The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows proudly hosted the January ceremony where KMOV’s Courtney Bryant, Chief Fleshren, Chief Carlton, Captain Cox, and Captain Mueller recognized twelve amazing kid

Xavier Blankenship and Brandon May

Smithton Elementary School

Smithton School District 130

This month we had some amazing nominations shared with us, and we can’t wait to share these great stories.  Xavier and Brandon were nominated by Vicki Norton who shared the following “I would like to nominate two Jr. High boys who saved the life of one of our students a week ago on the playground. A student had a throat lozenge in his mouth while outside on the playground. Another student ran past him and accidentally bumped into him. Doing this caused the lozenge to lodge in his throat. There were two boys standing next to him and saw this happen. The student made the signal that he was choking. The first student got behind the boy and tried to wrap his arms around him and begin doing the Heimlich maneuver. When he realized that he couldn’t quite get his arms around the boy, the second student jumped into action. He began the Heimlich maneuver and was able to dislodge the lozenge.
When the playground supervisor saw what had happened, she sent the student in to the nurse to be checked just in case there were any issues. The two boys were congratulated for their quick action and the way they didn’t hesitate to do what was necessary to save another student’s life. When I spoke with the boys they said that they would do whatever it takes to help another student. One boy had been trained in many lifesaving skills through Boy Scouts. He felt it was his duty to step up and Do the Right Thing.” Wow, you BOTH really saved the day!

Thanks to their bravery and quick action, they were able to step up and save another friend from choking while showing others how to jump into action in an emergency!  So today we are recognizing Xavier Blankenship and Brandon May for doing the right thing!  Awesome job we are incredibly proud of you!

  Is Ms. Vicki Norton here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Xavier and Brandon

Xavier, what would you like to do when you get older?  Brandon, how about you?

Sophia Bonney

Union Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

Making a difference in the lives of others is an awesome act that we love to recognize! Jennifer O’Dell, who was kind enough to nominate Sophia shared, “Sophia is one of the most caring kiddos in my kindergarten class. She is responsible, kind to others, respectful to her friends and teachers, and chooses to do the right things every day to insure she is successful at school. She might only be a tiny 6 years old student in my class, but she has a GIANT heart. Her story begins like this…our student leadership team sold Candy Cane Grams at school during the month of December. On the day of delivery, Sophia received 2 grams. A friend sitting near her in the classroom did not receive a gram or a candy cane…along with many others in our classroom. Sophia recognized that her friend was upset and sad, because she wanted a candy cane like she received. Seeing that her friend was upset and wanted a candy cane along many others who did not receive one either, Sophia discussed it with her mom and decided to go buy our whole kindergarten class candy canes so everyone could have one and no one was left out. It was a sweet moment watching her pass them out and make everyone in our class feel special. Because Sophia has a huge heart and wanting to make all her friends smile, I feel she deserves to be recognized for Doing the Right Thing!” Oh, Sophia that is so sweet!    

Thanks to her empathy and compassion, her teacher knows she has a huge heart, and she showed her classmates what friendship and kindness really is! So today we are recognizing Sophia Bonney for doing the right thing!  Great job Sophia! You are amazing!

  Is Jennifer O’Dell here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her

Sophia what would you like to do when you get older? 

Ryan Jennings

Eagleview School

Columbia Unit School District

  We are so happy to have Ryan here with us this morning!  Monica Mize, who sent in his nomination stated, “Our class was working on an art project that was a bit challenging. One of the students in our class was having a particularly hard time with completing it and began to shut down. He was crying and angry, but Ryan approached him very calmly and started to coach him. He was saying things like, “I know that you can do this, buddy!” and “It’s ok, we can do this together!” He did an awesome job of TEACHING him how to do it, without just picking it up and doing it for him. Helping a friend without taking over is a difficult task for Kindergarten kiddos, and Ryan did it with such ease. It was amazing how much more effective Ryan was with calming this child down, especially after I had just tried and failed. That child really needed a peer and Ryan really came through for him! Ryan sets a great example in our classroom every day of how to DO THE RIGHT THING!” Awesome job Ryan we are proud of you! 

       Thanks to his kindness and compassion he has shown a great example of what a helpful and supportive friend looks like!  So today we are recognizing Ryan Jennings for doing the right thing!  WOW, you are amazing! We are so proud of you!

  Is Ms. Monica Mize here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating him!  Ryan what would you like to do when you get older?

Kenley Joggerst

Delores Moye School

O’Fallon School District

We have some incredibly caring kids here with us today!  Ms. Lynae Vahle who shared this nomination with us stated, “Kenley is my “go to” girl! She is always so responsible in getting her work done, that she is able and so very willing to assist me and her peers. Her kindness and heart of gold helps her notice peers in need, and she jumps right in to help. Today, a friend came in from his special reading class and became frustrated and started to cry. Kenley asked him what she could do to help and comforted him-saying “It’s okay. I will help. Don’t be upset.” Kenley shows so many characteristics of a kid deserving of the “Do The Right Thing” award, and she does so effortlessly.” Wow, Kenley way to keep making great choices and doing the right thing!      

Thanks to her kindness and helpful actions  her teacher and her friends have someone there to lend a helping hand and be a role model! So today we are recognizing Kenley Joggerst for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Kenley, congratulations!

  Is Ms. Lynae Vahle here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Kenley!  Kenley, what would you like to do when you get older? 

Brayden Keck

Union Elementary

Belleville School District 118

Stepping up to do the right thing is on tap today, and it doesn’t stop here.  Brayden was nominated by Ms. Kristen Turner who shared, “Brayden is just an exemplary student all around. He is kind, considerate, helpful, honest, and will stand up for anyone who needs a friend. Brayden surrounds himself with positivity. He comes to school every day ready to learn and show his classmates what a “Noble Eagle” looks like. On one particular day, there was a student who was choosing to be disrespectful to the classroom teacher. After giving this student a chance to share her answer with her group, she shouted her answer in a tone that was extremely inappropriate. Brayden was in her group. He calmly stood up, looked directly at this student and said, “I will not allow you to talk to MY teacher that way!” “I think you should take a mindful break”. The student quietly walked over to our classroom calm corner and sat until she had gotten herself back on track. She even apologized to Brayden and the teacher by the end of the day and has not chosen to speak like that since. I know there are Brayden’s in all of our classrooms, but to have the courage to stand up to your own classmate and support your teacher is a first in my profession! It was truly an amazing moment!”

Wow, Brayden, that is awesome!

Thanks to his leadership and responsible ways he is a hero to his classroom and teacher!  So today we are recognizing  Brayden Keck for doing the right thing!  That is really nice, keep it up!

  Is Ms. Kristen Turner here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating him

Brayden, what would you like to do when you get older?

Meridith Marshall

Smithton Elementary School

Smithton School District 130

Well look at this hero here who was nominated by Ms. Shana Gerberding, who shared, “Meredith has been a joy since the first day she stepped into my first grade classroom. She is a leader, and sets a fine example for others by always putting her best foot forward. Her compassion is out of this world. She is always eager to help her teacher and classmates.
In the last month, I have seen Meredith shine in her willingness to help others. In our class is a student who struggles with auditory processing. Once I give directions orally to the class, I always have to go this student one-on-one and follow up with her to assure she understands what to do. When we changed seats last month, I seated Meredith next to this student, only expecting Meredith to be a good friend to her because that’s what Meredith does naturally every day. What Meredith has been doing, though, goes above and beyond being a good friend. Meredith has noticed on her own that this student struggles with processing auditorily, and when I start explaining out loud a project or assessment that I have passed out, Meredith draws this student nearer to her and they both look at the project or assessment together. Meredith draws the student’s attention to where I am on the assignment, so she knows where to follow along. I’ve even heard Meredith say to this student, “Do you understand what Mrs. Gerberding means? Do you know what you’re supposed to do?” Typically this is something I have to do after I’ve given the directions to the class whole-group, but over the past month I have not had to do this because Meredith has been watching over her. And it’s never in a bossy or demeaning way, either. Meredith is always so gentle and kind, and the compassion she shows when she is helping this student is sweeter than any adult could ever try to be. I am so very proud of Meredith. There is no doubt in my mind Meredith has a future in helping others, and I look forward to seeing her kindness shine in our days to come.” Wow, way to step up Meridith!

       Thanks to her friendship and kindness she is an example other students and adults can look up to! So today we are recognizing Meridith Marshall for doing the right thing!  That is an amazing act of friendship, we are incredibly proud of you!

  Is Ms. Shana Gerberding here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her!

Meridith, what would you like to do when you get older?

Logan Meyer and Sarah Weber

Smithton Elementary School

Smithton School District 130

Oh everyone loves a feel good story, and we have one here.  Ms. Stephanie Berry, who shared the nomination for Logan and Sarah stated, “I would like to nominate both Sarah Weber and Logan Meyer for the Do The Right Thing Award. Sarah and Logan are both members of Ms. Gaubatz’s Technology Club. Sarah and Logan for the past month have been working on a video to honor our Smithton Community Veterans at our School Veterans Day Assembly. They both have given up recesses and study halls, and they even have spent time after school working on this special video to honor our veterans.

Last year, both of them put a lot of effort into the video for the Veterans Day Assembly and created a BEAUTIFUL masterpiece. I know this year’s video is going to be just as AMAZING. They also have spent time working with a 7th grader to teach her how to make the video next year since they both will be going to high school. The video consist of pictures of students’ and staffs’ family veterans, clips of students sharing their viewpoints about veterans and America, and a collection of patriotic songs.

Tonight after school, I happened to be working in my classroom. Logan and Sarah stopped by to chat, and they explained to me that they were having trouble with a process of making the video. It had been stuck on 99% for a two hour period. I went to check it out, and we were able to restart the process. It was successful, and Logan and Sarah were both overjoyed their work of art finally was finished for our assembly tomorrow. I am so proud of them both for their hard work and dedication.

I love having them both in Social Studies class, too. They are both respectable students who add great perspectives to class discussions. They make a GREAT team working on technology projects. I am going to surely miss them when they graduate at the end of this school year. I wish we could keep them both, but I know they are going to spread their wings far into the amazing ever growing technological industry. I, Mrs. Stephanie Berry, wholeheartedly nominate Sarah Weber and Logan Meyer for Do The Right Thing Award. They truly are giving a beautiful gift to honor our heroes. They are the heroes of the Smithton Elementary School’s Veterans Day Assembly.”

Thanks to their compassion and fortitude, their teacher as well as the whole school and community will benefit from their carefully crafted video!  So today we are recognizing Logan Meyer and Sarah Weber for doing the right thing!  That was so amazing and we understand why they are so proud of you! 

  Is Ms. Stephanie Berry here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating them

Logan, what would you like to do when you get older? Sarah?    Well this is a first, Sarah stay up here…  

Emma Otten and Sarah Weber

Smithton School

Smithton School District 130

       This is the first time that we can recall two separate nominations coming in where one kid is involved in both of them and the judges choose both stories to be top ten winners!  Ms. Lori Rainbolt, who nominated Emma and Sarah shared, “In todays’ worId, teenage depression is on the rise and often times overlooked. There are many times that people turn their backs or say oh what can be that bad, but because there are kids like Emma Otten and Sarah Weber one student is getting the help she needs to get healthy. These girls showed such compassion and concern for a classmate that is struggling with some emotional issues. They have not turned their back on her even when they are overwhelmed by the stress put on to them in helping her. They have come to me in concern and asking for help to ensure the safety and happiness of their friend. They never hesitate when putting her needs first and helping her when she is not feeling in a good state. Because of the determination of these two girls their friend is getting the help she needs to be safe, happy and healthy. This is why I would like to nominate them for the Do the Right Thing award.”

Thanks to their friendship and empathy, they have shown everyone what a great friend looks like and shown how to be compassionate and caring for those around us! So today we are recognizing Emma Otten and Sarah Weber for doing the right thing!  That was a really kind thing you both did, keep it up!

 Is Ms. Lori Rainbolt here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating them!

Emma, what would you like to do when you get older?  Sarah have you changed your mind since last time?  

Caden Schweiss

St. Agnes School

St. Louis Archdiocese

Wow, look at this great helper here!  Caden was nominated by Ms. Marcia Meyer who shared, “ I am the Mission coordinator at St. Agnes School in Bloomsdale, Missouri. I am proud to be nominating Caden. On his uncle’s farm, Caden planted pumpkin seeds, cared for the plants & picked the pumpkins. He set up a stand in his yard & sold pumpkins to families & friends. He decided to give a portion of the money he earned to the Missionary Childhood Association which works toward raising money to help poor children around the world. He generously donated $85.00 to this association. We, at St. Agnes School, are so proud of his decision to help other children in need!”  Wow, we are really proud of you too,Caden!

Thanks to his generosity and compassion he is a great example for others students on how to make a difference!  So today we are recognizing Caden Schweiss for doing the right thing!  You are awesome, and we are proud of you!

Is Ms. Marcia Meyer here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Caden!

Caden what would you like to do when you get older?

Amarion Smith

Central Junior High School

Belleville School District 118

Watching a kid make a difference in those around him just warms our hearts, even the simplest act of kindness makes a ripple in those near by.  Rachel Fritz, who proudly nominated Amarion shared, “Amarion was honest and served his detention with me even though he was not on my list to do so and he had a basketball game he would miss a part of that night. During the detention, there was another boy that was coughing and had the hiccups. Amarion pulled a bottle of water out of his gym bag and set it on the boy’s desk instead of keeping it for his game he played in later that evening. While these items may not be monumental, I believe it is in the small actions that show a student’s character. Amarion really impressed me in this aspect, and I feel that he makes a great role model in this way.”    

Thanks to his kindness and empathy for others he has made a difference in sharing the importance of positive choices to his friends and those he cares about.  So today we are recognizing Amarion Smith for doing the right thing!  We are so proud of you keep it up!

Is Ms. Rachel Fritz here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Amarion!

Amarion what would you like to do when you get older?

Watch the ceremony on KMOV’s Do The Right Thing YouTube Channel below.

Congratulations to all of our winners, their families, and those that nominated them. If you know a kid who made the choice to “Do The Right Thing” be sure you nominate them using the link above!