Webb_Caldwell_Rocha_SiselyJones_Mason Elementary School_e


Hennesey Andrus Webb, Anthony Caldwell, Pauline Rocha and Chris Sisely-Jones   

Mason Elementary School

St. Louis Public School District



These four sixth grade students had a field trip to the Humane Society with their class.  However they made a difference following their trip. Hennesey Anthony, Pauline, and Chris saw a need while they were at the Humane Society and upon returning back to school they came up with a way to make life better for the animals being cared for at the Humane Society.  Ms. Karen Norman who nominated Hennesey, Pauline, Anthony and Chris stated, “These four were amazing. While on the field trip they found out that the animals had a need and they organized a collection for the Humane Society here at school.  The trucks that made the delivery to the Humane Society were full of towels, blankets, toys and food for the animals.  The really did the right Thing for the animals!”

Thanks to their kindness and compassion, animals looking for their forever home have a snuggly blanket, and a squeaky toy because of them!  So today we are recognizing Hennesey Andrus Webb, Anthony Caldwell, Pauline Rocha and Chris Sisely-Jones for doing the right thing!  Awesome job all of you, keep it up!

Bret Barschak_Gracie Hoerner_Smithton Elem_Smithton CC_01

Bret Barschak_Gracie Hoerner_Smithton Elem_Smithton CC_01_e

Bret Barschak_Gracie Hoerner_Smithton Elem_Smithton CC_01


Bret Barschak and Gracie Hoerner

Smithton Elementary School

Smithton School District



The students in Mrs. Jessica Smith’s classroom read the book “A Long Walk to Water”.  As a result of the book, both Bret and Gracie made a donation of $100 each of their own money to “Water for Sudan”.  Mrs. Kathy Belding and Mrs. Jessica Smith who nominated Bret and Gracie stated, “The two donated $200, almost half of the $405 that was donated to “Water for Sudan”.  The $405 is enough money for 40 people to have clean drinking water.  We are so proud of them and the sacrifice they made to make life easier for others in great need.”

Thanks to their concern and generosity, others have clean drinking water where it is not readily accessible!  So today we are recognizing Bret Barschak and Gracie Hoerner for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Bret and Gracie, keep it up!

Will Burris_Signal Hill Elem_01_e



Will Burris

Signal Hill Elementary School

Signal Hill School District 181


Signal Hill’s fourth grade teacher quoted St. Francis of Assisi when describing Will.  “For it is in giving that we receive.”  Will Burris’ teacher, Sara Rule who nominated him stated “Our class welcomed a new friend after the school year had already began and the student explained she may not be able to purchase the school supplies on the list as they did not have any money.  Will apparently overheard the conversation and came to school the next day, armed with a bag full of supplies, including pretty “girly” folders and pink ear buds for her.  As if that wasn’t enough, he also purchased ear buds for two other students in our classroom who didn’t have any.  They were all so grateful for his generosity.”  Watching the smile on Will’s face is what made Ms. Rule realize that it is in giving to others that we receive true joy in life!  

Thanks to his selflessness and caring ways for his fellow classmates their lives at school were made easier!  So today we are recognizing Will Burris for doing the right thing!  Awesome job Will, keep it up!

Garbriel DeFabio_Eagleview Elem_01_e


Gabriel DeFabio

Eagleview Elementary School 

Columbia Community Unit School District 4



Gabriel is in Kindergarten and found a situation in the bathroom at school that he felt must be addressed.  Mrs. Patti Unnerstall who nominated Gabriel stated, “Gabriel is such a polite young man.  He came to the office and let me know all the stall doors in the bathroom were locked.  He then offered to crawl under each stall and unlock them.  He was sure to put paper towels down for his hand and knees so he wouldn’t get germs.  His parents work in the health field and have taught him well.  He continues to be such a nice young man and always stops in the office to say hello.”

Thanks to his act of kindness and consideration he helped fellow students needing to use the restroom at school.  So today we are recognizing Gabriel DeFabio for doing the right thing!  That was a really cool thing to do Gabriel, keep it up!

Michael Dunn_Ruth Dunn_Ste Genevieve_01_e


Michael Dunn and Ruth Dunn

Ste. Genevieve Elementary School

Ste. Genevieve R-II School District



Michael and Ruth are brother and sister, and have been taught to give back to their community and help others who are less fortunate.  Michael and Ruth visit the elderly at a large assisted living facility in Farmington giving Christmas cards every year.  Mrs. Geri Diesel and Mrs. Diane Miller who nominated Michael and Ruth stated, “last summer Ruth and Michael noticed some kids needed school supplies and they wanted to help.  Their family came up with a plan and shared the idea of collecting supplies with their family and friends and donations of backpacks and school supplies started to accumulate.  Ruth and Michael then decided to sell water bottles at their mom’s swap meet gathering each Sunday afternoon, and use all the proceeds to buy more supplies to donate.  Despite long hours and hot temperatures, Ruth and Michael stuck to their commitment and raised enough money to buy hundreds of pencil boxes, pencils, glue sticks, notebooks and binders.  They visited the Deloge Wal-Mart, and the manager donated several backpacks and various school supplies.  They visited yard sales and searched for new or very gently used items and they watched for back to school sales and bought more items to add to the collection.  Ruth and Michael’s generosity has helped many children in their school, Ste. Genevieve Elementary!”

Thanks to their kindness and compassion, fellow students around them are receiving needed supplies to make their school the awesome place it is! So today we are recognizing Michael Dunn and Ruth Dunn for doing the right thing!  That is amazing Michael and Ruth, keep it up!  

Tristan Fries_Mascoutah Elem_01_e

Tristan Fries

Mascoutah Elementary School

Mascoutah Community Unit School District 19




Tristan was a participant in a large Veteran’s Day assembly at his school; he auditioned and earned a solo singing part along with singing with other students.  Ms. Kim Enriquez, who nominated him stated, “as the small group of students were heading on stage a couple boys in his class were staring at a girl in their group.  The girl was becoming upset and asked them to stop.  Tristan helped to distract the girl and the two of them went on the stage to sing the song.  Once on the stage one of the boys that was originally staring at her, turned around and continued to stare at her while on stage.  Again she became upset and Tristan stepped in and told the boy to stop it and leave her alone.  Tristan went with her to the microphone several times during the song and back to their place.  When the song was over and the students were exiting the stage the girl again had to tell the boy to leave her alone and Tristan again came in to be a great friend to the young lady and bravely supported her off the stage standing up to the bully with her, in front of 500 students.  Tristan made sure no further bullying occurred and the program was allowed to continue.  He is an all-around great boy who goes out of his way to care for others!” 

Thanks to his kindness and courage, a fellow student is being supported and the bully knows he can not treat others like that!  So today we are recognizing Tristan Fries for doing the right thing!  That was a really nice thing to do Tristan, keep it up!

Blake Hohman_Sperring Middle_01_e


Blake Hohman

Sperreng Middle School

Lindbergh School District



Blake should have a cape, and some wind to blow it around, we’ll skip the whole underroo part of the superhero costume, but he earned it.  Blake was nominated by his teacher Ms. Tina Christanell but she wasn’t the only one who thought he should be honored, Detective Justin Adams agreed.  You see Blake was at home with his mother when she was attacked and Blake stepped in to help.  Blake was hurt while he was trying to help too, but managed to get to a neighbor’s to get help for both of them.  Because of Blake’s actions we are lucky enough to be able to have them here to honor him today.  Blake was an amazing hero that day and Do The Right Thing couldn’t be prouder of him. 

Thanks to his incredible bravery and perseverance in his mother’s time of need, they are here, healing and here! So today we are proudly recognizing Blake Hohman for doing the right thing!  You were amazing Blake, we are beyond proud of you!

Millie Huffman_Bloomsdale Elem_01_e


Millie Huffman

Bloomsdale Elementary School

Ste. Genevieve School District R-II



Millie  Huffman helps out those in her community in a variety of ways.  Ms. Kristi Byington and Mrs. Diane Miller who nominated Millie stated “Millie posted a video on her mom’s Facebook page inviting friends and family to join her for an “Operation Christmas Child Shoebox” packing party.  At the party family and friends helped Millie so they were able to fill just over 50 shoeboxes.  Millie with her invitations to her classmates and her video was able to share a new experience with all those in attendance as they had never participated in Operation Christmas Child before.  Millie packs her boxes with items that children would enjoy and need, and even makes sure to put something fun on top.  She says that it’s so it will be the first thing they see and will hopefully make them smile.  Millie currently pays for half of her family’s sponsorship of a young girl through Compassion International with her own money and writes and prays for her.  Millie also helped out serving a free Christmas dinner for people who don’t have anywhere to go on Christmas day at a local restaurant.  Everyone is super proud of Millie for everything she is doing to help other people and this is why we want to nominate Millie Huffman for Doing the Right Thing!”  

Thanks to her compassion and kindness she has helped make the world a better place for others.  So today we are recognizing Millie Huffman for doing the right thing!  You are such an amazing young lady Millie, keep it up!

Anihya Joe_Union Elem_01_e

Anihya Joe_Union Elem_01


Anihya Joe

Union Elementary School

Belleville School District 118



Anihya Joe is a student who works really hard every day to do the right thing, even when it’s not always easy.  Anihya has taken students under her wing or stood up for someone who was being picked on or bullied.  Kristan Sonnenberg, who nominated Anihya stated, “On one specific occasion, Anihya noticed a student who was visibly upset.  Anihya knew that this student was having problems getting along with others and was feeling like an outcast and like he didn’t belong, and who was ridiculed far too often.  Anihya witnessed others poking fun at his shoes and outfit, and instead of being a bystander and ignoring it because it didn’t concern her, Anihya took it upon herself to intervene and stick up for the other student.  She confronted the bullies and asked them how they would feel if someone was making fun of their clothes.  She practiced good will, kindness, bravery, and empathy.” 

Thanks to her compassion and being an up-stander to do what was right, she helped a fellow student have a better day and made him realize he also had a friend!  So today we are recognizing Anihya Joe for doing the right thing!  That was a really cool thing to do Anihya, keep it up!

Daniel McVey_LewisClark Jr High_01_e

Daniel McVey_LewisClark Jr High_01


Daniel McVey

Lewis and Clark Junior High School

Wood River-Hartford School District 15



Daniel is a kind young man who helps out his neighbors, including an elderly neighbor Lady with things around her home.  Mr. Herb Roach, who nominated his grandson, Daniel stated, “On November 19th, Daniel went to Ms. Theimann’s home after school.  When he arrived at the door he noticed the smell of natural gas.  Daniel quickly assisted Ms. Theimann and her dog out of the home and called 911.   As a result thankfully Ms. Theimann, as well as her dog, are doing well”

Thanks to his kindness and quick action his neighbor and her pet are safe!  So today we are recognizing Daniel McVey for doing the right thing!  It is awesome that you help your neighbor and it’s even better that you were able to prevent her from getting sick, Daniel, keep it up!

Kacie Neisler_Festus High School_01_e


Kacie Neisler

Festus High School

Festus R-VI School District 



Kacie attended a football game with her family, sitting high up, almost to the top of the Dome.  Jill Neisler, who nominated Kacie stated, “A few rows behind Kacie were young men who appeared to have been drinking prior to the game, and a few rows in front of Kacie were students and adults from the Missouri School for the blind.  Early in the game one of the men behind her tumbled down many rows landing on one of the students.  One of the adults, Ed, from the school left to tend to the injured student who was later taken to a hospital.  Kacie noticed a student now did not have an adult with him and she went to the row and asked if she could sit next to him, and he said yes.  While the game continued, Kacie helped the student as he enjoyed his hot dog and popcorn as well as his drink, allowing the adult to tend to the other student.  Upon the return of the adult, Kacie sat and spoke with another student during the game.  If you ask Kacie, she will tell you she was the lucky one that was at the right place and right time!” 

Thanks to her compassion and selfless action, she helped another fan enjoy the game, and made it easier for the adults while they handled a situation!  So today we are honoring Kacie Neisler for doing the right thing!  That was a really nice thing to do Kacie, congratulations!

Emma ODonnell_Signal Hill_01_e


Emma O’Donnell

Signal Hill Elementary School

Signal Hill School District 181



Emma is a super classmate, a good citizen and most importantly an amazing friend.  Ms. Laura Shevlin, who nominated Emma stated, “In November a classmate of Emma’s received potentially life altering news.  Emma immediately focused on supporting that student and comforting her.  Her caring nature kicked into gear and she respectfully asked the student if she would like company.  The student was visibly upset and Emma was very mature in the way she was honest with the changes that the student’s life may face but came up with ways to stay in contact and let her know she would be there for her through the changes she faced.  Emma made this student feel supported, secure and cared for.” 

Thanks to her caring ways and empathy she showed another student that she was there for her when she really needed it!  So today we are recognizing Emma O’Donnell for doing the right thing!  That was a wonderful thing to do Emma, keep it up!

Janet Pruneau_Delores Moye Elem_01_e



Janet Pruneau

Delores Moye Elementary School

O’Fallon Community Consolidated School District 90


Janet is a student who has fought numerous battles at such a young age.  Her teacher Julie Stoelzle, who nominated Janet stated, “Janet was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at the age of 4.  She has undergone numerous rounds of Chemotherapy.  Through it all, Janet has continued to attend school.  Even through her toughest treatments, she always put forth her best effort. She perseveres and doesn’t let her illness stop her from learning and playing with her classmates.  Her bright smile lights up the classroom.  Never has Janet spoken in a negative frame of mind.  She is truly an example of a child that lives life to its fullest potential.  Janet has experienced obstacles that are heart breaking, and carries on!” 

Thanks to her courage and integrity, she faces challenges she is presented with such bravery, conquering them as they come!  So today we are recognizing Janet Pruneau for doing the right thing!  We are so proud of you Janet, keep it up!

Janet earned her angel wings on Saturday, February 13, 2016.  We were so blessed to meet her and honor her before her passing. 

William Razor_Westhaven Elem_01_e


William Razor

Westhaven Elementary School

Belleville School District 118



William is in the fifth grade and we all know how much we loved recess in fifth grade, it was amazing, well William does something different during recess time.  Ms. Deanna Doussard who nominated William stated, “William has been giving up his recess time to come in the classroom and help work with the first graders.  He has been a great mentor, teacher and friend to the kids.  He has helped them with reading, math and handwriting.  He is patient and kind and has a smile on every day.  He is positive and always tells them that they can do it.  William has befriended one special little boy and has become his buddy.  When the boy fell and had a huge mark on his face, William just smiled and said nothing about it, while everyone else really pointed it out.  William just told his buddy, “Come on, let’s read”.  He is a positive addition to our class and really makes our day.  Not all kids would give up their time for other people and William does this every day!”    

Thanks to his kindness and patience, he has helped a special buddy and a lot of little kiddos by being a great mentor!  So today we are recognizing William Razor for doing the right thing!  This is so awesome of you William, keep it up!

Courtney Bryant_eKMOV’s Courtney Bryant 

 Our Mistress of Ceremony 

STLCO_Captain Christopher Stocker_e







St. Louis County Police Department’s 

Captain Christopher Stocker


SLMPD_Lt Col Ronnie Robinson_e


St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s 

Lt. Colonel Ronnie Robinson 


Belleville_Colonel William Clay





Belleville Police Department

Chief William Clay







Blake Hohman_Sperring Middle_01_e