Reid Bailey  Reid Bailey 4-5-16

Eagleview Elementary School

Columbia Unit School District

Reid is a great friend and a great role model for those in her class.  Her teacher, Ms. Monica Mize, who nominated Reid stated, “Reid has been an exceptional student throughout the school year, displaying character traits that make it easy for other students to model.  But even more than her exemplary behavior, Reid truly stepped it up when we had a new student move into our Kindergarten classroom in January.  This child had never been in a school environment and recently moved to the area after spending time out of the country on a mission trip.  This child was somewhat at a loss for how to act in a completely new environment.  Not only has Reid sat by her and guided her with school work; she has offered to play with her on the playground, sit by her at lunch and just overall guide and befriend her.  Many children this age can get annoyed when another child is constantly their shadow or asking for help with almost each paper we complete, but Reid has never once complained.  Her quiet and hard working nature has been a great influence on this child and made the transition an overall positive and painless transition for our new student.  Reid’s behavior is something that is truly noble and deserving of attention.”

Thanks to her kindness and wonderful character, a fellow student receives the support and friendship when she needed it!  So today we are recognizing Reid Bailey for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Reid, keep it up!


Ste. Gen Boys 4-5-16Isaac Boyd, Ty Brown, Nathan Geisner, Wade Hahn, Clark Johns, and Josh Schmidt

Ste. Genevieve High School

Ste. Genevieve R-II School District

There were several students from Ste. Genevieve School District who spent time over their holiday break to help those in need in their town. Mr. Justin Roth and Ms. Diane Miller who nominated these boys stated, “The Mississippi River was heading towards Ste. Genevieve and many of the local businesses and homes were in jeopardy.  The creeks caused a lot of flash flooding and many people required immediate help.  These young men, helped for three days and stayed late into the evening and night to be sure everyone who needed help received it.  They went above and beyond to help out both individuals and community businesses that were being evacuated in case of a levee break.  There was so much work to do and having young, strong helpers was greatly appreciated.  These students gave of their time and talents to help out people whether they knew them or not.  They not only helped in the Ste. Genevieve community, but also went down river to the St. Mary’s community and helped them also.  There were many hours devoted to this and it was greatly appreciated by all of those who needed help the most.  These young men are not only wrestlers in our school, but many other activities as well.  Some are involved in FCCCLA, Spanish Club, weight lifting, volunteer youth wrestling coach, volunteer at the Nutrition Center, Meneralds, various youth groups, FCA, Boy Scouts, NJHS, play football, baseball and are on the track team.  We are so proud of these students who gave their time over the holidays to help others in need.  They are a wonderful example of how working together can help people through tragedies, which is why we are nominating them for “Doing the Right Thing!”

Thanks to their kindness and perseverance, the Ste. Genevieve and St. Mary communities had extra hands on deck to help during their time of struggle.  So today we are recognizing Isaac Boyd, Ty Brown, Nathan Geisner, Wade Hahn, Clark Johns, and Josh Schmidt for doing the right thing!  Awesome job guys, we are so proud of you!


Skyley Budde 4-5-16

Skyley Budde

Signal Hill School

Signal Hill School District 181

Signal Hill has a great student of character that is found in Skyley.  Her third grade teacher, Ms. Katie Jarvis, nominated Skyley stating, “Last week we received a new girl student in our classroom.  The student had only been in attendance for 4 days, and she was having difficulty fitting in with others.  On one particular day two other girl students were not being very nice to the new student.  They were saying very hurtful things, and telling her she couldn’t join their Girl Scout Troop at school.  The new student’s feelings were extremely hurt, and she was upset.  Skyley stepped in and stood up for the new student.  She politely told the other girls that what they said was very mean and hurtful.  She immediately started comforting the new student, and made her feel better.  Skyley was extremely kind and wanted the girl to know she was welcome to join the Girl Scouts.  I am so proud of Skyley for standing up for what she thought was the right thing to do.  Skyley has made the new student feel much more welcome now, and she is helping her to fit in with classmates.  I am beyond proud of her!”

Thanks to her kindness and bravery, a fellow classmate was comforted and shown what great friends she is going to have at her new school!   So today we are recognizing Skyley Budde for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Skyley, keep it up!


Jennifer Burr and Ashley Crider 4-5-16Jennifer Burr and Ashley Crider 

Ste. Genevieve High School

Ste. Genevieve R-II School District

These two young ladies left their mark on some youngsters; well they helped the youngsters leave a mark on each other.  Dr. Tracey Eatherton and Ms. Diane Miller who nominated the two explained stating, “These girls completed a STAR event with the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, then they visited the Ste. Genevieve and Bloomsdale preschools to educate the children on the importance of hand washing and germs.  The activity was completed by painting the children’s hands different colors and the children gave one another high fives.  The paint then goes onto the others hands representing germs.  Ashley and Jennifer turned this learning experience into a fun “game” for the young students.  The goal was to show the children that everything has germs on it and this is why hand washing is important. Besides all of the activities these young ladies participate in through their FCCLA class, they also are involved in many things throughout the community.  Both are active in SADD, Safe and Sober committee, CDA, cadet teaching, and cheerleading. Ashley is also a head leader at her church picnic and Jennifer is in FTA, A+ program, and is a challenger baseball buddy.  These two young ladies are a great example of very busy students who still take the time to help out other people.  They make Ste. Genevieve High School very proud!”

Thanks to their compassion and outstanding effort, preschoolers learned a very valuable lesson!  So today we are recognizing Jennifer Burr and Ashley Crider for doing the right thing!  That was great girls, keep it up!


Ava CombsAva Combs 4-5-16

Signal Hill Elementary

Wentzville R-IV School District

Ava is an awesome fifth grader and helps out when it is really needed at school.  Ava was nominated by Kyle Selliers and stated, “When my teaching partner is gone for the day, I know I’m going to need all my energy to handle fifth grade!  On this particular Tuesday when my partner was sick, we had difficulty finding a substitute teacher.  A few other teachers in the building filled in for the first three periods until an all day sub could arrive.  The substitute teacher was a very nice man, but was slightly overwhelmed walking into a classroom of students that had already started their day.  To add to the troubles, he was in a location of the school he had never subbed before.  Luckily, Ava was there to save the day!  Ava offered to show the teacher where he needed to go and lead the way.  Of course I let her! About an hour later, while the students were at lunch, I was startled in my room when I heard knocking at the door.  It was Ava.  She was so concerned that the substitute wouldn’t know where to pick his class up from that she walked up the two flights of stairs to check on him.  For the rest of the day she helped him out and made sure he was aware of how our day ran.  I am impressed that Ava was caring enough to take care of a substitute for a day.  She did not need to be asked, she just did.  By showing empathy for the substitute teacher, Ava took some of the worry off of my mind knowing that she was going to be there to help the day run more effectively for this gentleman.  By doing the right thing, Ava made the day run much smoother and I am appreciative of her fantastic example of positive character!”

Thanks to her kindness and empathy, her teacher and sub found the student they could really count on!  So today we are recognizing Ava Combs for doing the right thing!  That was super Ava, keep it up!


Aubrey Griffin and Allison Thornton 4-5-16Aubrey Griffin and Allison Thornton

Lakeview Elementary

Wentzville R-IV School District 

Aubrey and Allison are great friends, and great friends can make a great impact on the world around them!  Foster Sqrow who nominated the two stated, “I saw a post on a friend’s face book page showing what her daughter and a friend did and I had to share it.  Allison and Aubrey’s friendship has been blooming over the last year; they are trying to find more and more things to do together.  On a recent beautiful February day of 70 degree weather their bonding lead them to cleaning up trash in our neighborhood.  We have some common ground across our street that is used by both our families and others as a snow hill in most winter months or a safe haven for various creatures.  Due to the last few heavy rains and high winds the common ground around the usually dry creek began to be littered with debris.  So instead of looking for some sledding fun due to the lack of snow or passing their time with lazy indoor activities the girls took to an adventure of cleaning up.  Five big trash bags, a large old box and a rusty metal pipe later the girls were excited to pose with their trash clean up success.  We were honestly shocked as to how much trash was spread all over once it was packed and piled in trash bags.  We are so proud of their actions and care for our community.  Our surrounding neighbors are surely proud too, because who wants to sled down our nice hill into an old pipe or glass bottle!”

Thanks to their kindness and compassion, an entire community has benefited from their actions!  So today we are recognizing Aubrey Griffin and Allison Thornton for doing the right thing!  That was great girls, keep it up!


Paige Johnson and Nicole UpchurchPaige Johnson and Nicole Upchurch 4-5-16

Ste. Genevieve High School

Ste. Genevieve R-II School District

Paige and Nicole know how to make a statement and a difference at the same time.  Ms. Jill Naeger and Ms. Diane Miller who nominated the two stated, “Nicole and Paige recently went out and raised money to donate to St. Baldric’s Foundation for childhood cancer. Paige had previously done this project and inspired her teammate to join her this year. Together they raised over $2,000.00. After collecting donations from school, friends, family and church, they had their heads shaved in front of their school. This was a very generous donation that the girls made and a statement to the rest of the student body that they can make a difference.
Besides both girls being very active on our state champion cross country team throughout the year, Nicole also is the President of SADD and an active member of FCA and NHS. She is very involved in a youth group at her church and volunteers at many local and school events for NHS. Paige is on the cross country team and is a member of the Social Studies Society and Girls Taking Action.  Paige and Nicole are both amazing representatives of Ste. Genevieve High School and we are proud of them for all of their accomplishments. Because of the many great things they do, we nominate them for Do The Right Thing.”

Thanks to their empathy and kindness, those children who are fighting cancer have these two in their corner!  So today we are recognizing Paige Johnson and Nicole Upchurch for doing the right thing!  We are really impressed girls; you are a great example for the other students at your school! Congratulations!


Lexi Laghaifarimani and Sophia Sweet 4-5-16Lexi Laghaifarimani and Sophia Sweet

Smithton School

Smithton Community Consolidated School District 130

 Lexi and Sophia are amazing friends, not just to each other but to those around them, even when it’s hard, even when it may end a friendship, even when a grown person may have a hard time making the same choice.  Their teacher, Mrs. Jessica Smith, who nominated the two, couldn’t be more proud.  Mrs. Smith stated, “Sophia and Lexi came to me with concerns about a student threatening suicide and sending pictures of her hurting herself. They both said that they didn’t care if the girl was no longer their friend or mad at them but they felt they needed to report what was happening to an adult right away.  They knew she needed help.  I was then able to take this information to Mrs. Norton, the Principal, so she could take the necessary steps to help this child.  The needed steps were taken and this child received the help she needed.  I think they deserve the Do The Right Thing award for standing up for their friend and showing the maturity to know she needed help!”

Thanks to their bravery and compassion, a fellow student and friend is getting the help she desperately needed!  So today we are recognizing Lexi Laghaifarimani and Sophia Sweet for doing the right thing!  You are both amazing Lexi and Sophia, keep it up! Congratulations!


Keilon Sanders

Westhaven Elementary SchoolKeilon Sanders 4-5-16

Belleville School District 118

Keilon came to the rescue of a teacher in his school; he must hide his cape under his shirt.  Ms. Michelle Crockett, who nominated Keilon stated, “I am so thankful for Keinlon Sanders for noticing that I needed help this morning.  He peeked in my room and asked if I could use some help.  I had a lot of boxes that I needed broken down and needed to be taken to recycling.  He helped Steve carry these to recycling. When finished, he asked “do you need anything else?”  Since I’ve been having knee problems, carrying heavy boxes is not easy.  He helped with organizing and lifting heavy boxes for me.  Thanks for asking and for being willing to help!  What a generous, kind boy!   Thanks again Keilon!”

Thanks to his kindness and compassion a teacher received the help she needed in her classroom!  So today we are recognizing Keilon Sanders for doing the right thing!  Wow, Keilon, we are incredibly proud of you!  Keep it up, congratulations!


Payton Schilling 4-5-16Payton Schilling

Union Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

Payton is an all around amazing student and friend.  Ms. Wendy Brewer who nominated Payton stated, “Payton is a young lady who cares about the feelings of others. She extends understanding and compassion to all, but especially to those who are struggling. Payton is the first to offer a tissue, an arm around the shoulders, or a chocolate kiss to someone in class who is in need of comfort. (We have found that chocolate kisses sometimes bring more comfort than band aids.) Besides compassion, Payton is an encourager. In her second grade class, there is a young boy who is extremely shy. The boy does not like to volunteer answers and rarely participates in class discussions. One afternoon, the boy hesitantly raised his hand. He was called on and responded with a correct answer. Payton immediately reached over and patted the boy on the back and told him, “Great job!” The boy beamed. Besides compassion and encouragement, Payton demonstrates honor. Recently, the class had a writing project which was submitted for the District’s Young Author Contest. Payton’s story was one of three that were selected from her class to go to the second level of judging. However, her story was not selected. She was very disappointed, for a moment. Then she approached the contest winner and congratulated her. In addition to comforting and celebrating with others, Payton is a peacemaker and problem solver. At a time when she was having difficulty with a classmate who sat near her, Payton approached me about the problem. I asked her if she thought she needed to move her desk, in order to avoid the conflict she was experiencing. Her reply was, “No, I want to work through it.” She returned to her desk and over the next few days was able to resolve her disagreements with her classmate.
On a daily basis, Payton Schilling is an example of how to treat others with dignity, respect, compassion, and empathy. She is all heart and she shares her big heart in many big and little ways everyday in her classroom and throughout her school community.”

Thanks to her kindness and compassion, she has made a difference in her classroom! So today we are recognizing Payton Schilling for doing the right thing!  Congratulations Payton, we are so proud of you!  Keep it up!


Christopher ShoemakeChristopher Shoemake 4-5-16

Woodward Elementary School

St. Louis Public School District

Christopher knows right from wrong.  He also knows that sometimes you have to let an adult know when something is in your classroom that shouldn’t be there, even if your friend brought it to school.  Mrs. Angela Ewing, who nominated Christopher stated, “Christopher really deserves this award.  Another student in his classroom brought a gun clip with bullets to school.  The other student showed Christopher and instead of Christopher telling other students, he immediately alerted his classroom teacher of what he saw.  His teacher was able to contact the principal who investigated the situation and found no weapon, but had the clip and bullets removed from the school safely.  We are so proud of Christopher’s choice, to “Do The Right Thing!”

Thanks to his bravery and integrity, he helped his school community be a safer place!  So today we are recognizing Christopher Shoemake for doing the right thing!  Wow Christopher, it sounds like you were amazing, we are so proud of you!  Congratulations!


Faith Whatley-Blaine 4-5-16Faith Whatley-Blaine

Nerinx Hall High School

St. Louis Archdiocese

Faith started helping others years ago and hasn’t stopped, she has extended her assistance through the help of friends close to her.  Mrs. Nancy Whatley-Blaine who nominated Faith stated, “Faith began helping the homeless in 2013 when severe weather and sub-zero temperatures hit St. Louis. She couldn’t help but wonder, and worry, about those who had no shelter at all – the homeless. She organized a winter clothing drive, but quickly saw that the 100+ items she had collected would never be enough to help those with so little. Then she remembered a quote by Mother Theresa, “If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one. To that one, it makes all the difference in the world.” Inspired by these words, Faith founded “One Day. One Meal. One Love.” on the principle that a message of compassion can bring the most important thing necessary during dark times – hope. Her organization’s slogan, “because HOMElessness shouldn’t feel HOPEless…” helps remind us that no life is disposable. Over the last three years, Faith has rallied her community and local businesses to donate fresh food and warm weather items to create healthy food packs that are then hand-delivered to the St. Louis homeless – each containing a message of hope and love. She has delivered HOPE Packs to more than 700 homeless. She documents her interactions and shares her experiences on the internet to help reduce the stigma associated with helping our homeless. Faith continues to expand her reach and level of service every year.”

Thanks to her generosity and perseverance, she has helped those in the community who need hope and love!  So today we are recognizing Faith Whatley-Blaine for doing the right thing!  Faith, it sounds like you are really making a difference, we are so proud of you!  Congratulations!


Vincent WittuSGMS Vincent Wittu Do The Right Thing 4-5-2016 004

Ste. Genevieve Middle School

Ste. Genevieve R-II School District

Vincent helped out when it was needed, and unless this hero’s cape is waterproof, he saved the day in some swim trunks.  Ms. Teresa Sedgwick and Mrs. Diane Miller, who nominated Vincent stated, “One Monday during class we were all telling each other about our weekends and Vincent said that he had gone to the Community Center to go swimming. This is something that students often do so it did not surprise me, but what he said next really caught my attention. He said he was in the whirlpool area of the pool when a 3 year old child fell in next to him. The child did have little floats on his arms, but he still looked scared when he fell over the wall from the shallow end to the whirlpool. Vincent grabbed the child up out of the water and looked around for a lifeguard or a parent looking for their child. When he could not find anyone, he placed the child over into the shallow part of the pool on the other side of the wall. Vincent was there to act before the lifeguard or parent could even get there. This saved the child from being swirled in the water and being frightened.
Thanks to the quick action of Vincent, this child was safely placed in the shallow water where he belonged. This is why I nominate Vincent for Doing the Right Thing. He did not wait for someone else to step in and help; he just reacted to the situation and helped this child!”

Thanks to his bravery and dependability, he helped a little one in his community to a safer place!  So today we are recognizing Vincent Wittu for doing the right thing!  That was awesome Vincent, we are so proud of you!  Congratulations!