Please enjoy our top ten stories submitted in April and honored at our top ten ceremony at St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. St. Louis County Captain Barton, O’Fallon Police Chief VanHook, and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Steven Mueller recognized the children while mistress of ceremony, Courtney Bryant from KMOV presided over the ceremony.

Mahek Bhakta
Westhaven Elementary School
Belleville School District 118

School can be easy for some, more difficult for others but when you have someone like Mahek in your school, it can make all the difference. Mahek was nominated by Morgan Belding who stated “Mahek has created a bully club at Westhaven School this year from top to bottom with the help of a few teachers and classmates to help promote the proper way of resolving conflicts and eliminating bullying in our school. She created a PowerPoint and sought out our principal with this great concept to help give the students strategies to use to eliminate conflict at school and at home. She presented it to other classes and officially kicked off the Action club at Westhaven School. She is a person of great character and a great mentor to her peers.”

Thanks to Mahek’s compassion and perseverance she saw a need within her school and was able to fill it! So today we are recognizing Mahek Bhakta for doing the right thing! Awesome job keep it up!


                                      Ca’Morey Christian (Not Pictured) and Frank Crawford-Scott

Kipp: Victory Academy Elementary

 Sponsored by Washington University

When you have kiddos like this you know they had some great influences in their life to make this awesome choice.  Ca’Morey and Frank were nominated by four of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Juvenile Detectives for their bravery.     “When we arrived at KIPP Victory Academy and met with the school administration, we were in awe of the action these two young men took.  When presented with information about something at the school that they knew shouldn’t be there, they didn’t waste time in telling an adult.  They are the big super heroes of the day for doing exactly what they were supposed to do, when some others didn’t.  We are so proud of their actions and how amazing they really are!”

Thanks to their concern and integrity, the staff and students of KIPP Victory Academy are safe and have heroes they can count on! So today we are recognizing Ca’Morey Christian and Frank Crawford-Scott for doing the right thing!  Great job both of you, you are amazing!


Daija Dunning and Mariah Dunning

Keeven Elementary School

Hazelwood School District

   It is so nice when we get a nomination from a neighbor who caught a kiddo or two “doing the right thing”.  These two were caught by Ms. Sandy Weis, who stated “Two weeks ago she came home from work and a fire had started in the basement.  The house was full of smoke and unlivable.  Every day after work and all day on the weekends, Ms. Weis went back to the house to salvage what she could.  Daija and Mariah, who are sisters, volunteered and helped every day to sort and salvage any items they could.  The two sisters did not want to be paid; they volunteered everyday to help Ms. Weis.  Both girls were excellent helpers.   They never complained about trying to salvage smoke covered items.  Ms. Weis doesn’t know what she would have done without their help.  They showed responsibility; they listened and followed directions given.  When Ms. Weis again tried to pay them, they said that they were helping for a good cause.  Words Ms. Weis used to describe them were responsible, respectful, kind, helpful, and persistent by never giving up!” Ms. Weis further said “as a senior citizen, I could not have done this by myself.  I congratulate their mother for raising such responsible girls, I know they are both going to grow up to be very productive, hard-working adults.”

Thanks to their kindness and generosity with their time, they have helped a neighbor, and shown  others how helpful they are!  So today we are recognizing Daija Dunning and Mariah Dunning for Doing the right thing!  WOW, you are  amazing young ladies! We are so proud of both of you!!


Chase Farrell

Mascoutah Elementary School

Mascoutah School District

Friendship looks different to different people, it’s value is different and how you treat others can be an example for others to live up to.  Kim Enriquez, who nominated Chase, knows he gets it!  Ms. Enriquez stated, “Chase is a third grader in our large elementary school.  He has gone out of the way to become friends with another 3rd grader in another classroom.  This young lady has an individual care aide that takes care of her throughout the day, including feeding her.  Chase sits and eats lunch at her table with her and her aide most days.  He makes conversation with her, makes sure to say hello to her anytime they pass in the hallway.  He has asked for her email address so he can keep in contact with her through email when they aren’t at school.  He makes a point of saying good morning and good bye to this student each day.  Chase doesn’t know it but the kind and heartwarming gestures that he shows to this special girl is the high-light of her day and what makes her want to come to school each day.  Chase alone makes her so happy!  Chase is an all around kind hearted boy who puts the needs of others before his own.  He is a great example for his peers of how we can become friends with someone so different than we are.”

Thanks to his kindness and friendship, he has a schoolmate who knows she has a friend that will be there for her!  What a great way to be a friend every day!   So today we are recognizing Chase Farrell for doing the right thing!  Awesome job, we are so proud, please keep it up!


Brooklyn Johnson

Ste. Genevieve Elementary School
St. Genevieve R-II School District

When you can count on someone in an emergency it’s a true sign of bravery. Brooklyn is one of those people who step up in a crisis. Nanya Gegg, who nominated Brooklyn stated, “Brooklyn was at home with her grandmother, Ms. Bequette, and several of her siblings and cousins. All of the children were outside playing except the two youngest children who were inside with their grandmother. Her brother, Cameron, went inside to get at drink and noticed that their grandmother was crying and wasn’t feeling well. He ran out and told the others that were outside. Brooklyn, who was the oldest, ran inside to check on her grandmother. Ms. Bequette appeared to be dizzy and drifting in and out of consciousness. Brooklyn called her Aunt Kayla, Aunt Heather, and her mother to let them all know what was going on. Aunt Kayla and Uncle Adrian came over right away. However, in the time that it took them to get there, Ms. Bequette had gone unconscious while holding the youngest baby. Brooklyn took the baby from her grandmother. She went out and told all of the other kids to get inside and sit on the couch. Although it wasn’t an intruder situation, Brooklyn said that she remembered the ALICE training she had at school. She alerted the other adults, the “A”, she brought the other kids inside and locked the house, the “L”, and evaluated the situation, the “E”. By that time her Aunt Kayla and Uncle Adrian had arrived. They instructed her to call 911, and she did so. Brooklyn’s Uncle Aidan took over the call to 911 while Brooklyn continued to care for the other children; keeping them calm. The paramedics took Ms. Bequette to the hospital. They believe that she was unconscious for several minutes and may have had a seizure. Ms. Bequette credits Brooklyn with saving her life by notifying the other adults and calling 911. Everyone is extremely proud of Brooklyn and the way she remained calm in a crisis situation.”

Thanks to her bravery and quick action, her grandmother was able to get medical attention and her cousins and siblings were well taken care of! So today we are recognizing Brooklyn Johnson for doing the right thing! You are amazing Brooklyn, keep it up!


Anna Landuyt

Alton Middle School

Alton School District

Some people really want to make a difference in the life of others, the need to make a positive impact on the world just radiates out of some people, those like Anna.  Brian Zurek, who nominated her stated, “Anna has gone above and beyond all year long.  She is selfless and always wants to help others.  In addition to being a major contributor in many smaller projects, Anna organized and coordinated a food drive to support the Alton food pantry that collected nearly 1000 items in a little over a week.  She researched and made flyers informing our students to the facts about how hunger affects so many people in our own community.  She made orange ribbons for teachers to wear to promote hunger awareness and encourage more people to donate.  Anna really did all she could to get maximum participation in her cause.  On her own, she went to family, friends and neighbors and collected over 100 items to donate!  Every day she was nervous about how many items would come in.  She encouraged students when we had a good collection day and pushed students and teachers to bring in what they could when it was a slow day.  It led to a very successful project!  Her leadership skills are second to none.  It is sometimes hard to believe that she is only a sixth grader!  Anna truly was the driving force in making a difference in our school and our community.”

Thanks to her determination and generosity she inspired her school to make a difference in the lives of those with food insecurities! So today we are recognizing Anna Landuyt for doing the right thing!  That was a really wonderful thing you did Anna, we are really proud of you!

Elle McDonnell

Mascoutah Elementary School

Mascoutah School District 19


There are times when someone makes a choice and needs to be reminded of what the right choice is.  There are people who stand up in those situations, up standers are amazing examples, and it sounds like Ella is one of them.  Neshala Warner, who nominated Ella, stated “Ella stood up for a student who was being pushed to the ground.  She told the bully that it wasn’t right to hurt people and she wasn’t going to stand there and watch it happen.  This isn’t the first time Ella has stood up, Ella often notifies a teacher when she sees something that is not appropriate!”

Thanks to her kindness and compassion, fellow students have someone willing to stand up for what’s right!  So today we are recognizing Ella McDonnel for doing the right thing!  That is amazing Ella, keep it up!


Chloe Millett

Mascoutah Elementary School

Mascoutah School District 19

       Friendship, being a role model, and being there for others are tremendous qualities to have and it seems Chloe has them all.  Ms. Kim Enriquez who nominated, Chloe stated, “Everyday at lunch recess Chloe goes out of her way to find her special friend.  She says hi to her, and spends at least half of her recess playing with her with hula hoops, jump ropes, monkey bars, rings, running, dancing and cheering.  When she talks with her friend she is sure to be at her level, speaks clearly and is extremely patient with her.  When the whistle blows at the end of the recess, Chloe always gives the girl a big hug before she goes, and tells her she will find her tomorrow.  Even on days when Chloe has promised her 2nd grade friends she will play with them, she makes it a point to find her friend and tell her, “I’m sorry, but I promised my second grade friends I would play with them today.  I will find you tomorrow to play” and she always does!  Chloe has been doing this for the whole school year and now is introducing her second grade friends to her special friend to get more kids playing with her.  Chloe has such a good heart and is a great example of kindness to others.”

Thanks to her friendship and encouragement, a classmate has a valuable friend, and other classmates have a great role model!  So today we are recognizing Chloe Millett for doing the right thing!  This is a really nice thing you do everyday, we are really proud of you!


Sariyah Moore

Union School

Belleville School District 118

 If you were to find something and no one knew you found it, how would you respond?  Ms. Jesseca Musso, who nominated Sariyah, knows exactly how she will respond.  Ms. Musso stated, “After state testing last week, Sariyah was kind enough to collect all of the sharpened pencils for Ms. Musso.  While returning the pencils to the correct bin, Sariyah found folded up money under the pencil sharpener.  She immediately walked over to Ms. Musso and turned it in without any direction.  As Ms. Musso opened the money up she was able to see that Sariyah had just turned in a $100 bill!   Moments like these solidify what an amazing young lady Sariyah is!  This was a moment of true honesty for her and Ms. Musso is proud of her for setting such an amazing example for the rest of her peers!  Because of Sariyah’s honesty and dedication to good character, the money was able to be returned to the parent who lost it in the classroom earlier that morning.”

Thanks to her integrity and honesty her teacher can count on her no matter the situation to do the right thing!  So today we are recognizing Sariyah Moore for doing the right thing!  You were great Sariyah, we are proud of you!

Emily Scott

Delores Moye Elementary School

O’Fallon School District 90

A great way to impress adults around you, is to do something right, and do it because you know it’s the right thing to do, not for the kudos that go along with it!  Michele Snedeker, caught Emily doing the right thing and stated, “Emily truly is a selfless child who cares about and helps others, without expecting anything in return.  The other day, there was a child at school without a jacket or coat, and the temperature was in the low 40’s.  As the class was lining up to go to recess, Ms. Snedeker, saw that this child had a jacket on, and asked her where it came from.  She told Ms. Snedeker, Emily had two, so she gave her one of hers’ to wear.  When Emily was asked about it, she said she “looked so cold that I wanted to give her my jacket”.  Emily shows her caring and kind spirit each day with her classmates, and through her actions, she encourages them to be kind and giving to others.  For these reasons, Emily should be honored with a “Do The Right Thing” award.”

Thanks to her kindness and generosity teachers and other students have a friend who can offer help when needed!  So today we are recognizing Emily Scott, for  doing the right thing! You are such a great friend and we are so proud of you!