Congratulations to this month’s Top Winners, celebrated at St. Louis County Police Headquarters! Captain Lorh, Captain Mueller and Chief Carlton together with KMOV’s Courtney Bryant recognized these amazing winners!

Tony Brasfield

Riverview Gardens High School

Riverview Gardens School District 

This month we had some touching nominations shared with us, and we can’t wait to share these great stories.  Tony was nominated by Brianna Baldwin who shared the following “Tony is a sophomore at Riverview Gardens High School where he plays basketball.  He was raised by his mother Cynthia Neal, with no positive male influences in his life.  He is the very definition of a “good kid.” He is respectful and responsible.

On June 24, 2018, Tony’s mother was stabbed by her longtime abuser. After he was finished stabbing Cynthia, the abuser came in to try to stab Tony, who was 15 years old at the time.  Tony fought him off to protect himself and his mother.  This was not easy, as the abuser was a grown man who was determined to kill them that evening.  Tony then ran to a neighbor’s house for help.  Tony’s actions that night are the only reason that he and his mother are alive today.

In March of 2019, the case against their abuser went to trial.  In preparing the case, several prosecutors and members of law enforcement got to know Tony well.  He is the most respectful and well-mannered teenager that I have ever interacted with. Through it all, Tony was there to be a support system for his mother.  He was there to support her at every single turn.  His final act of bravery in this story was when he testified in front of a St. Louis County jury.  He did so with tact and conviction.  He told the truth, even when it was hard and when it left him emotional.  Several of the jurors reached out to the prosecutor’s office after trial and wanted to know how Tony was.  They said they hoped that their decision in convicting the man that abused them brought Tony peace and allowed him to feel like he was not alone.  This kid had an impact on them, just like he did on everyone involved in this case.  Tony is a difference maker: from his actions on the night of the stabbing, to his maturity and poise on the stand while testifying, and from my understanding, on the basketball court.  I cannot think of a better example of someone “doing the right thing.” 

Thanks to his bravery and fortitude, he is not only a hero to his family, but to the jury, officers and prosecutors who were involved in bringing justice to his family!  So today we are recognizing Tony Brasfield for doing the right thing!  Awesome job we are so proud of you!

  Is Brianna Baldwin here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating Tony

Tony, what would you like to do when you get older?  Professional basketball or football player or civil engineer!

Sophia Cato

Holy Child Catholic School

Archdioceses of St. Louis

Making a difference comes in so many ways, some big, some little, but they all make an impact, recognizing the effort is part of who we are as an organization and we couldn’t be prouder to recognize this young lady.  Nicole Cato, who was kind enough to nominate Sophia shared, “Sophia was visiting with her great grandma and sisters one evening. Her great grandma noticed that one of her dangly earrings was missing from her ear shortly after holding her one year old great granddaughter. Sophie was frantically running around trying to find it before her baby sister could and nobody was able to find it. While I was loading up stuff in my vehicle, Sophie noticed that her sister was struggling to catch her breath and was gasping for air. Sophie ran to her rescue, and immediately checked her mouth for the missing earring. She saw a glimpse of the earring in the back of her throat and didn’t think twice about doing a quick sweep with her finger to save her baby sisters life. We will be forever grateful for Sophie’s courage and quick thinking to save her sweet Nina Elizabeth! Not for one second did she pause to figure out what she needed to do to help her sister breathe. Love you Sophia Anne~ you’re a hero sweet girl!”  That is awesome!    

Thanks to her quick action and determination, her family and sister know they have a hero that can be counted on when they need one!  So today we are recognizing Sophia Cato for doing the right thing!  Great job! You are amazing!

  Is Nicole Cato here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her

Sophia what would you like to do when you get older?  An archeologist!

Hayden Chisolm and Sam Parsons

Douglas Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

  We are so happy to have Hayden and Sam here with us this morning!  Cheryl Buescher, who sent in this nomination stated, “Hayden, and Sam who are friends, approached the school Principal about wanting to help others. After some time meeting and discussing ways they could do this, they decided to become part of the Shoe Crew Water Project. They wanted to make Douglas School a collection spot for new and used shoes that will be donated to a group that repairs and sells shoes to those who need them, and in turn the money collected for the shoes is used to dig wells in Africa to provide clean drinking water for those who do not have it. Hayden and Sam spoke to the students at a school assembly about the project, made posters and set out boxes for the project. Thanks to them, Douglas school is well on their way to helping others who they have never met have a better life with clean water.”  Awesome job gentlemen we are proud of you! 

       Thanks to their compassion and generosity they have shown a great example of what determined young men with hearts of gold look like!  So today we are recognizing Hayden Chisolm and Sam Parsons for doing the right thing!  We are so proud of you!

  Is Ms. Cheryl Buescher hereStand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating them

Hayden what would you like to do when you get older? Professional runner!  Sam? Youtuber!

London Lightfoot and Tyce Lightfoot

Monroe Elementary School

St. Louis Public School District

Making a point to stand up when needed seems to be a great way to describe these two.  Detective Gaston Cole who shared this nomination with us stated, “When two boys went missing one day and never came home after sneaking out to play with friends, their parents were worried sick. The two boys were only 9 and 12 years old.  Police were out looking for them and the family was scouring the neighborhood trying to find them. Two detectives stumbled upon an address and went to check it out, when they arrived Tyce and London knew that the two boys had stayed there the night before and they were out playing with their brothers. Tyce had a pretty good idea exactly where the detectives could locate the missing kids. Being immediately deputized to assist in the matter, London and Tyce jumped in the police car with their mom and directed the way. Tyce led the detectives to the random back yard all the boys were playing basketball in.   London spotted them in the yard, loudly pointing out “There they are!”.  As a result of their valiant police skills and willingness to assist the Detectives, they reunited a family and relieved the horrible worry the parents were experiencing.”

Wow, London and Tyce way to make a difference doing the right thing!      

Thanks to their willingness to help and courage a family is incredibly thankful and not only do the Detectives appreciate it, but the adults in their family are proud! So today we are recognizing London Lightfoot and Tyce Lightfoot for doing the right thing!  Awesome job, congratulations!

  Is Detective Gaston Cole here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating them! 

London, what would you like to do when you get older? Tyce?  Unfortunately they could not attend 🙁

Kiyara Page

Gateway High School

St. Louis Public School District

Stepping up to do the right thing is on tap today, and it doesn’t stop here.  Kiyara was nominated by Detective Kenya Burns who shared, “Early one morning Kiyara informed her grandmother of a possible threat at another high school after she received information from two of her friends wherein she was concerned that other students could possibly be hurt. Due to her efforts, appropriate school staff, as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, was able to be notified and intervene to ensure the other students at the school were safe. The information provided allowed the student to be identified and provided with the necessary help during his crisis. Kiyara realized the severity of the threat and the magnitude of the possible harm that could come to others, she made certain that adults were involved and aware of the dangers so appropriate action could be taken. She truly is a hero, and an asset to not only her school but the safety of others, even those she does not know, she still cares enough to be certain that everyone is safe!”  Wow, Kiyara that is awesome!

Thanks to her courage and honesty she is a great role model!  So today we are recognizing Kiyara Page for doing the right thing!  That was incredibly brave, keep it up!

  Is Detective Burns here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her

Kiyara, what would you like to do when you get older? Veterinarian!

Danielle Naeger

Ste. Genevieve High School

Ste. Gevevieve R-II School District

This young lady here was nominated by Mr. Michael Ruch, who shared, “On Friday, March 29, 2019, I was taking my morning American History classes on a field trip to visit the Missouri National Veteran’s Memorial in Perryville, MO to commemorate the National Vietnam War Veteran’s Day. The field trip bus happened to be following the school’s daily bus which takes students to the Perryville Area Career and Technical Center where students spend half their school day studying vocational careers. The votech bus suddenly pulled over while the driver radioed a distress call indicating a student was having a seizure on the bus. I asked our field trip bus driver to also pull over so I could offer assistance since I was the only teacher in the area. Upon entering the votech bus, I discovered a student in the bus aisle having a seizure. However, I could tell immediately my assistance was unnecessary. A student on the bus, Danielle Naeger, was implementing first aid procedures. Danielle is a student of health occupations in the votech program. She was implementing all of her training on the bus already. She had checked vital signs, breathing, and insured the student suffering the seizure had an open airway. She made sure the student was in a safe position which would cause no injuries during the course of the seizure. She thoroughly protected the student’s head from injury in the cramped bus aisle conditions. She continued to be sure the student maintained an open airway and was breathing. She followed every procedure to insure the health and safety of the student and the sanitary safety of herself and surrounding students. Danielle thoroughly cared for the student until police and paramedics arrived. She then assisted the first responders in every manner they requested. After the student was transported to the ambulance, Danielle made sure the bus was cleaned using proper sanitary procedures with the tools available in the first aid and bodily fluid kits contained on the bus. The police and paramedics stated to me afterwards how professional and vital Danielle’s actions were to the first aid, safety, and health of the student. In my humble opinion, Danielle’s actions were above and beyond any high school student’s responsibilities and she deserves to win the Do The Right Thing Award!”  Wow, way to go, Danielle!

       Thanks to her quick action and courage in an emergency she is an example other students and adults can look up to! So today we are recognizing Danielle Naeger for doing the right thing!  We are incredibly proud of you!

  Is Mr. Michael Ruch here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her!

Danielle, what would you like to do when you get older? Neo-natal nurse!

Adison Schultz

Discover Ridge Elementary School

Wentzville School District

Think of all the times you need a friend; you need someone like Adison here.  Ann Lenox, who shared the nomination for her stated, “When running a track race for her school, Adie was running in last place (of 4 in the race). The girl that was in 3rd place at the last stretch of the race then fell. Adie stopped to help her up and make sure she was ok before finishing the race herself. True sportsmanship at such a young age! We have it on video – so heartwarming to see.”  Way to make a difference in the lives of those around you!

Thanks to her compassion and kindness, her community and friends have someone there to count on and be a great role model!  So today we are recognizing Adison Schultz for doing the right thing!  This is great Adison keep it up! 

  Is Ann Lenox here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her

Adison, what would you like to do when you get older?  Join the army!

Eryl Smith

Union School

Belleville School District 118

When you look at this Eryl here, be amazed at the awesomeness that she is! Tanya Sharos, who shared the nomination for her stated, “At the beginning of the school year Eryl struggled with organization and responsibility. It wasn’t uncommon for her to have multiple missing assignments at any given time. She struggled working to get caught up at make-up times throughout the school day and she did not complete assignments that went home. It also wasn’t uncommon for her to be playful and disruptive at makeup times at school. I am so proud to say that Eryl has COMPLETELY turned things around. For the past 3-4 months Eryl has worked incredibly hard to be sure ALL of her work is completed on time. Not only is she getting that work completed she is giving 100% effort all the time. As a 6th grader often times students struggle with responsibility because their focus is more on relationships with peers and hanging out with the “cool crowd”…not for Eryl…she is determined to establish good working habits for her future.

Even when Eryl feels like she has made bad behavior decisions she always makes a point to pull the adult aside and discuss the situation and always apologize and make a plan for improvement in the future. She does this completely on her own, no prompting from adults.

I’m so incredibly proud of the young lady Eryl is becoming. I see great things for her in the future!” All right Eryl, way to make a difference!

Thanks to her dedication and determination, her teacher has a young lady she can count on and be proud of!  So today we are recognizing Eryl Smith for doing the right thing!  This is great Eryl keep it up! 

  Is Ms. Tanya Sharos here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating her

Eryl, what would you like to do when you get older?  Interior Design and Art!

Jason Smith

Delores Moye Elementary School

O’Fallon School District 90

Let me share with you Jason’s story that Lynae Vahle sent in, “Jason and a fellow classmate both have cochlear implants. His classmate was in line for lunch and trying to communicate to the lunch lady that he wanted to buy a cookie. He was unable to hear her ask what he wanted and he was unable to communicate what he wanted. Jason saw the frustration of the communication barrier, and he knew that his friend’s battery was dead. Jason tried to explain the circumstances and help, but because the line was backing up, both boys were asked to go be seated. Jason respected the adult and left. I was able to help the friend once I realized what was happening as a bystander. I think Jason should receive the “Do The Right Thing Award” for being an all-around good friend and respectful child. He was trying his best to help communicate for a friend in need, for I’m sure he knows how hard the communication barrier can be. And, when the adult told him to leave, he left, even though he was visibly frustrated that he couldn’t help his friend. When I later told his teacher of the incident, Jason was very humble and still emotionally affected by thinking he couldn’t help. I think it says a lot about Jason’s overall character that he cared so much about his friend.

” All right, way to make a difference!

Thanks to his kindness and respectful actions, there is a friend that can be counted on when needed, right here!  So today we are recognizing Jason Smith for doing the right thing!  This is great keep it up! 

  Is Ms. Lynae Vahle here? Stand up and take a bow, thank you for nominating him

Jason, what would you like to do when you get older? Police Officer!!!! 🙂

Winner, Tony Brasfield, with his mother Ms. Cynthia Neal, Courtney Bryant (KMOV), Captain Lorh (SLCPD), and members of the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office.

Watch the ceremony on KMOV’s Do The Right Thing YouTube Channel.

Congratulations to all of our winners, their families, and those that nominated them. If you know a kid who made the choice to “Do The Right Thing” be sure you nominate them using the link above!