3-8-16 County Group3-8-16 County Group3-8-16 County Group

Arrana Brooks, Lana Tran, Laura Tran and Alison Vaughan

Woerner Elementary

St. Louis Public Schools

       Arrana, Lana, Laura and Alison are known at their school as the “Fixer Four”.  They have taken it upon themselves to make their school a better place.  Ms. Sue DiPiano, who nominated the girls stated, “These four girls wanted to spread an anti-bullying message throughout the school.  They created a performance that shows students how bullying hurts others and how they can help stop it.  The girls presented their performance to the principal and asked her Fixer Four 3-8-16if they could present it to the school.  The principal was very impressed with the work that they had put in to this, and said yes.  The girls then created a schedule and went to each teacher so that they could set up a time for their class presentation.  They made origami t-shirts and other things to hand out to the students to remind them of the message.  The girls are visiting every classroom to share their message and help ensure that bullying does not take place in their school.  Their hard work, effort and determination to make a difference make them the perfect candidates for the Do The Right Thing Award.”

Thanks to their concern and perseverance, the students at Woerner received a great message to make their school bully-free!  So today we are recognizing Aranna Brooks, Lana Tran, Laura Tran and Alison Vaughan for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Aranna, Lana, Laura and Alison, we are so proud of you!


Haylee Carpenter

Delores Moye Elementary School

O’Fallon School District 90

Haylee Carpenter 3-18-16Haylee eats lunch in the cafeteria at school, and usually the biggest event would be is it a pizza day?  But on January 14th it was different, Ms. Cheryl Corso, who nominated Haylee stated, “During lunch Haylee noticed a peer having a medical emergency.  Another student had passed out, although she was frightened, she stayed calm and alerted a staff member who was supervising the cafeteria.  We are grateful that she had the sense of urgency to help another peer when others remained frozen.  With her quick action the nurse was called and tended to the student giving the medical attention that was needed, all because of Haylee!”

Thanks to her quick action and helpful bravery, a fellow student received the medical attention needed!  So today we are recognizing Haylee Carpenter for doing the right thing!  That was great Haylee, keep it up!


Tyson Edmonds

Westhaven Elementary School

Belleville District 118  

Tyson is a great student, a great mentor, and a great buddy.  He is so great it wTyson Edmonds 3-8-16asn’t even his teacher who nominated him for this award.  Ms. Marla Gibson, who nominated Tyson stated, “I have a first grade student who was getting into a lot of trouble each day on the bus.  Tyson volunteered to sit with my student back in October to entertain him so the bus wouldn’t have to keep stopping while getting my student under control.  Since then, my student has only received one write up and Tyson continues to sit with him instead of his friends each morning and afternoon.  He is the most selfless, caring student that I Have encountered in a long time.  Tyson is incredibly patient with my student.  He treats him like a little brother by making sure his backpack is closed, he has his coat, gloves and hat, reads to him and tells him stories to pass the time.  This has been an incredible gift not only to my student, but to me, the bus driver, and our administration as we were dealing with bus issues almost daily.  To have Tyson just offer to help out and stick with it all of this time is amazing.”

Thanks to his empathy and kindness, his little friend is more successful on the bus and the school and bus driver are very appreciative of his efforts!  So today we are recognizing Tyson Edmonds for doing the right thing!  We are really impressed too, Tyson, you are a great example for the other students at your school! Congratulations!


Anna Miller and Grace Shaw

Smithton School

Smithton Community Consolidated School District 130

Anna and Grace show that empathy and caring concern can make a world of difference to those around Grace Shaw Anna Miller 3-8-16us.  The two were nominated by Dr. Susan Homes, who stated, “One of our sweet 1st grade students, Charlotte, lost her mother in a tragic automobile accident.  When Charlotte returned to school her teachers and classmates were happy to see her.  Two of our school’s 8th grade students, Anna and Grace were worried about little Charlotte.  The two met with social worker, Lori Rainbolt to come up with a way to help their friend “Charlie”.  They wanted to spend time with her and were told she loved art.  The two started meeting with Charlotte and coloring pictures with her.  Before Christmas they told Charlotte they had a special present for her.  The girls had saved Charlotte’s artwork and on a special day right before the holidays they met with her and helped her attach her artwork to balloons.  They went outside and released Charlotte’s “artwork” to her mommy.  The two made a difference for Charlotte and they continue to look after her now!”

Thanks to their empathy and compassion, a sweet little girl has been helped going through her terrible loss!  So today we are recognizing Anna Miller and Grace Shaw for doing the right thing!  You are both amazing Anna and Grace, keep it up! Congratulations!


Kylee O’Barr and Emma Wells

Hillsboro Junior High School

Hillsboro R-3 School District

Kylee and Emma exemplify what it means to be a Hillsboro Hawk.  Mr. Heath AlEmma Woods Kylee O'Barr 3-8-16lison, who nominated the two stated, “Kylee and Emma turned in a wallet that had $100 and numerous gift cards.  They did the right thing when they found it and turned it in to the principal.  It would have been easy to take the money and no one would have known.  I am very proud of both of them.”

Thanks to their honesty and integrity, the school principal knows he can count on them to make great choices even when no one is watching!  So today we are recognizing Kylee O’Barr and Emma Wells for doing the right thing!  Wow Kylee and Emma, we are incredibly proud of you!  Keep it up, congratulations!


Abigail Stone

Westhaven School

Belleville School District 118

Abigail is someone who can be counted on at her school.  Ms. Lana Kincaid, who nominated Abigail Abigail Stone 3-8-16stated, “Abigail is a very caring sixth grade student.  She has volunteered to be part of a peer mentoring group at school.  Abigail also comes to my classroom every Monday morning and spends time with one of my students.  She teaches social skills, reading skills, friendship, and our district’s character words of the month.  My student looks forward to this time spent with Abigail.  She has volunteered her time to be with my student and because of this, I have seen social growth.  Thank you Abigail for thinking of others and being such a great kid with so much character.”

Thanks to her kindness and compassion, a teacher is seeing progress in a student who has grown under Abigail’s guidance!  So today we are recognizing Abigail Stone for doing the right thing!  Congratulations Abigail, we are so proud of you!  Keep it up!

Fiona Sutter

Sappington Elementary School

Lindbergh School District

Sappington Elementary has great students in the building, but they have great students when they are out of the building too!  Fiona was nominated by Elaine McArthur and Nick Diener who stated, Fiona Sutter 3-8-16“Sappington Elementary participates in the Girls on the Run 5k program in St. Louis.  Our School has about 40 participants in the program, three coaches, and many adult volunteer running partners.  As part of the training for the 5k, we run the majority of our miles in a nearby neighborhood.  On Monday, November 2nd, Fiona stood out as a compassionate leader in our community.  On the return run from the neighborhood to Sappington, a coach running with some of the girls came upon a scene of three Girls on the Run girls, a mailman, and a woman working to open a car’s hood.  The coach was able to assist getting the hood open and the woman thanked everyone for their help and sent them on their way, but held the coach back.  The woman explained that her husband had died 5 weeks previous and she was doing a chore that he normally took care of in filing the windshield washer fluid.  She was unable to open the hood and she began to cry because of the stress.  This is when Fiona and her running partner passed by.  When Fiona noticed the woman crying, she approached the woman out of concern and to make sure the woman was ok.  Fiona and her running partner stayed with the woman and asked the mailman for help. When the girls and mail man had gone, the woman began to cry as she told the story to the coach and expressed how happy and grateful she was that Fiona stopped”.

Thanks to her kindness and compassion, she helped a member of the community when she was feeling alone!  So today we are recognizing Fiona Sutter for doing the right thing!  Wow Fiona it sounds like you were amazing, we are so proud of you!  Congratulations!