meet LUKE WEAVER!!!! What an awesome day! Here are a couple of pictures captured of the event.