We’re thrilled to announce our Top 10 Winners for September 2015. As always, we congratulate all of our nominees on Doing the Right Thing!

Rawan Al Moaiber

Mason Elementary School
St. Louis City Public School District

Rawan is a fifth grader and has stepped up to help her school during their dismissal every day. Rawan is the “walkie-talkie” coordinator for dismissal. She picks up all of the walkies and brings them to the appropriate staff members to allow them to communicate as the buses are arriving and students are leaving. Rawan also monitors the main hallway to assist the younger students as they are being called to dismiss. So today we are honoring Rawan Al Moaiber for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her trustworthiness and citizenship at school, dismissal at Mason Elementary runs much more smoothly. Ms. Karen Norman, who nominated Rawan, stated, “She is very punctual and so responsible. She is also very courteous and so helpful with our younger students. Thanks to her help, our students are making it home safely!” We are very proud of you, Rawan. Keep up the great job!

Jada Earl

Grannemman Elementary School
Hazelwood School District 90

Jada was at home with her mother when she noticed her mother acting different. Jada’s mother’s blood sugar had begun to fall. Jada tried to help her mother sit down, but before she could, Jada’s mother passed out and hit her head. Jada stayed calm and dialed 911, telling the paramedics what happened as well as letting them in when they arrived. So today we are honoring Jada Earl for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her observant ways and quick action she helped her mother. Ms. Janice Jones, who nominated Jada, stated “Jada stayed calm and helped get her mother the medical attention she needed.” Jada asked the medics to show her how to open the special kit her mother had received to get a shot at home when her sugar falls. Jada had tried to open it to help her mother, but was unable to, even though the medics showed her how when they arrived. They were so impressed with Jada and her ability to get help for her mother, and so are we. Congratulations, Jada!

Brandon Fields

Westhaven Elementary School
Belleville School District 118

Brandon was enjoying his first day of school when he took the time to make the day of another student. As he was in the hallway, another student fell to the ground. Other students walked by the fallen student without paying attention, but Brandon didn’t. He stopped, turned back, and helped the student off the ground — asking and ensuring he was ok and not hurt. So today we honor Brandon Fields for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and compassion, Brandon has made his school a better place for other students. Ms. Lacey Hilmes, who nominated Brandon, stated, “As the school’s occupational therapist, I work closely with students who have disabilities. I see their difficulties and disappointments when they are unable to keep up with their peers, are pointed out for their differences, and at times made fun of. Most of the time students pass these children and I see their smiles fade as they feel forgotten about. When other students kept walking and did not notice their peer in need of help, Brandon’s actions made other students aware and want to be helpful. If more students were like him, there would be no bullying and our students with disabilities would feel included with their peers. He shows and exhibits the character our school strives to teach children. He may not have thought it was a big act of kindness, but it made another student’s day and experience at school better!” Brandon, we are so proud of you. Congratulations!

Jade Glisson

Alton Middle School
Alton Community School District 11

Jade was making her way through her first day of school when she had to suddenly take action. She was in her English class when she noticed another student begin having a seizure. She noticed the physical symptoms and approached him to offer assistance. When the student fell out of his desk, Jade immediately took control of the situation, helping the student and staff. She cleared the other students away and called for the teacher, while supporting the student’s head. So today we are honoring Jade Glisson for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her bravery and compassion she helped a classmate when it was truly needed. Mr. Roger Hetge, who nominated her, stated, “Jade was in class with this student last year and knew the plan if a seizure was to occur. She acted in a manner that exemplifies her caring nature for her fellow students. She was composed and recounted information that was key for school officials. She displayed courage in crucial minutes and truly supported her fellow classmate.” That was wonderful, Jade. We are super proud of you!

Ryann Gordon

Westhaven Elementary School
Belleville School District 118

Ryann is a fourth grader who makes a difference everyday in the kindergarten classroom. Before school starts she takes chairs down, passes out papers, and hangs projects up, doing whatever the teacher needs to have the classroom ready when the kindergartners arrive for the day. As if that wasn’t enough, when she’s done in the classroom, she walks down to the gym and helps out the staff with the kindergarten kids. So today we honor Ryann Gordon for doing the right thing!

Thanks to her thoughtfulness and caring ways she helps the kindergarten teacher get prepared for the day. Ms. Theresa Haag, who nominated Ryann, stated, “She is a new student at our school. No one asked her to do this. She saw a need and asked if she could help! I want to recognize Ryann because she is very deserving of this award, and she is a great kid!” We agree, which is why we are so proud to recognize you, Ryann. Congratulations!

Daniel Obernuefemann

Smithton Elementary School
Smithton School District 130

Daniel was nominated for the Do the Right Thing award because of his excellent displays of citizenship. When Smithton School has fundraiser events at places like McDonalds or Dairy Queen, Daniel is there to volunteer for an entire night of helping out. Daniel will happily clean tables, pick up trash, and do anything that is asked of him. So today we honor Daniel Obernuefemann for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and thoughtfulness, he has shown others what it means to truly give of oneself to others. Mrs. Stacey Rank and Kathy Belding, who nominated him, stated, “Daniel sets a wonderful example for all of his peers to follow. He always greets everyone with a smile and is a very hard worker. Daniel does a great job of demonstrating citizenship and setting a great example for all his peers to follow.” You really are a great citizen and show those around you how to lead; we are so proud. Congratulations, Daniel!

Zachary Priest

Henry Raab Elementary School
Belleville School District 118

Zach recently helped a classmate at lunchtime when his help was desperately needed. Zach’s classmate became panicked when he realized he ordered the wrong lunch. Sensing the other student was getting upset, Zach offered to switch lunches with the other student. While the other choice wasn’t Zach’s favorite or first pick, Zach offered to switch just so the other student would be ok. So today we are honoring Zachary Priest for doing the right thing!

            Thanks to his kindness and generosity, he helped another student who really seemed to need it. Ms. Susan Altadonna, who nominated him, stated, “It’s only the second week of school, and Zach has already gone above and beyond what’s expected of him. This is such a selfless act and it made me very proud that Zach made this choice all on his own! This shows great character on Zach’s part and he is a fine example for all the other students in our school.” We agree that you are a great example for the other students at your school, Zach. Congratulations!

Andrew Reece

Signal Hill School
Signal Hill School District 181

Andrew was in his math class when he impressed his teacher. While the students were setting up their math binders, another classmate was upset because he did not want the white generic binder the teacher had for those students who didn’t bring a binder in with their school supplies. While the teacher was explaining that was the only option available, Andrew jumped in and offered to give the upset student his extra blue binder he had brought to school. So today we are honoring Andrew Reece for doing the right thing!

Thanks to his kindness and generosity he made sure a classmate was ready for class. Mr. Kyle Selliers, who nominated Andrew, stated, “Andrew’s generosity quickly calmed the other student down as he accepted Andrew’s offer. I am impressed by Andrew’s thoughtfulness and problem solving skills on behalf of another student on only the 3rd day of fifth grade! Andrew’s simple act of kindness proves that he will be an outstanding student for the rest of the 5th grade year!” It sounds like you are amazing, Andrew, and we are so proud. Congratulations!

Eddie Wafer

Premier Charter School
Sponsored by University of Missouri – St. Louis

Eddie noticed that people on his way to school were in need; they were homeless. In his search for a way to help those less fortunate than himself, Eddie organized a hygiene kit drive for the third grade students at his school. Eddie’s class brought the items to Gateway 180: Homeless Reversed and compiled the hygiene kits. So today we are honoring Eddie Wafer for doing the right thing.

            Thanks to his caring ways and compassion, he has helped those who are homeless in our community. Ms. Laura Medrano, who nominated him, stated, “Eddie personally raised $125, with some of the money being his birthday money. The hygiene kit drive brought in over 900 items needed to make the hygiene kits. Eddie took great initiative and a leadership role to make this fundraiser a success. Our core ethical values at Premier Charter School are respect, responsibility, and caring. Eddie exemplifies these core values.” Wow, Eddie, we are incredibly proud of you! Keep it up, and congratulations!