A great group of top winners recognized by KMOV’s Courtney Bryant, Lt. Col. Caruso, Captain Lawson and Chief at The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows.

Elisa Bierman

Eleanor Hromadka  

Ava Spriesterbach

Sophia Wallace

Woerner Elementary School

St. Louis Public School District 

This month we had some touching nominations shared with us, and we can’t wait to share these great stories.  Elisa, Eleanor, Ava, and Sophia were nominated by Ms. Peggy Meyer, who shared the following “During recess time on the first day back after Winter Break, a group of girls noticed that there were firecrackers scattered all over the schoolyard. These were most likely leftover from someone celebrating New Years. They were worried that the little kids at school would pick up and play with the firecrackers, which is very dangerous. These students volunteered to take their recess time to clean up the schoolyard and make sure that all of the firecrackers were picked up and disposed of properly. They cleaned up trash on the school yard the next day as well.

These girls showed responsibility and true care and concern for their schoolmates. While many people think that they should not have to clean up a mess that they didn’t make, these girls knew it was the right thing to do. We want to thank them for their good character and congratulate them for doing the right thing.” Wow, this is an amazing group of helpers!

Thanks to their kindness and compassion, these young ladies are a great example for others and the power of teamwork!  So today we are recognizing Elisa Bierman, Eleanor Hromadka, Ava Spriesterbach and Sophia Wallace for doing the right thing!  Awesome job we are so proud of all of you!

  Is Ms. Peggy Meyer here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating them

Elisa, what would you like to do when you get older? Lifeguard or Construction Worker  Eleanor? Pet Trainer Ava? Veterinarian or Lawyer And Sophia? Veterinarian or Zoo Keeper

Teressa Brown     

Trautwein Elementary School

Mehlville School District

Making a difference comes in so many ways, some big, some little, but they all make an impact, recognizing the effort is part of who we are as an organization and we couldn’t be prouder to recognize this young lady.  Shannon Henderson, who was kind enough to nominate her shared, “Teressa is an absolutely remarkable leader among our school community! Teressa began her fifth-grade year helping others and serving as an example among our students. She is often recognized by her bus driver and other staff for her patience with younger students, her maturity, and the dedication in putting forth her best effort in all learning experiences. She is kind, helpful, and a ray of sunshine.
Beyond her everyday examples of integrity, responsibility, and genuineness, she created a daily “Kindness Challenge” for our students and staff to begin 2019. She began with a monthly calendar, including a specific challenge of kindness each day. After creating and displaying this calendar in our front hallway, Teressa has taken it upon herself to write a daily announcement with which she shares on our morning broadcast. Her example and leadership has spread, and others are standing alongside her promoting and spreading kindness. Her positive nature, glowing smile, and kind heart are a blessing in our community!”  That is awesome!    

Thanks to her kindness and compassion, her teacher and classmates have a role model and a friend that can be looked up to!  So today we are recognizing Teressa Brown for doing the right thing!  Great job! Keep it up!

  Is Shannon Henderson here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her

Teressa what would you like to do when you get older?  Teacher!

Dario Mackins

Kilee Rivera

Franklin Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

  We are so happy to have Dario and Kilee here with us this morning!  Christine Lippert, who sent in this nomination stated, “Dario, Kilee, and their mother always donate to the students and fellow classmates at our school. When they see a need they always offer to help. Dario and Kilee saved some of their Christmas money and decided to buy sensory friendly developmental toys for our seven classrooms for students with autism. Dario and Kilee are always kind and helpful to the students in their classrooms.”  Awesome job Dario and Kilee! 

       Thanks to their helpful ways and generosity they have been a great example for other students!  So today we are recognizing Dario Mackins and Kilee Rivera for doing the right thing!  WOW, you guys are amazing! We are so proud of you!

  Is Ms. Christine Lippert hereStand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating them

Dario what would you like to do when you get older?  He forgot, he’ll remember later! Kilee? Doctor!

Bri’Yana Merrill  

Hazelwood Central High School

Hazelwood School District

Making a point to make things better for others seems to be a great way to describe Bri’Yana.  William Munson who shared this nomination with us stated, “I am nominating Bri’Yana Merrill for the Do The Right Thing award because she is a very trustworthy, hard-working young lady. She is the section leader in the concert orchestra and has taken it upon herself to tune all the instruments in her section before the orchestra plays. She is helpful out of class also with volunteering with Tri-M at the Ronald McDonald House. She is always quick to lend a hand to those in need and will ask if she can help anywhere when she is finished.”

Wow, Bri’Yana way to make a difference doing the right thing!      

Thanks to her dedication and generosity her orchestra members have a someone to count on to make sure they sound beautiful! So today we are recognizing Bri’Yana Merrill for doing the right thing!  Awesome job, congratulations!

  Is William Munson here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her

Bri’Yana, what would you like to do when you get older? Make prosthetics!

Jaxon Paul

Henry Raab Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

Stepping up to do the right thing is on tap today, and it doesn’t stop here.  Jaxon was nominated by Susan Altadonna who shared, “Today a group of students were having a conflict. Jaxon noticed the struggle that was happening and listened in to see if he could help. He voluntarily offered some assistance. He suggested that they practice our “Calm It Down” steps that we learned during our Second Step character education lessons in class. The Calm It Down technique consists of: stopping and taking a belly breath, naming your feeling, calming down and working towards a resolution. Jaxon worked very hard to remember each step and went back and forth between the two groups of students in need, walking them through the process to solve their problems. He did all of this without the assistance of an adult! He took it upon himself to assist friends in need. This is a true sign of an independent and successful leader applying the conflict resolution techniques he’s learned. I am very proud of Jaxon for taking these steps to help his peers!”  Wow, Jaxon that is awesome!

Thanks to his bravery and patience he is not only helpful he is also a great role model!  So today we are recognizing Jaxon Paul for doing the right thing!  That is really nice Jaxon, keep it up!

  Is Ms. Susan Altadonna here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating him

Jaxon, what would you like to do when you get older? An Exorcist!

Isabella Springborn

Smithton School

Smithton School District

Well look at this young lady here who was nominated by Ms. Sasha Courtney, who shared, “I have a student that just lost his family’s home and everything in it due to a fire. I know many families have donated to this family, but I had another student who brought in money for him on her own. She was so sweet she didn’t even want to give it to him herself, she wanted me to anonymously donate it to him. That to me is the example of DTRT. She is doing the right thing helping a classmate and remaining anonymous, she just wants to do what’s right. Isabella has great integrity and is a wonderful classmate. Her caring ways show me and others what a special person she is.”  Wow, way to go, Isabella!

       Thanks to her generosity and kindness she is an example other students and adults can look up to! So today we are recognizing Isabella Springborn for doing the right thing!  We are incredibly proud of you!

  Is Ms. Sasha Courtney here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her!

Isabella, what would you like to do when you get older? Take over “Don’t Sit it Out”.

Wyatt Turner

Smithton School

Smithton School District 130

Think of all the times you need a friend; you need someone like Wyatt here.  Shana Gerberding, who shared the nomination for him stated, “Since the first day of first grade, Wyatt has set a wonderful example for others. He is an excellent rule follower and is kind to everyone. He is always willing to go that extra mile to help me or to help a friend.
Wyatt is a student of upstanding character, and I could have nominated him based on this alone. But over the past two months, Wyatt has gone above and beyond what is asked of any first grader to help another student in my class.
Two days after we returned from winter break, I got a new student in my class. I chose for this new student to sit across from Wyatt because I knew with his gentle demeanor, helpful attitude, and overall kindness he could help this new student transition to our classroom. After a couple of days, it became clear that this new student struggled academically. This student became overwhelmed easily with following directions and completing classroom tasks. Wyatt could have kept to himself, doing his own work, going about his day, not concerning himself with this new student’s issues. But he didn’t. Instead, any time he saw the student start to become overwhelmed or not know what to do, he would voluntarily lean over and offer further explanation of directions, work through the first part of the task with the student or show the student where to find specific materials for the task. He wanted this student to feel comfortable and be confident, and he has been a huge help to getting this student acclimated to our classroom and offering help when I cannot help one-on-one. I have had the new student in my class for almost two months now, and I am seeing many positive changes. Instead of pensive, nervous, and combative, the new student is now more at ease, eager to please and learn, ask for help when needed, and wanting to make friends with others. I attribute a lot of this success to Wyatt and his willingness to help someone new in an unfamiliar situation. I am so grateful for his kindness, and have no doubt he will succeed in anything he sets his mind to with his thoughtfulness and desire to help others be the best they can be!”  Way to make a difference in the lives of those around you!

Thanks to his compassion and kindness, his school, classmates, and new friend have someone there to count on and be a great role model!  So today we are recognizing Wyatt Turner for doing the right thing!  This is great Wyatt keep it up! 

  Is Ms. Shana Gerberding here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating him

Wyatt, what would you like to do when you get older?  Monster truck driver!

Casie Weidler

Holy Child School – Arnold

Archdioceses of St. Louis

Do you know where your hero cape is?  Don’t worry, Casie has her own!  Christi Weidler, who shared the nomination for her stated, “On February 4th at around 3:00pm, while driving home from school with her Grandma, Casie noticed something wasn’t right with her 1 year old brother, Ryan. After grandma noticed a noise, Casie climbed in the seat next to Ryan and noticed he was foaming at the mouth, shaking and his head was in an odd position. She told grandma over and over that something was wrong with Ryan and to pull over. Grandma got Ryan out and called 911. The great Rock Township EMS and Fire District along with the Arnold Police responded and took amazing care of Ryan, grandma, Casie and my other two children, Nicholas and Elizabeth. Ryan was treated by the great team at Children’s Hospital and was diagnosed with a Febrile Seizure. Ryan made a full recovery and is doing just fine. No doubt, Casie being so insistent and noticing that something was seriously wrong helped Ryan make a complete recovery.” Awesome Casie, way to make a difference in the lives of those around you!

Thanks to her quick observation and determination, her brother and family have someone to count on in an emergency!  So today we are recognizing Casie Weidler for doing the right thing!  This is great Casie keep it up! 

  Is Mrs. Christi Weidler here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her

Casie, what would you like to do when you get older?  Veterinarian and Gymnastics teacher!

Torryanna Williams

Westview Middle School

Riverview Gardens School District

Wow, wait till you hear this nomination!  Brian McCoy, who shared the nomination for her stated, “While in school, Torryanna noticed a post made by a friend of hers on Instagram. In the post, her friend made references to suicide and indicated he was thinking about committing suicide. Because she cared about her friend’s safety and well-being, Torryanna immediately brought the information to the school counselor. Before the school counselor was able to speak with Torryanna’s friend, he had left school’s campus early without permission. The information was then brought to the School Resource Officer, who immediately contacted the endangered student’s parents. The endangered student was found safely a short time later. Upon speaking with the endangered student, it was determined that he did in fact have suicidal thoughts as well as a plan to follow through with the thoughts. The endangered student then received assistance through EMS and Hospital staff to work through the crisis he was experiencing. There is no doubt that if Torryanna had not acted on the information she found and brought it to the attention of proper school personnel, the endangered student may have followed through with his plans and committed suicide. Because of potentially saving her friend’s life, Torryanna is being nominated for Doing the Right Thing!” That is amazing Torryanna, way to make an incredible difference!

Thanks to her bravery, compassion and concern, her friend and the school staff have someone who cares in an emergency!  So today we are recognizing Torryanna Williams for doing the right thing!  That was amazing Torryanna keep it up! 

  Is Brian McCoy here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her

Torryanna, what would you like to do when you get older?  Business Owner!

Watch the Ceremony on KMOV’s Do The Right Thing YouTube Channel.

Congratulations to all of our winners, their families, and those that nominated them. If you know a kid who made the choice to “Do The Right Thing” be sure you nominate them using the link above!